Cat Soup

Title:Cat Soup
Nekojiro Sou
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Notables: SATOU Akemi
A surrealistic comedy where a young cat goes to Limbo to get back his big sister's soul.

One OVA episode (32min)

1:11min Except -= YouTube Video
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Watch 6 7 5 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:711#1552]
Not really sure what to make out of Cat Soup. Based on the setup, it looks like the younger cat is trying to get back the full soul of his older sister through some bizarre and usually disturbing scenes like a man who is a ridiculous glutton, an elephant made completely out of water and God literally eating the inside of our planet like it were soup. This seems more like an art film given the bizarre artistry and vagueness of the themes that the movie is conveying, which would greatly limit the audience that this OVA could appeal to as Forbin's seemingly gone through. Wouldn't say this is an acid trap as it seems to be trying to convey something, but the themes of this are beyond my comprehension given my limited understanding of symbolism in art and it gives Angel's Egg a run for its money as one of the most baffling titles I've seen in an anime title. Definitely don't watch this if you are expecting anything conventional with storytelling and visuals.

Last updated Saturday, January 19 2013. Created Saturday, January 19 2013.
Buy 9 8 7 8 9 9 Togarmah [series:711#1743]
The plot (for what it is) is described well in previous reviews. In this forum, I would like to discuss the overall mood and feeling of this short anime.
Basically, in the vein of great surreal art of René Magritte, this tale shows tableaus of various themes. Some are more obvious than others, like when God eats the bloody insides of planets like it was soup. Others are more obscure, like what was an elephant made of water supposed to represent?
All in all, it is a short, fascinating, well crafted show that will make you wonder about death and the path to rebirth. With the best existential ending I have seen, it's definitely worth your time (as long as you have an open mind).

Last updated Wednesday, December 22 2004. Created Wednesday, December 22 2004.
Watch Forbin [series:711#1573]
Who the heck put Comedy Fantasy in this?
This is defintely Hello Kitty on Acid. The designer was obviously on drugs before he made up the script. Or he was watching a Monty Python marathon.
It's a surreal trip, and if you watch this, you will probably have a headache for at least an hour afterwards.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
But on the other hand, it's well done and watchable, but I will NEVER watch this again. It's too violent and weird, and the fact that I had lunch right before the Pig scene, made me almost lose it.

Last updated Thursday, December 16 2004. Created Thursday, December 16 2004.
Buy 7 7 7 8 9 9 Jer Alford [series:711#614]
In what has been called "Hello Kitty on acid", Cat Soup is an artistic view at a family of anthroporphic cats in an artistic and spastic comedy that would appeal to any Plymptoons fan. Nyaako the cat is very sick with a fever, so much though that she ends up getting taken to the realm of the dead by the Hindu god of the dead. Fortunately, her brother Nyatta rescues her just in time. But he only end up getting her lifeforce back. Her soul is still stuck in limbo somewhere. Hoping to make her feel happy, Nyatta takes Nyaako to a circus which is home to some bizarre acts like a magician who can create objects just buy breathing them out. Suddenly, a huge wave floods the entire circus leaving the kittens in an ark alone with a young pig, who they immeadiately eat! They then travel through the land of Limbo where Nyaako finally recieves her soul back. Although it looks like all is well in the end, it has a strange finale. Cat Soup has some great imagery and is worth buying, even though its just a little over half-an-hour long. The DVD comes with director's commentary and and interview with the director.
P.S. There is no English track. In fact, there is no spoken dialogue at all.

Last updated Friday, January 02 2004. Created Friday, January 02 2004.

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