Green Green

Title:Green Green
Green Green TV
グリーングリーン (2003)
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Notables: Music - MITSUMUNE Shinkichi
Original Concept - YAMAGUCHI Noboru
R1 License - Media Blasters
An all girls school visits an all boys school for one month to test whether they can become a combined coed school. Yuusuke, the "captain" of the boys school, tries his best to make the experiment a success while his lecherous friends Bacchi-Guu, Tenjin and Ichiban-Boshi try everything to fulfill their perverted fantasies. But when the girls' bus arrives at the boys' school, Midori jumps out of the open door to hug Yuusuke, shouting "I finally found you"... and her date of birth in the year 3003 according to her personal record at school makes her teacher wonder. Will Midori be reunited with Yuusuke? How many other girls will fall for the nice guy? And are the perverted dreams of the guys going to come true?

[TV series, 2003, 12 episodes, 24 min; produced by Pony Canyon & Studio Matrix]
1:40min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Avoid 6 5 5 5 2 2 Ggultra2764 [series:694#1552]
This baby's about as bottom of the barrel as you can get it for an ecchi title as its premise revolving around a male private high school turning into a co-ed school for a month when female students join up is a very flimsy excuse to feature many relevant male characters being perverts and peeping toms acting as if they've never seen a woman before, perverted antics from said male cast members towards the female student body and random service shots of the female cast being in either undressed states or fully nude. Characters are very one-dimensional here, a half-assed attempt at a plot involving reincarnated lovers is attempted and the animation to this is bad at a number of points being low budget and often filled with errors and shortcuts. Unless you are desperate for an ecchi title, avoid Green Green like the plague.

Last updated Saturday, November 01 2014. Created Saturday, November 01 2014.
Watch 8 8 7 8 8 7 Dreamer [series:694#2279]
As ecchi-fied as this was, it really wasn't that bad. The plot wasn't what made this anime but rather, the shear number of sexual jokes and innuendo.... if it can be looked at as a positive.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and animation wasn't bad at all. It seemed about average, if not slightly above average. As for character designs, nothing really out of the ordinary. They were your typical and stereotypical ones.

The OP was a great piece of silliness. I actually liked it. It was a punk-rock like piece with female vocals and the ecchie-est opening animation I've seen to date.... hehehe! The music elsewhere wasn't of anything special with some and occassional jazz sounds. The ED was somewhat enjoyable. It was a nice rock piece that had some cool guitar riffs.

Series and Episode Story
This series has to be the most glorified piece of ecchi animation I've happily ever seen. The plot wasn't much of anything, but the level of ecchi-ness is pretty far up there. Nevertheless, I found it quite funny more times than not and even the perverseness was humourous. The plot itself didn't really do anything until near the end, where a relationship of "some" sort was being developed. By then, it was pretty much too late and the series was over.

Overall, it's a great work ecchiness and some silly humor. Other than that, there wasn't much in story. It's fun if you're looking for some filler anime.

Last updated Monday, April 20 2009. Created Monday, April 20 2009.
Buy Xenoknight [series:694#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Watch 8 6 6 5 6 6 Anonymous #2746 [series:694#2746]
what I really like about this anime is that the drawings really nice... they're all so shiny and the colors are very vibrant unlike some anime I've seen... If you're one of those people who usually looks at the content of an anime... well, you'd be greatly disappointed... admittedly, it's not one of those ecchi anime's with great plots...there are a lot of scenes in the series where all you see are the fantasies of the protagonists...and the girl's in the series also show a lot of skin... so if you're the peeping tom type...well, then, you'll love this series...

But if you're looking for romance while watching this series... you better skip the first 9 episodes 'coz the hot stuff's in the last episodes...that's where you get to see a plot... but I can't say that much for the ending of this anime...

(I can't believe they concentrated on the Futaba/Yusuke tandem on the other Green Green series! I really hate Futaba!)

Ahem... so I wouldn't recommend you to buy this series... what you can do is just download it somewhere and when you like it...then maybe then you could buy it... n_n

Last updated Saturday, October 13 2007. Created Saturday, October 13 2007.
Watch Forbin [series:694#1573]
  • Drama : Low / Med
  • Comedy : High
  • Action : Low
  • SciFi : Low
  • Ecchi : Med
For a series that categories I would Love Harem, Pantsu, Ecchi, and Time Travel (About the same qualities of Hand Maid May, I now know why Jan-Chan regrets buying this. I regret renting it. Yuusuke's 3 friends are like 3 Numbura's. While 1 was enough, 3 perverts CONSTANTLY trying to practically rape all the girls just turned me off. I didn't even watch the 2nd disk at all and I watched the third to see how it finally played out.

It's a waste of time. It goes in the same category as Please Twins. Just a poor excuse to show the girls constantly naked. That's about it. It's got a plot so it's better than Amazing Nurse Nanako but that's about it.

Last updated Monday, October 30 2006. Created Monday, October 30 2006.
Watch 7 7 5 7 4 4 Devil Doll [series:694#752]
[Score: 55% = Watch-]
This anime is very low on storyline, and very perverted. Not exactly as horrible as Eiken but a lot weaker than Girls Bravo, DearS, or Hanaukyo Maid Tai; high on ecchiness for most of the time, with lots of frontal nudity, nipples, and some vulgar language. Not a lot of value to be found here, and fan-service trying to fill in the blank of a storyline here.
  • The first four episodes are kind of funny, introducing scenario and characters.
  • But from there the series goes downhill: Episodes 5-7 provide an ecchi fest with almost no content, and most of episode 8 is recap.
  • Episodes 9 and 10 have a little story at least, basically a school comedy now. But then...
  • the end of episode 10 all of a sudden the background story kicks in - and this series finally begins to be interesting. The last two episodes are what I'd have wanted the whole series to be like.
The characters are oddly interesting in their stereotyped behaviour. Yuusuke's friends Bacchi-Gu (the perverted otaku with a big tits fetish), Tenjin (the shy older boy with a younger sister fetish) and Ichiban-Boshi (the cocky womanizer going for the idol type girl) are at least funny in a way, and most of the girls are kind of cute, despite being stereotypes as well: Midori (trying to get Yuusuke at all cost), Reika (trying to make Midori's plans fail), Sanae (sickly and shy but kawaii), Wakaba (always carrying her magic cactus Togemura-san with her) and Futaba (Wakaba's older sister, a Narusegawa type powerhouse). And don't forget sexy teacher Chigusa from the girls school... so the male audience should easily find their favourite character in this show. While Midori is a pain in the neck, Yuusuke and Futaba are interesting enough to provide at least a little character related development... and Togemura-san has a surprising scene every now and then.

Last updated Friday, June 13 2008. Created Friday, January 06 2006.
Rent 8 8 8 8 6 7 manganime [series:694#1633]
This series is so stupidly funny with so many sex jokes and innuendo. I mean this series has three of the most biggest bakas in history of anime who bring most of the comedy with how perverted they are and their antics to get with the girls.

If you want something to laugh at and are amused by sex jokes you should definetly give this a try.

Oh yeah- it has a great opening ^_^

Last updated Saturday, December 17 2005. Created Saturday, December 17 2005.
Buy 10 10 10 8 8 8 Anonymous #1831 [series:694#1831]
This is a very funny anime...I really enjoyed it, I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates animes because of the story, the art, and the the beginning I was like whoa!!!what is this anime about, since there was nudity and perverted things...but I came to love this anime because it is so funny, my favorite characters are the nice girls...especially Midori, she tries so hard with that Yuusuke guy...she is probably the nicest air-heaaded girl in the whole anime...other characters are nice too, just look at the artistic work on the characters and youll know right away how the characters are...

Last updated Wednesday, February 02 2005. Created Wednesday, February 02 2005.
Watch 7 8 6 5 6 6 B0nz=Ein [series:694#1254]
i was shocked by this anime ... i would give this anime 39% outta 100. i so regreted buying the dvd ,.... noiw i want to burn it ... the only thing that kept me watching this was the 2 characters yuusuke and the other girl with purple ... this aniem is not bad ...the idea was not bad either but sadly we have the 3 bastards rooming the anime ... and ruining it ... there are nudity shots or perverted shots every 4 mintues of the series ..but i do have to admit is serie is funny .
but in the end i was also let down by this anime ...

Last updated Tuesday, January 25 2005. Created Thursday, January 20 2005.
Watch 6 7 8 7 6 6 Ahiru-san [series:694#1806]
ok. when i first heard of this anime, i was quite interestied because of the whole 'girls going to boy school' thing.
when i watched it, i was quite shocked by the opening and then as someone said that the boob shots were over board, i agree witht hat too, at first it was a good laugh, but then it had way to much of that.
im sorry to say, but i was a bit let down by this anime because i expected a bit more than what it has to give.
the character designs werent bad and neither was the animation though.

I would give this anime a 50% over 100% (sorry)

Last updated Thursday, July 07 2005. Created Thursday, January 20 2005.
Watch 8 8 6 9 6 6 Buzze [series:694#1034]
Like Jan-chan, I have mixed feelings about this anime.
The art and animation are quite nice, the music is great and some of the girls really move, but there's no exageration like the Divergence Eve-girls for example. And that's a good thing. Most of the characters are cute, funny, etc, but sadly, there are also these three stooges that are supposed to be Yuusuke's friends. In the 'making of' episode, their respective seiyu's say these characters are supposed to provide the comic note. They fail miserably, especially the one who kicks on eating rice while watching girls. The other two are acceptable.
There could be a good story behind this anime, but most of the episodes are only about Yuusuke getting cought in the horrible three's actions or about the different female characters who start to like Yuusuke.
Only the final episodes handle about the main story: a forbidden love, both commit suicide after promising to see each other again in their next life, girl revives in 3000, boy in 2000, girl travels back in time to be with him but he doesn't remember...
Also, there's no happy ending. This could have been nice but somehow, it got messed up a bit, leaving the audience confused.
The story is based on an hentaigame, and it shows. The making of episode showed the staff promising ecchi-scenes, three 'funny' perverts and so on. Although the makers did their best, it could have been better.
Watch it, if you like it you can always buy a copy.

Last updated Thursday, August 26 2004. Created Thursday, August 26 2004.
Watch 10 10 10 10 9 9 ana [series:694#1360]
This anime is actually pretty good for boy fan service. girls come join the guys at their school as an experiment.3 perverts,2 ill-fated lovers, and fan boy service. the ending is bittersweet since materially no one wins but theoretically and spiritually yusuke does and the other three perverts seem to be fixated on seeing their dream girls again. i suggest you watch it. the idioticy and pervertedness of yusuke's 3 friends are just worth laughing for.

Last updated Friday, April 23 2004. Created Friday, April 23 2004.
Watch 6 6 6 6 6 6 Jan-Chan [series:694#967]
Ouch.. did I really want to acquire this series for my lending-library?

But I did and I do have some very mixed feelings about the twelve episodes in the TV release of Green-Green. What could happen when you slam three different plot lines together, with poor results? Set against a back drop of a girl?s school visiting a boys school for a month, as a trial preliminary to taking two schools joining together to become coed, we get to follow the antics of some sixty teenage kids in an isolated high school.

The main story line is about Yuuske, who is actually very nice and normal (despite the weird circumstances that he has to confront,) and his absolutely perverted (quote) 'friends', with their twisted and bent cretin desires to see a girl (any girl) in the nude. Mixed in is a bit of a mystery as to Yuusuke having shared a doomed-past-life with a pretty young lady, who has come back from the future to be in his life now and appears to be willing to do anything to stay with him. And there is also a current-time young lady who is ticked off at Yuusuke?s friends perverted behavior, quickly brands Yuusuke as being just another of those boys, but over the course of the story, she comes to understand that Yuusuke is different and appears to share some feelings for him.

But it is the antics of Yuuske's three friends that bothered me the most, and the absolute idioticy of their behavior. These guys trip into a spastic drooling catatonic bliss whenever they think about a naked girl and their antics are almost beyond words. At one point, the three are locked away for a night, and they devolve into a group grope, while they fantasize about girls. And with every failure of their various plots, they get bopped on the head and told to stay away from the girls (...well, I would have preferred to see them prosecuted and locked up, but sigh this is anime.)

The end result is an artistic mess and a very jumbled plot line, with the only winners being those fan-boys who enjoy in seeing the flash and bounce of their secret desires in this series. (Rah! Rah! Go Bounce!!)

If you like abject amounts of overt fan-service with LOTS of echii scenes, then you might like this series. Otherwise, you might want to be brave enough to admit that this series might be worth some measure of anime time (and perhaps even at a rating of watch) as it tries to tell a very mixed and confusing story of two loves who find themselves meeting in a very echii and bent high school.

To think that I first watched and kinda enjoyed the OVA, fan-sub, which actually dared to hint at a some measure of promise in this series... sigh!!!

Stay with the OVA Green Green OVA, which offers the flavor, but not the full idioticy or lameness of the TV series!!

Last updated Saturday, November 05 2005. Created Friday, April 09 2004.
Rent bordem [series:694#1311]
I didn't like the first half or the ending, mostly because when reading this i just wanted them to cut down on the lame boob shots(and im a guy), also it was really depressing in the ending and half the cast just goes ooc and gets magic powers and the ending just got me depressed, i was going go work out for rugby but after the ending i was more like um thats so depressing, and it doesnt make any sence at all, but its like she dies but doesnt, and they can never see each other again its sorta like a tearjerker, but its too trivial. that and the ska theme they played at the opening was incredible, but they alway went into a commercial break on a really sad note and then play ska, and ska is generally happy and light music, it just doesnt work. If you like to tear jeerkers, ska and lots of ecchi with three pervrets draging the main char into it you you'll laugh, you'll cry, and probably be really disapointed.

Last updated Tuesday, April 06 2004. Created Tuesday, April 06 2004.
Unevaluated BarrenSoul [series:694#859]
Nov.25 2003
So far I expect this to be a buy series and the wierd thing is all the keywords that alex put down are perfect matches even only hav'n watched 5 minutes of it :-) Mr.E-cup is funny. The intro is largely ecchi and alex is right when he says the girls "move". The bt's are still hot so find it but if you like it BUY IT to support anime.

Last updated Tuesday, November 25 2003. Created Tuesday, November 25 2003.
Rent 7 7 6 6 7 Alexander [series:694#416]
anyways, these 2 school, are combined together as a test on whether the students can handle their umm.. togetherness..
main character TAKAZAKI Yuusuke, is basically the leader of the boys, who hangs out with 3 other really perverted guys who just want to be with the girls.
Having watched esp. 1-8, i would say it is pretty much an ok series, with close relationship to Goldenboy. Gets a little out of hand, with all the boob shots, seems the guys are really into that, there's alot of "hey i bet she's a D-cup" and so on..
most of the characters are cute, and i must admit i do like how they move this way and that way ^_^;
but the story isn't quite right yet, even after watching 8 esps. i still don't know why this one girl is chasing TAKAZAKI Yuusuke, seems she had a past relationship w/ him that was forbidding but he can't seem to remember anything about it.. if they fix that then i'll enjoy even more.
There is an H-game on it but the boys are sent to the girl's H.S, and that seemed to get a better grading than the OVA here.
Overall, if your looking for something that will be a quick laugh and something that is a little perverted(being a guy, i guess you would :) ) then go ahead, it isn't that bad. 'B'
having watched the whole series. 1-12 (i think). i dl all of it, so its not really of any lost to me.
I'd give it a C now, the story does unfold much better, and there are tons of parts that will get you saying "what the hell?!", the creators sure do have some messed up thoughts, on how a guy should approach a girl. It good for a rent. The ending does leave me pretty empty. but its an ending that can make do.

Last updated Friday, January 21 2005. Created Saturday, November 15 2003.

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