Eden's Bowy

Title:Eden's Bowy
エデンズ ボゥイ
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Notables: R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
TACHIKI Fumihiko
The earliest thing Yorn can remember is his mom telling him about the story of the God Hunter. The God Hunter's purpose was to punish any and all gods who come to Earth. While out chopping wood with his father, the people of Magical Eulgaha show up and try to kill Yorn, but he is saved by a flash of light that turns into a small girl named Elissis. Who is Yorn, why is both Magical Eulgaha and Scientific Yanuess trying to take him? And why is this special girl Elissis trying to protect him?

Welcome to Eden's Bowy where both sci-fi and magic meet, where powerful robots battle spirit powered puppets and both sides are looking for the power of a God Hunter.

26 Episodes (released in 1999)
Produced by Studio Dean & Others
Licensed by ADV for R1-US release

ADV discontinues distributing this series as of March 2005

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Eden’s Bowy made for a solid fantasy/ adventure series focused on the journey of Yorn, Elisiss and Ulger Dyne as they tried tracking down the whereabouts of Yorn’s father and dealt with hostilities they faced from those in the floating cities of Yulgaha and Yaunes. The series does a great job at fleshing out many of its prominent characters and exploring the world in which Eden’s Bowy takes place. Many of the characters that the series focuses on are involved with and have had tragic pasts and developments that they are trying to overcome while dealing with the hostilities from the actions of authority figures in both of the floating cities. The most interesting of these developments for me came from the story concerning Hairra’s origins which proves to be quite the tragic one and effects the developments of Fennis and Vito’s characters throughout the series as they handle her not so normal situation and being pawns of the crooked Yulgaha priests.

The show also does a solid job at its world building to establish the different societies that those on the ground, Yulgaha and Yaunes have. Yulgaha and Yaunes are seen as very sophisticated societies in the future setting of Eden’s Bowy which shows itself rather well with the seemingly modern city landscape of Yulgaha and the futuristic like environment of Yaunes. This is considerably different compared to the barbaric and feudal lifestyles and clothing that those on the surface experience and dress in on a regular basis. The series does resort to the typical “science vs religion” clash between Yaunes and Yulgaha as their societies are governed by both respectively (Yaunes uses mecha, Yulgaha having six magical priests) and use them as their primary means of combat.

In terms of plotting, Eden’s Bowy switches its focus between the differing factions and characters seen throughout the series with Yorn’s group, the six Yulgaha priests, Hairra and her group, Yaunes leader Nyako and her two incompetent cohorts and Yorn’s rival Spike Randit. The series takes its time unraveling the true nature and goals of these various characters and factions with the first half mostly focused on exploring its world and the situations faced by its characters yet dropping hints of tensions developing between the factions and motives of the characters. The second half is when the plot starts to escalate when Yulgaha and Yaunes finally go at each other’s throats, some characters come to terms with the problems they have faced throughout the show and we come to learn more of the mysteries surrounding a few key characters alluded to from earlier episodes. The show reasonably explores its world and develops both its plot and characters within its 26 episodes without leaving behind too many loose ends.

If there is one major problem I had with Eden’s Bowy, it would have to be that those within Yaunes are quite underdeveloped compared to what we see of Yorn’s group, Spike and characters within Yulgaha. For the most part, characters in Yaunes seemed to be used as some form of comic relief throughout the series, especially in the case with Nyako’s two incompetent cohorts she sends to capture Yorn. While comedic moments with these characters were effective for the most part and didn’t do too much in killing the more serious mood of Eden’s Bowy in later episodes, it would have been nice if these characters were given more serious moments for me to connect with them, especially as the only Yaunes character with any reasonable development was Nyako’s niece/ second-in-command.

In terms of presentation, Eden’s Bowy does have a solid visual presentation with clean details and good color shading with its settings and character designs. It does a good job at showing detail and vastness with a diverse number of environments such as a desert, mountain areas and the city environments of both Yaunes and Yulgaha. Character designs have a decent amount of detail applied to them and are appealing on the eyes as well. The show does usually resort to animation shortcuts such as reused and still frames, but the quality does improve in later episodes and has its moments during battle scenes.

Eden’s Bowy did a solid job in keeping me entertained throughout its 26-episode run. The series did a good job at developing and exploring its world and characters, as well as slowly building up its plot while adding in the occasional comedy moments with the characters to ease the mood from tense developments or a couple filler episodes. This is a definite watch if you are looking for a good fantasy/ adventure anime to get into, especially as this title seems to be fairly obscure to most anime fans.

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Buy Forbin [series:963#1573]
Drama : Med
Action : High
Comedy : High
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Low / Med
I found this in the bargain basement of Amazon and pick it up. Now I own the set! It's a wonderful little fairy tale about Yorn, Gods, and God Hunters. It has a good mix of sci fi and magic and teaches a good lesson on how power corrupts.
The title is a little misleading and the fact that Yanuess and Eulgaha sound near the same is probably the only downfalls of this anime.

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