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Title:Onegai Twins
Please Twins
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Notables: ASANO Masumi
INOUE Kikuko
Kotoko (I'VE Music)
Production - GENCO, Inc.
R1 License - Right Stuf Intl

Maiku Kamishiro is a high school student who recently lost his adoptive parents and is living alone in a house he recalls from his childhood -- a house he saw on TV during the UFO flap in Onegai Teacher. Miina Miyafuji and Karen Onodera also saw the house on TV and also remember living there as kids. So both (separately) head out on their own to visit this house. Both claim to be sisters of Maiku and all three have strange, blue eyes. What does it all mean?

[12 TV episodes, R1]

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[edit] The ↗Onegai franchise:

Onegai Teacher (original series) Onegai Twins (spinoff/sequel)
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Watch 7 6 6 5 4 5 Ggultra2764 [series:542#1552]
(Watch-/ Avoid+)

This series is a huge step down from Onegai Teacher. While Onegai Teacher was a decent romantic comedy that showed some restraint with its level of fan service and had engaging elements to depict with its couples, Please Twins travels into more cliched territory with the situation faced by Maiku and the two gals who move into his house, claiming to be his long-lost sister, and the show raising its levels of fan service and perverted content with bath scenes, suggestive predicaments and one of Maiku's classmates appearing to have an incestuous interest in his younger sister that is played up for laughs. The first few episodes are focused on Maiku adjusting to his unique predicament and the series seeming to apply he's in an unwanted harem type scenario with a female upperclassman and a gay male friend also seeming to have interest in him. Later episodes are mostly comedic filler or focused on Maiku's classmates, with some characters from Please Teacher like Mizuho and Morino returning to take on supporting roles here. The final three episodes explore who the girl in Maiku's photo is, though this revelation comes about unconvincingly and has its fair share of plot holes. The only element to the series which kept me from flat-out giving this an Avoid rating is some moments with Morino's snarking on her classmates and setting up scenarios to push along certain actions that serve either to advance a relationship between two characters or for her personal amusement. Otherwise, Please Twins is nowhere on par with the quality of Onegai Teacher in being a worthwhile romantic comedy and is best to be avoided.

Last updated Saturday, October 05 2013. Created Saturday, October 05 2013.
Buy 8 8 7 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:542#2279]
After seeing and enjoying Onegai Teacher, I thought I'd pick this one up as well. I didn't realize that as a spin-off, it would retain as much peoples and events from the anime it was spinning off of. Suffice it to say, I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of it.

Art, Animation & Character Designs The art was slightly different than most other anime. It seemed the lines were drawn a bit thicker and more "angled" or "sharp". This doesn't mean it was bad, but simply "unusual". With all that said, I still found it pretty good. The animation itself was average and on par with other anime. As for character designs, they were just average and nothing special.

Music The OP was interesting and fun. I actually somewhat enjoyed it. In fact, I really enjoyed it enough that I actually downloaded it. As for the rest of the music, nice piano pieces and pretty good.

Series and Episode Story As mentioned above, the fact that this series includes elements of Onegai Teacher, made me enjoy it more that it might be worth. Somehow, I enjoyed this simple plot, even thought there's really no real excitement or plot developments/twists. However, there are plenty of ecchi moments of which I don't mind. But the big difference between and similar titles is the elements of incest, or implied incest. This topic doesn't bother me, but for others, it's a taboo subject, thus, will most likely turn viewers away. Too bad, cause this really is a decent anime.

Overall, it was an enjoyable series. It's not one of the better one's out there, but it's fun nevertheless and worth the buy.

Last updated Saturday, April 11 2009. Created Saturday, April 11 2009.
Buy 6 8 8 5 8 7 Emerald Beauty [series:542#3068]
This anime is quite humoring and I love the childish romance. Also, I learned a lot of foreign words.

Last updated Monday, December 22 2008. Created Monday, December 22 2008.
Buy Xenoknight [series:542#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Watch 7 7 4 7 4 5 Devil Doll [series:542#752]
[Score: 53%; episode scores: 6 - 7 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 8 - 5 - 8 - 6 - 5 - 8 - 4]

Basically this show consists of four parts:
  • Part 1 sets the scenario of the Three Twins, posing the question: Who's the fake, and who's the sister? This part isn't outstanding but okay.
  • Part 2 is the silly fanservice comedy and leading nowhere. Episodes 4 and 5 are horrible.
  • Part 3 is the Love Alliance, including the side arc of Tsubaki-senpai. Episodes 6 and 8 are about the best of this series.
  • Part 4 returns to the Three Twins scenario, and at least gives an answer for who's on that photograph and who's the sister (albeit a not very convincing one as we never see any real evidence).
For me this show is a lot weaker than, say, DearS as it isn't really focussed on anything and the characters remain shallow (with the exception of Tsubaki-senpai, and Karen from episode 11 on). None of the presentation attributes appears to be above average (with one noteworthy instrumental theme "Rain A" at the end of episode 1, and I'm not skipping OP&ED).

Last updated Saturday, October 20 2007. Created Friday, October 05 2007.
Rent chibi [series:542#2380]
I'm with Stretch on this one. Onegai Teacher's premise was just too strange for me to ever entirely buy into, though I enjoyed the characters. The instant girlfriend/romance triangle in Twins is more conventional, though the Machiavelli Ichigo adds a strange twist to things. Overall, though, the series story and characters here are much more believable, which I think is important to viewer involvement. I'm especially impressed by the character of Maiku, who has lots of strengths, a few weaknesses, and stays true to his nature throughout the series. It's a refreshing change to see a leading male anime character that exhibits genuine maturity.

Last updated Monday, April 09 2007. Created Monday, April 09 2007.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:542#628]
I think I like this sequel better than it's predecessor, Onegai Teacher. I was never really able to understand Kei's inexplicable illness in that series, or take it seriously. Miina mentioning that she has a habit of passing out when she gets overly alarmed had me saying "Uh-Oh!", but this problem is completely different and just seems to be played for laughs. Going into Onegai Twins, I soon noticed that there are definitely a lot of tie-ins to the first series--I had thought that the two shows had just been made by the same studio. The UFO element is still here, but little is done with it other than some humor involving "Maria". That was probably a good idea, since Maiku, Karen and Miina are interesting and likeable characters who deserve the spotlight. They are all blue-eyed "halfs", and as the two girls find themselves becoming attracted to Maiku, the question comes up of whether he should treat each of them as a sister or as a girlfriend. After watching the first episode I found myself so intrigued that I made an exception to my usual preference of not watching more than one episode of a series at a time.

P.S: Having read some of the other reviews here, I'm surprised to find so many complaints about the ecchi content of this series, whereas I am completely comfortable--nay, delighted with it. maybe that's because I felt Onegai Teacher wasn't humorously perverted enough! (the Onegai Teacher OVA was just what I'd hoped that series as a whole would be).

Last updated Saturday, March 08 2008. Created Monday, May 08 2006.
Watch 8 8 7 8 5 loplop [series:542#1797]
I was big fan of Onegai Teacher when it came out a couple of years ago. So when I found out the people at Please! was going to do a second series, I was very happy. I have always thought that Onegai Teacher, along with Kimagure Orange Road and Maison Ikkoku, is one of the best series in the Romantic genre of Anime. Unfortunately, what we got was Onegai Twins. Onegai Twins is not really a bad series; it just has to be compared to Onegai Teacher. If you like Onegai Teacher, it's worth the time just because it nice to see some of the characters once again. I hope if Please! does do another series, it will return to anime like Onegai Teacher and not the likes of Onegai Twins & its OVA.

Last updated Friday, March 18 2005. Created Friday, March 18 2005.
Watch Forbin [series:542#1573]
Hmm...very different than Onegai Teacher. In fact, except for the same Characters (Ala Akane Maniax) that talk sometimes there is nothing really connecting them. (Well except for Marie..he is a major star in this)
If you like ecchi, this is for you, it's a bit repetitive with the 'We could be related / we could be strangers bit'.
In the R1 Maiku is Mike, and Miina is Mina and Karen is KARIN(?).
Lets see they Americanized Mike but kept the Japanese pronunciation of Karen? Someone was smoking something up at Bandai.
Also the English dub of Karen is awful. She sounds like a squeeky mouse.

Edit : Ok I just got my hands on the last disc #4 (Which contains Episodes 10-13,Yes the OVA is included). IMHO The BEST darn set of episodes for the whole Please Twins series. So if you really want a good watch, watch Epsiode 1, then buy the last disc. The other 8 episodes are just bleh and while important for the storyline, just bring the series down.

Last updated Friday, May 13 2005. Created Friday, December 03 2004.
Avoid 8 8 8 4 4 4 Curi [series:542#1429]
Yes, what does it all mean? It means NOTHING.
I admit that I adored Onegai Teacher, and bought Twins because it is on the cover of almost every Japanese magazine subscription I have. Boy, was I dissapointed.
You get a guy who lives alone, and supports himself as a computer programmer. He's kind of like Seto Kaiba except without the money or the charm. He gets bombarded by two incestuous girls who fall in love with him. But if you haven't fallen asleep by this point, you're lucky.
I dunno...maybe you have to be male?

Last updated Saturday, June 12 2004. Created Saturday, June 12 2004.
Avoid 8 8 8 8 4 4 Cedric Chin [series:542#1412]
Onegai Twins is a relentlessly unsubstantial spin-off of the completely different Onegai Teacher. While in Onegai Teacher, we have both alien invasions and high school melodrama, in Onegai Twins, all we pretty much have are two girls whining about which two of the three main characters originally live in the house. Who cares? I certainly don't. Not the worst high school angst-lite anime you could see, but don't bother pursuing it.

Last updated Thursday, May 27 2004. Created Thursday, May 27 2004.
Watch 8 8 8 8 4 4 Pierre Hagelberg [series:542#1358]
Let me put it like this. It's cute.
And that pretty much covers my review.
When I first spotted Onegai Twins, I was really looking forward to a pretty sensitive and deep anime. And it started just as confusing as it should be... I didn't realize it was going to end just as confusing.
One thing that really bothers me is this annoying repeating. They repeat the very thing the anime is about all the time. I had understood that they were confused about who's relative and who's not.
As I mentioned earlier the anime is very cute. The whole thing feels pretty unserious. And the only funny thing is Marie.

Last updated Friday, April 23 2004. Created Friday, April 23 2004.
Avoid 9 9 6 4 4 4 Siegismund Nazarov [series:542#1293]
I am mostly basing my review on the first series Onegai Teacher.
I watched these episodes mostly because I thought it would show more insight into the previous series.
I was quite disappointed to find that almost nothing about the past is even discussed in the sequel series.
Not many things are heard from the older characters. Most annoying of all,
majority of Ichigo's lines are 'hu-hu'. It is repeated numerously through out the series and it becomes irritating and old.
Although the art and animation are done very nicely, the music fails to purvey any significance as it did in Onegai Teacher. Of course, that could be just a biased decision.
My conclusion is that if you are prepared to forget everything about Onegai Teacher and are willing to withstand many things that would be morally unsettling according to the Western culture, then it may be a good choice for you.
And by the way, there is a homosexual guy in the episode who is also a nuisance in the storyline.

Last updated Thursday, March 25 2004. Created Thursday, March 25 2004.
Rent 8 8 8 8 4 4 Neko-chan [series:542#1258]
I watched this series after Please Teacher and was severly disappointed. Although Please Teacher was full of inuendos and had some really frustrating parts (like the last few episodes with conflict between kei and mizuho) Onegai twins took it to a whole new level. Half of the original characters arent anything like theyt were in PT(although 2 years has passed in the series!). It annoyed me how every episode was "we might be strangers, but then we might be related." even the ending was ambiguous. I wouldnt bother wasting my money on OT whereas i was quite happy to spend money on Please Teacher. :D

Last updated Monday, March 08 2004. Created Monday, March 08 2004.
Buy 9 9 9 7 9 8 raptor29 [series:542#1134]
I actually watch Onegai Twins first, because i recently got into anime and i have to say that this was a goddamn good show. Every anime fan would like good animation, a good story and, of course, hot girls :P

Last updated Sunday, January 11 2004. Created Sunday, January 11 2004.
Rent 8 8 8 7 7 Jan-Chan [series:542#967]
The story is about Miaku, an orphaned (or abandoned) teenager who is working to make it on his own, through his computer programming skills. With only a childhood picture (of a little boy and girl in a plastic swimming pool) to guide him, he finds his way back to the house in the picture and manages to rent the place. The story starts when another teenager, Miina, appears as his door with her bag in hand, carrying the same childhood picture and proclaims her self to be his twin sister. Later that evening another young lady appears, Karen, carrying the same picture, claiming that this house is her childhood home. What to do? All three have the same striking blue eyes, carrying the same childhood picture and have a similar childhood story of being orphaned, but with only a boy and girl in that picture, Miaku has no way of knowing who is his sister and who is the stranger.

This is a story of three teenagers living under the same roof, in a situation in which they may or may not be related. Miaku, the terminal loner, finds his life changed for the better with the presence of two girls, and he begins to have strong feelings of being part of a family. Karen and Miina quickly learn that Miaku, while being moody; is really a nice guy (to have either as a big brother or a boyfriend.) and their feelings for him begin to grow. As both girls have had to leave their homes behind and now have nowhere else to go, they decide to form an alliance with each other to keep their three-some together. They also resolve not to share Miaku with anyone else until they can learn which of them is the sister and who is the stranger.

Introduce a weird little creature called Marie to be a counter-point to Miakus restraint and stoic patience (which does provide some of the best scenes in the series). Throw-in another student with a strong love interest in Miaku. Then add Ichigo, the controlling and manipulative student council president to really try to mess everything up. And finally toss in a male student who seems to love tormenting Miaku with gay come-on lines (much to the scandal of the other students,) and you have the makings of a teenage anime series, with all the characters required to create those settings appropriate to churn those adolescent hormones and feelings of angst. (And yes, this is series is very ecchi, and yes, the incest fixation is definitely over done with a fellow student who is always whining after and spying on his little sister, and I might have another minor complaint or two..)

But I did find myself enjoying both the characters and the story. It does have af few very fun moments, and is well worth renting if you enjoy these types of series.

(and a hint, pls watch the closing credits of episode 12 for a bit more insight.... it might raise an eye brow and explain a bit more.)

Last updated Monday, December 08 2008. Created Monday, December 29 2003.
Buy 8 8 8 8 8 MasterYoshidino [series:542#598]
The sequel to Onegai Teacher, this anime series through the 6 episodes I watched, is much more ecchi than its prequel. Thank goodness that darn Kei is not a main character, he was the SKUNK in the original, and totally ruined the original of much of the ecchi value.
Fanservice galore, those that have some perversion in them should check out this anime.

Last updated Sunday, August 31 2003. Created Sunday, August 31 2003.
Rent 8 8 9 8 5 5 AstroNerdBoy [series:542#436]

I'm really borderline on Onegai Twins mainly because of how disappointed I am in the series. I had been sold a bill of goods to get to watch the series. While I knew the series was a spinoff-sequel focusing on new characters, the early buzz was that the three new characters would be alien and that this would be reflected by their deep, blue eyes. Heck, the smegging promotional image made a point of showing how all of their eyes were blue. Alas that aspect was not to be found in the 12 episodes aside from mentioning, "Duh, we all gots blue eyes. Dat must mean sompin."

Who was back from Onegai Teacher? Mizuho is back though she seemed dumber this time. Marie is here and provides some of the funniest moments in the series, including an explosive nose bleed when he sees the girls naked! Kei has had some non-speaking cameos and his marriage to Mizuho-sensei is not a secret (nor is Marie's presence). Ichigo is back but now she's a sort of stalker who's always plotting and planning. And Kei's other male friend who didn't get a girl in Onegai Teacher is back, though now he just lusts after his own sister. Ugh.

The main problem with the series is it is extremely ecchi. You'll get to see Karen and Miina naked a lot, sometimes managing to fall into positions to make it look like they are engaged in activities to make yuri fans happy. Then the writers push hard the incest fantasty aspects of the show by having both girls fall in love with Maiku even though the might be related. *sigh* So many things go unanswered that it annoyed me.

That's not to say it was all bad. They have a decent ending to the series (IMO). Marie was a blast. And the homosexual guy who was doing the tired old "please let me play jackhammer with your buttocks Miaku" turned out to be semi-interesting.

Bottom line: Too ecchi for my tastes and a big disappointment from what I had been lead to believe the series would be about. But it does have some good moments and thus I give it a borderline "Rent". Should another "Onegai" title come out, I doubt I'll try to watch it.

Last updated Tuesday, June 15 2004. Created Thursday, March 13 2003.

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