La Blue Girl

Title:La Blue Girl
Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl
淫獣学園 La Blue Girl
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Notables: R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
It began centuries ago, when the Miroku ninja clan made a deal with the forces of the underworld, leading to centuries of struggle between rival clans. And now, after more than 600 years of peace, the denizens of the underworld are about to get a new boss.

Now, 18-year-old ninja in training Miko Mido is entrusted with the family business: making sure that sex-starved demons stay out of humanity’s way! What does a ninja do? Fight, with every battle skill and sexual sorcery she can muster!

(can we say tentacles?)

6 OVA Episodes (~40 to 50minutes each)
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Buy 7 7 6 5 8 8 Anonymous #2746 [series:164#2746]
La Blue Girl is an OLd School anime. It's in the league of sailormoon, zenki, and dragonballs in terms of the art/the way it was drawn... the story's ok--that is if you're into tentacles and women/girls being raped by demons most of the time... I've watched this series like several months ago and i think it's really not that gory... but if you're looking for normal sex scenes...well you wouldn't find it in La Blue Girl...well...there's this one scene where Miko had sex with her long lost fiance/boyfriend from the enemy clan... but the rest are all about demons and cutesy girls...

Last updated Saturday, October 13 2007. Created Saturday, October 13 2007.
Rent 7 8 7 7 MasterYoshidino [series:164#598]
La Blue Girl is a very famous tentacle and shinobi (barely) type of hentai anime. It all is about tentacle sex.
Good demon hentai but if you are not into the fetish of demon / tentacle theme then do not waste your time on this as you will be disappointed at the lack of consensual sex.
There is also a sequel and a real life acted movie based on the anime. Both suck though and are not worth watching.

Last updated Saturday, October 04 2003. Created Thursday, October 02 2003.
Buy 7 7 2 4 8 Ðå kïÐ [series:164#464]
Very nice anime trhe ninjas are cool.I have just recently watched this anime and i have got to say i see lots of different tecniques but these are rare and bit wierd i give this anime a difinent buy for its sex techniques and a fabulous story(for a hentai), the only story ive ever seen as good as this is urotsukidoji.

Last updated Friday, January 17 2003. Created Friday, January 17 2003.
Buy 7 9 5 2 6 MinMin [series:164#334]
La Blue Girl was the first Hentai (well, serious Hentai) cartoon that I watched. After seeing a pack of boring, cutesy Hentais, La Blue Girl struck me as interesting and exciting, although a bit morbid, I must say. Later on, after watching some more Hentais, I realized that La Blue Girl is so well drawn, I was afraid I'd never see such a quality in a Hentai again. The story is very well developed and thought of for my taste. It's not some boring story made up "for nothing" just to connect the sex scenes, but is in reality full of humor, exciting scenes, unexpected events etc. I do not reccomend this title for a first-time Hentai viewer because of its morbid and aggressive scenes, but I definately reccomend it to someone who is certain that he likes pure Hentai (girls on tentacles) and humor. My rating is high, although I reccomend first watching or renting the movie before buying it.

Last updated Wednesday, June 26 2002. Created Wednesday, June 26 2002.
Buy 7 8 6 3 4 Dingle [series:164#35]
If you like Hentai, you should like this title, other wise stay away. It is a classic demon porn. The story is corny, but it gets its job done. That is allow for reasons to put the characters is strange sexual situations. The story does this quite well and it does not seem all that forced (but with all hentai it is forced). It is nicely graphic with out being totally nasty. If you don't like Hentai AVOID THIS TITLE!!!, but it you do this is a good one to watch.

Last updated Thursday, July 27 2000. Created Thursday, July 27 2000.

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