Magic Titles

Magic: (Story/Location) Titles which don't fall into the "Fantasy" category but still feature magic.

Title Rating Synopsis
'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess Unevaluated See Hime-sama Goumon no Jikan Desu
07 Ghost Watch See 07-Ghost

Watch Teito, a former sklave (German for "slave") who because of his magical powers is recruited into attending an elite military school. While taking part in the graduation finals required to become an army officer in the Barsburg Empire, he discovers his father's killer at his school and tries to kill him. Having failed in the attempt, Teito manages to elude capture, but gets caught up in a larger struggle between Verloren, the God of Death, and the “beings of light” sent by Heaven to oppose him: the Seven Ghosts.
7 Nanas Unevaluated See Shichinin no Nana
7 of 7 Unevaluated See Shichinin no Nana
A Certain Magical Index Rent See To Aru Majutsu no Index
A Good Librarian Like A Good Shepard Watch See Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized Unevaluated See Yowai 5000-nen no Soushoku Dragon, Iware Naki Jaruu Nintei
A Letter to Momo Buy See Momo e no Tegami
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Buy See Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar
A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's VRMMO Life Unevaluated See Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudoki
A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Unevaluated See Kikansha no Mahou wa Tokubetsu Desu
A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics Unevaluated See Henjin no Salad Bowl
A Summer Day's Dream Unevaluated See Musou Kakyou

Aa! Megami-sama! (2005) OVA
Rent After the attack by the Lord of Terror in episode 24 of Aa! Megami-sama! TV, the goddesses find themselves without their normal power supply from Yggdrasil since the Yggdrasil system is down. The three have to use alternate (and much weaker) means to resupply themselves with energy -- Urd with sake, Belldandy with sleep, and Skuld with ice cream. As such, Urd reverts to grade-school age where she meets a young boy. She teaches him the joys of taking risks and he falls for her. Belldandy sleeps but sends her chibi-form out and about with Keiichi. Skuld turns into a young woman, where she learns that Keiichi isn't all that bad.
Action(228) Action Comedy(81) Adventure(123) Comedy(214)
Comedy Fantasy(26) Drama(112) Horror(18) Mystery(19)
Parody(16) Romance(74) Romantic Comedy(28) Suspense(4)
Cyberpunk(1) Fantasy(387) Historical(11) Modern(109)
Sci-Fi(45) Steampunk(2) Western(1)
All Ages(28) Children(8) Kid at heart(2) Seinen(33)
Shoujo(18) Shounen(30)
Acquired Taste(8) Classic(1) Creepy(6) Dark(15)
Fragmentary(4) Kawaii(13) Korean Wave(1) Moe(5)
Silly-funny(13) Surreal(4) Weird(16)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(1) Animals(8) Artificial Girls(11) Bishoujo(3)
Bishounen(5) Deities(11) Gender-Bender(9) Genie(3)
Kemonomimi(8) Mahou Shoujo(36) Ninja(3) Samurai(4)
Shinigami(3) Superhero(2) Vampires(10) Zombies(3)
Story Elements and Location
Boys Love(1) College(1) Coming of Age(9) Competition(11)
Depression(9) Elementary School(6) Epic(7) Fighting(43)
Friendship(11) Harem(45) High School(34) Isekai (Other World)(67)
Martial Arts(7) Mecha(9) Middle School(17) Music(4)
Music Oriented(1) Occult(13) Otaku Theme(3) Police(6)
Psychics(13) School Comedy(2) Shoujo Ai(4) Shounen Ai(1)
Slice of Life(14) Soul Mates(2) Spiritual(7) Sports(1)
Supernatural(69) Swordplay(57) Time Travel(5) Underworld(2)
War(13) Yuri(4)
Anime-Manga Bundle(1) Anthology(1) Assassin(s)(2) Dating Sim Spinoff(12)
Gun-action(5) Gyagu (gag)(1) Idol theme(3) noitaminA(1)
Prequel(2) Reboot(6) Sequel(44) Spinoff(19)
Spinoff-Sequel(4) Video-game inspired(20) Virtual Reality(5)
Potentially Objectionable
Bondage(1) Ecchi(43) Erotic Comedy(6) Fan Service(105)
Hentai(7) Lolicon(7) Pantsu(18) Pervert(8)
Softcore(3) Stalking(1) Violent(23) Vulgar(4)
Movie(27) ONA(4) OVA(61) Short(13)
TV(334) TV Special(5)
Release Year
2024(24) 2023(44) 2022(26) 2021(18) 2020(18) 2019(17) 2018(17) 2017(17)
2016(18) 2015(16) 2014(23) 2013(14) 2012(6) 2011(10) 2010(17) 2009(12)
2008(21) 2007(21) 2006(26) 2005(27) 2004(13) 2003(18) 2002(14) 2001(12)
2000(6) 1999(7) 1998(8) 1997(2) 1996(4) 1995(5) 1994(4) 1993(5)
1992(8) 1991(3) 1990(1) 1989(1) 1987(1) 1985(1) 1984(1) 1983(1)
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