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Title Rating Synopsis
Alien 9 Rent See Alien Nine

Alien Nine
Rent For the new year in elementary school #9 the responsibilities are assigned, like class representatives, homeroom duties, feeding the class animals - and membership in the anti alien squad who put an alien symbiont on their head like a hat and then catch those aliens that are occasionally landing on earth before they can do any damage. Energetic Toomine Kasumi and serious Kawamura Kumi volunteered for this task while timid Ootani Yuri was elected for this squad by her class, much against her will. And facing these monsters, defending her classmates and even feeding the symbiont with her body (who gives her protection in return) takes a heavy toll on this girl.
Amazing Nurse Nanako Watch See Amazing Nurse Nanako (TV)

Amazing Nurse Nanako (TV)
Watch Nanako is the maid of Dr Kyoji Ogami. She is a large breasted girl who is extremely clumsy. She can't cook, clean, or deliver lunch. Kyoji is a famous scientist who deals in genetics. One day the military show up at his hospital and deliver 'Green' some kind of experiment.

Azumanga Daioh (TV)

A wildly funny series following the lives of a wacky group of schoolgirls and their teachers through three years of high school.

Azumanga Daioh Movie Rent See Azumanga Daioh: The Movie
Azumanga Daioh: The Animation Buy See Azumanga Daioh (TV)

Azumanga Daioh: The Movie
Rent An extremely short movie, five minutes long, but actually was in theaters in Japan. Introduces all the girls and several of the gags that can be seen throughout the TV Series and Manga.

Azumanga Web Daioh

You believed the movie was a short piece of the series? Then watch this one! As usual in the series, this little three-and-a-half minutes special has no particular storyline, except for this one: Osaka asks Chiyo-chan to shoot all the lead characters with her camcorder...


Battle Athletes (OAV)
Rent From their site: Welcome to the United Systems Sports Academy [USSA], where the elite from around the solar system come to hone their athletic prowess with the technologically enhanced training facilities and the renowned coaching staff.
Battle Athletes Daiundoukai (Japanese) Rent See Battle Athletes (OAV)
Battle Vixens (manga title) Rent See Ikki Tousen
Color Wars Rent See Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue Buy See Hikari to Mizu no Daphne

Rent The crash landing of a spaceship on earth over a year ago is still the rage in the news. And the mysterious beautiful aliens called "DearS", who are now stranded on earth, are slowly being integrated into the local society. Takeya-kun has problems enough being a high school student living alone, and with Neneko, the landlord's daughter, always letting herself into his flat. On the way home one day, he finds and shows kindness to a young lady. When she follows him home he is surprised to find out that she is one of these alien DearS, and now she is calling him goshujinsama (master).
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