Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

Title:Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
Notables: MAEDA Toshio
The Overfied is destined to unite the Earth, Beast and Demon realms and Amono Jyaku will do every thing in his power to see this happens.
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Rent 4 4 8 4 5 MasterYoshidino [series:170#598]
This is the most famous of all demon hentai series. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY DEMONS FUCKING WOMEN WITH TENTACLES.
Ok, warning out of the way, the art is OLD so it looks like crapola and why I gave it a 4. Very demonic, rape filled, and violent, for all those that just want violent kind of hentai with all that stuff, GET THIS THING NOW.
For all others that like hentai like me (i.e. comedy hentai or soft hentai or non hardcore hentai), STAY AWAY.

Last updated Thursday, September 11 2003. Created Thursday, September 11 2003.
Buy 6 6 7 4 8 Anonymous #364 [series:170#364]
Urotsukidoji is probably the only real H title worth keeping in your collection, but I do not recommend it as an intro to H. Please, if you're curious, get used to more mild stuff first.
For me, Legend of the Overfiend was more of a decent epic horror story with some explicit sex scenes than a porno with monsters. What's the difference? It all matters on story. See, the animation is rather outdated, and if I got this for sexual stimulus, I'd get a real porn or an H with better animation.
The real reason I saw Urotsukidoji was due to the engaging storyline and character growth. I don't want to spoil anything, but believe me when I say Urotsukidoji (at least the first one) is good.
NOTE: It's probably best to get the Perfect Collection DVD set for Region 1, as the other DVD versions have no subtitles!

Last updated Monday, August 12 2002. Created Monday, August 12 2002.
Buy 7 7 7 3 8 Johan Gustafsson [series:170#195]
If you like Hentai, you like this title. This is the only hentai I like. Hentai usually have a severe lack of story but Urotsukidooji have an intriguing and really scary story. ONLY PEOPLE WHO LIKE HENTAI.

Last updated Tuesday, July 03 2001. Created Tuesday, July 03 2001.
Buy 6 7 6 4 7 Dingle [series:170#35]
As for all my Hentai reviews, the rating is only good for people who like hentai, FOR ALL OTHERS AVOID THIS TITLE.
This the grand daddy of all demon porns. Even though these types the scenes are shows thousands of time in other shows, but their is some thing to say for the original. The story is also really interesting. I found the concepts in the show interesting I wanted to find out more about the story. If you like hentai, you sould watch the original.

Last updated Friday, July 28 2000. Created Friday, July 28 2000.

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