Mai-HiME Omake Special

Title:Mai-HiME Omake Special
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)

A collection of omake (extras) special shorts for the Mai-HiME series. The shorts can contain additional information on the series or be comical in nature with plenty of fanservice. The various characters in the series get a featured omake.

[26 Omake released on the Japanese DVD for Mai-HiME.]
Each one follows the end of each episode on the R1. The Extras in the R1 allow you to view them without watching the episodes.
[edit] The ↗Mai Hime franchise:

Mai Hime (original story): Mai Otome (spinoff/sequel, different setting):
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Rent Stretch [series:1322#628]
The fact that the first special consists of Mai explaining how she started wearing a bra gives a good hint of what to expect here. There are a number of animated pinups of near-naked female characters, in segments which are clearly targetted at fanboys rather than serious devotees of the series. I was hoping for some hints about why the series ended as it did (which I am at a loss to explain), and my hopes were raised by a segment in which Nagi explains just what "orphans" are. But there turned out to be only one other informative special of this sort, which dealt with the origins of the Fuuka Academy and seemed pretty boring to me. Some segments are comic in nature, but they didn't seem as funny to me as the comedy within the original series. We learn a little more about the characters, but nothing particularly startling--more of a series of reaffirmations of the personalities we're already familiar with. All 26 specials can be watched in 45 minutes or so, and therefore don't demand a major committment of time. I would say "Rent" if you're a Mai HiME afficionado and can't get enough, otherwise "Watch" if you are a less enthusiastic fan.

Last updated Monday, June 19 2006. Created Monday, June 19 2006.
Rent AstroNerdBoy [series:1322#436]

I'm not going to rate the various items above because as an omake, animation isn't a priority, nor is the rest. That said, I'm glad I saw this. Sure, for the most part, many of these shorts give artists the opportunity to display the various girls in sexy, "turned on" poses in their underwear, but I ignored that. While most of the omake featured a single character, one featured two and some had one character reflecting on another character. The three main girls get two feature omake which was nice.

Some omake contained pure comedy (in the form of SD takes on the characters), others were nice and reflective, aided by the music played. These later types weren't done for fanservice purposes which was nice as well. The tidbits of additional information ingo Mai-HiME was nice.

Bottom line: Nice, though a bit much fanservice for my tastes.

Last updated Saturday, April 01 2006. Created Saturday, April 01 2006.

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