Bindzume Yousei

Title:Bindzume Yousei
Bindzume Yousei ~Bottle Fairy~
Bottle Fairy
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Notables: HORIE Yui
MOMOI Haruko
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)

Kururu, Chiriri, Hororo, & Sarara are known as Bottle Fairies as each has a bottle representing their color (which the fairies also show in their eyes). Kururu is blue (image, top left), Chiriri is yellow (image, bottom right), Hororo is green (image, bottom left), and Sarara is red (image, top right). They live in a nice, western-styled cottage with a man they call Sensei-san. Next door lives Tama-chan, a young grade school girl. The four fairies pass the time learning about the human world from the safety of Sensei-san's house as they attempt to become human.

[13 TV episdes, each episode is ~12:30 in length. R1 licence by Geneon]

Note: Geneon has included all Japanese honorifics in the subtitles. Some, like "Senseisan" and "Tamachan" are not given a hyphen since the Japanese displayed them as such in the OP sequence. Japanese do not use dashes to mark honorifics for their Romaji since they don't use them in Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana.
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Buy 10 8 10 10 10 10 moya-san [series:722#2561]
So sweet it will make you sick.

Seriously, Bottle Fairy is one of those animes that will make you say "Aww.." every couple of seconds. Kururu, Sarara, Ciriri, and Hororo are 4 "bottle fairies" that live with a high-school student, they call, sensai-san. While sensai-san is at school, the fairies have fun and get into lots of mischief. Kururu is the pink-haired, optimistic, kind of absent-minded fairy. Sarara is the silver-haired, tomboy, wanna-be samurai fairy. Chiriri is the blonde-haired, cheerful, voice-of-reason fairy. And Hororo is the black-haired, drowsy, food-crazy fairy. All together they make a hilarious show. The voice-acting is matched with the characters and the colors are so pretty. A perfect anime to get the whole family interested.

Thumbs up for Bottle Fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Buy 9 8 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:722#436]

Talk about uber-kawaii, this series is that. Fortunately, each episode is about twelve and a half minutes in length, thus ensuring the viewers don't go into kawaii overload.

The first twelve episodes cover the months from April to March. The fairies have very vivid imaginations, so when Tama-chan "enlightens" them to some cultural item related to said month, they sometimes misinterpret it (and Tama-chan doesn't always provide accurate information). Even if they get it right, it usually leads to them imagining some adventure be it a trip to school, or parodying some Japanese TV show. If you've seen a lot of anime, you'll know at least some of the cultural references. However, unless you are native Japanese, you may not understand them all. I was fortunate in that the fansub group who did this series put out a lot of translator notes in the episodes which explained many things. The series itself seems to be a semi-educational one for kids about Japanese life (though I'm informed that this was actually shown on late-night Japanese TV for the anime otaku).

The thirteenth episode picks up where twelve left off since the fairies cast a magic spell that has some interesting consequences. Without spoiling anything, it would have been more interesting to me to have had the fairies spell stay intact since it would have been interesting to see how Sensei-san dealt with this over time. But since this is a kids show (though shown late at night), that was never going to happen and I accept that. :-)

The four fairies cover some standard personalities. Kururu tends to be the leader of the group and the most upbeat. Chiriri is the more subdued, shy fairy who's also smart. Sarara is the tougher fairy and her fantasies often have a military or samurai connotation. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that she is voiced by the most-excellent seiyuu Horei-Yui-san. Hororo is the "vacuous" fairy. That's not a slam on her. If you've seen Azumanga Daioh and know the character of Osaka, you basically have Hororo.

Bottom line: pure fun fluff that is so sugary-sweet, you might get an overdose.

R1 DVD Note: I'd like to thank Geneon for having the subtitles make full use of the Japanese honorifics. This is a show that desperately demanded their use and I'm glad Geneon went all out. They do on rare occassions. It would have been nice if the DVD had included some translator notes as an extra. Some things are noted during the course of the anime, which is nice, but the fansubs provided so much more detail which would have been a great thing to have in the DVD. Just a minor complaint. ^_^

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