Shichinin no Nana

Title:Shichinin no Nana
7 Nanas
7 of 7
NaNa 7 of 7
Seven of Seven
七人のナナ (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - A.C.G.T.
Nana Suzuki grew up with her grandfather’s obsession of capturing a 'rainbow'. After years of tinkering and fidgeting with different techniques, he finally discovered a special crystal with strange properties that displayed the light of a rainbow into its seven basic colours. As he was tinkering in his lab, Nana accidentally opened the microwave oven while it was cooking and BOOM!!. Seven other Nana’s suddenly appear, each with their own distinctive personalities. Surprised by these new arrivals, the original thirteen-year-old Nana finds herself with a very strange and complicated problem!

Now Nana has to contend with six other Nanas; each with a different personality representing a color of the rainbow. (Red= anger, Orange= carefree, Yellow= happiness, Light Green= Sadness, Dark Green= Calmness, Blue= the normal Nana.)

25 TV episodes (released in 2002)
Produced by TV Tokyo, ADK & Genco
Distributed by Starchild

Licensed for R1/USA release by Media Blasters
Distributed by AnimeWorks
R1/USA release-title is 7 of 7

1:29min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1242#967]
Currently being reviewed. Posting pending, but at first glance, this appears to be a teenaged-magic-girl type of anime series ....

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