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Green Green
Watch An all girls school visits an all boys school for one month to test whether they can become a combined coed school. Yuusuke, the "captain" of the boys school, tries his best to make the experiment a success while his lecherous friends Bacchi-Guu, Tenjin and Ichiban-Boshi try everything to fulfill their perverted fantasies. But when the girls' bus arrives at the boys' school, Midori jumps out of the open door to hug Yuusuke, shouting "I finally found you"... and her date of birth in the year 3003 according to her personal record at school makes her teacher wonder. Will Midori be reunited with Yuusuke? How many other girls will fall for the nice guy? And are the perverted dreams of the guys going to come true?
Green Green TV Watch See Green Green
Heaven and Earth Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl Buy See La Blue Girl
Kitty Pleasure Pack #2 episode 1 Watch See Stairs

La Blue Girl
Buy It began centuries ago, when the Miroku ninja clan made a deal with the forces of the underworld, leading to centuries of struggle between rival clans. And now, after more than 600 years of peace, the denizens of the underworld are about to get a new boss.

Watch Makoto has been best friends with the beautiful Une since they were kids. Every school morning, he rides his bike over to her place, picks her up, and takes her to the train station where they catch the train to high school. He's very much in love with her, but doesn't do anything until he discovers another guy in his class is about to make a move on her. Is it to late to tell her how he feels? Will fellow female classmate Nonoka confess her love to Makoto?
Tenjho Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Tenjo Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge
Rent Nagi Souichirou and best friend, Bob, are both tough street fighters, but when they transfer to a new high school, they get their a**es kicked by the local gangs. They find out that their new high school is dedicated to refounding the martial arts, and combat ability is rated higher than academic skills. And what is with the cute Natsume Aya, who has decided to become his girlfriend (without even bothering to ask him)? But Souichirou is a glutton for punishment, with a fighting spirit that cannot be kept down for long.
グリーングリーン (2003) Watch See Green Green
天上天下 Rent See Tenjou Tenge
淫獣学園 La Blue Girl Buy See La Blue Girl

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