Fencer of Minerva

Title:Fencer of Minerva
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Notables: R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
Sho is the son of a deposed king who is believed to be dead. Diana is his former childhood friend and daughter of the man who deposed the king, thus making her a princess. Instead of meeting her future bride, Diana heads to the market to watch a slave auction -- where beautiful women are sold. Here, she rescues a virgin girl named Fina, but the pair are taken outside the city by nomads and made into slaves. Sho arrives at camp and the pair are reunited after she is made his slave -- something she willing does to make up for the sins of her father and to be with the man she loves. Now together, the two must restore the kingdom of Doria while keeping other nations in check. At the same time, the two must go through a journey of love as master and slave. Five episodes at 45-minutes each. All slaves in this title are attractive women.
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Buy 8 8 9 8 8 8 Peter Hentai [series:593#758]
I saw this as an uncensored fansubbed copy and not the edited official release, so keep that in mind as you read.

First, let me say that if you don't know what a bond slave is, you are going to have some trouble understanding why beautiful, cute, petite girls and young women would choose slavery with the man they love rather than freedom. Even if you do understand "bond slave", in our modern world, it is still a confusing thing until you realize that love isn't about you, it's about pleasing the other person. So these women become slaves for love and protection and are well rewarded for their sacrafice of freedom. It's the ultimate male fantasy I agree, but then isn't all hentai supposed to be geared toward a male fantasy?

The story deals with two journeys. The first is Sho's journey to reclaim what is rightfully his -- the kingdom of Doria. Diana's journey is one into the world of slavery. Slaves on this fantasy world of swords and dragons are very cute girls and very beautiful young women. When collared by a man (or woman in rare cases), they submit to their master and offer themselves sexually. In 99% of the cases, sexual congress seals the deal, though the owner of a young girl might wait, allowing his other female slaves train her until she is older or until he sells her to another person. When Diana is captured by nomads, they immediately have their head slave women begin to teach the newbies in the art of pleasing a master. Diana is proud and doesn't want to, even though she is forced to submit when the 16-year old girl she rescued has her life threatened. However, when Sho comes on the scene and wins her in a fight, the nomads give her to him. She remembers him and he remembers her, so to pay for her sins and those of her family, she becomes his willing, loving slave. She truly does love Sho and Sho does love her.

Here lies the heart of the story. While the fantasy parts and the political intrigue are interesting and well written, it is the love story of Diana and Sho that makes this so neat. In the first two episodes, their lovemaking is so sweet with Diana sometimes forgetting to address Sho as goshujinsama -- my master (if I have that right, which I may not). That's OK with him, because if he punishes her, it is one she will enjoy sexually. However, Diana learns that willing becoming Sho's slave has a price, especially when he is given a second slave. She is hurt at not being the only woman-slave to pleasure him, but that's the world she lives in. She soon adapts and later even aquires a 14-year old female slave of her own for a short time. Diana's strong when Sho needs her to be, but most of the time she'd rather be the loving, submissive slave wanting to please her master.

The story of Sho reclaiming his throne is interesting and with each episode having 45-minutes, there's plenty of time for sex and story. There is some humiliation as Diana is trained, then horrible humilation at the hands of the fiance. After that, the sex is always concentual, hot, though not overly long and no genitals are ever shown, even in the "uncensored" version. If you can score an unedited copy, but it. Otherwise, download it.

Quote from the movie: Make a slave of the woman you love.

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