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Notables: ASAKAWA Yuu
Animation - FEEL
INOUE Kikuko
Original Concept - PEACH PIT
Production - GENCO, Inc.
R1 License - Geneon (Defunct)
SUWABE Junichi
The crash landing of a spaceship on earth over a year ago is still the rage in the news. And the mysterious beautiful aliens called "DearS", who are now stranded on earth, are slowly being integrated into the local society. Takeya-kun has problems enough being a high school student living alone, and with Neneko, the landlord's daughter, always letting herself into his flat. On the way home one day, he finds and shows kindness to a young lady. When she follows him home he is surprised to find out that she is one of these alien DearS, and now she is calling him goshujinsama (master).

[12 TV episodes (each about 24 minutes long) based on the first 4 manga volumes of the same title (out of 8 volumes total). The series is actually 13 episodes long, of which episode 10 was never aired (possibly due to increased ecchi content) but will appear in the R1 DVD release. Produced by PEACH-PIT / Media Works.]
1:40min Series Opening - YouTube Video
See related episode: DearS: A Ball of Gold
Episode Details 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Avoid 7 6 7 5 3 3 Ggultra2764 [series:823#1552]
You can think of DearS as Chobits, yet with more fan service/ ecchi content and lacking the solid depth that the mentioned CLAMP title offered with exploring a world where androids served humans and delving into human-robot relationships. All the characters in this series are mostly relegated to archetypes, some of which get a bit on the obnoxious side such as some of Takeya's male classmates lusting for the DearS and the teacher Mitsuka Yoshimine being much worst with behavior as an oversexed teacher than Mahoromatic's Saori Shikijou. Not to mention the whole master-slave relationship established with DearS comes off as a bit sexist with how the DearS are completely subservient to the whims of whomever they serve. Overall, a mindless romp not worth the time to even watch.

Last updated Thursday, August 24 2017. Created Thursday, August 24 2017.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Jordan Evans [series:823#3166]
OH MY GOD! This is the best of all ecchi titles out there, so far I have watched 248+ ecchi titles, and this is the best one out of them all! such a romantic end to the wonderful story!, basically for the ones who do not know, Ren is an alien out of space which they named "DearS" there is alot of these DearS that crashed on earth in theyre spaceship but they dont have any engineer which withholds the knowledge to fix the spaceship, they tried with humans after adapting as civilians on earth just like humans but the humans couldn't understand it eather, the DearS wanted to always comunicate with we people of the planet earth, there is a rite of ownership that if one DearS kisses a human, that human becomes her/his master!, and in return the she/he DearS becomes her/his slave!. But the main character of this story doesn't like aliens since his childhood friend scared him with a science fiction movie lol, but he falls in love with his DearS "Ren" near the end...... she also loves him but she still doesn't understand the meaning "love" but she CAN feel it ^_^, so romantic.

Art~ The art of this show is magnificent!, I love how they made the eyes of Ren! how skillfull! not to forget the other DearS too!.

Animation~ The frame-rate was incredible! they used up alot of time I see on the frame-rate including the time to make everything picture-perfect.

Character Design~ DAMN!, Ren has just the right perfect breasts!!! sexy, dull, amazing personality, eating habit (lol), and what she can do which is not normaly used (she and everyone else doesn't understand how amazing her abilities are and how fast she moves on the nick-of-time!) is amazing! it is so mysterious!, I also love the "brain-wash" thing which her Master (Beginning of the ecchi anime when he didn't like aliens at first) was thinking she was trying to do but he was acctualy getting dazed with her amazing body! and not to forget the way she acts is so "Moe-like" ! it's so adorable! KAWAII!!! JUST KAWAII!!! truly she is my favourite of EVERY anime character IN EXISTANCE!!!. also Miu is amazing! I love how they put her split-personality together! she has not got as nice as a body to Ren, but she is right next to it! SO NEAR! she is also sexy, but nothing can compare with Ren! Ren is perfect!. Ren's Master is acctualy an innocent kid! he has strong feelings for her, and there is ONE sad depressing part in the anime near the end but it blossoms into a romance with him and her! I wont spoil it!!! so go ahead! YOU SHOULD 'DEFENANTLY' WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Music~ Oh my god! can this get ANY BETTER!?!?!?!?!?!?!? the music is kawaii, it sounds like chipmunks singing! XD x3.

Series Story~ The best of the best of all the best! it is a legend in the making, the story of this series is just remarkable!.

Episode Story~ Like above what I said in "Series Story".

Definitily the best ecchi in existance.

Last updated Friday, December 04 2009. Created Thursday, December 03 2009.
Buy 8 8 7 7 8 8 Dreamer [series:823#2279]
After reading all the reviews and the synopsis above, I thought this might be interesting. It's a well rounded anime that kept me interested all the way through.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and animation was done well. It seemed ever so slightly above the average anime. As for character designs, some of our characters were refreshingly different. Not your average and typical artwork.

The OP started off okay.... but then the chipmunk vocals came in and turned it from a potentially okay song to a horrible song with singing rodents.... if chipmunks are rodents. The tune however wasn't too bad.... darn it! As for the rest of the music, bearable but not really noticeable.

Series and Episode Story
For some strange reason, I got strongly reminded of Chobits. Hmmm..... I wonder why? Aside from that, it's a good series. The plot wasn't too bad and did keep me interested in the development through each episode. There are plenty of ecchi moments, some humor a bit of romance. The super ecchi sensai was really annoying after the first episode. Neneko is great! I love her personality and her "always bored" look on her face. Prob one of my fav characters.

Overall, it's a great anime and well worth the Buy rating. If you liked similar anime like Chobits, then you'll like this.

Last updated Wednesday, April 29 2009. Created Wednesday, April 29 2009.
Rent 7 7 8 8 8 7 chibi [series:823#2380]
A surprisingly entertaining little series, even a second or third time around. Lots of good voice acting in here with over-the-top performances by many -- you can tell they were having fun on this one. In the end, I don't think it was Takeya's ambivalence about his feelings for Ren that was at the center of the conflict. Instead the problem was the same one as at the beginning, i.e. Takeya's distrust of Ren as an alien. In the last episode, when Miu and Khi explain to him that DearS are a type of property, incapable of their own volition, he figures there is no point in committing his feelings to a being who can't return them. When he gives Ren the chance to make her own choice of where she wants to be, and she says she doesn't know, this confirms it as far as he is concerned. But you can also sense at the same time that Miu and Khi are hoping that their legend of the Gift is true, that a DearS can become more than a slave, emotionally human.

Last updated Sunday, March 22 2009. Created Sunday, March 22 2009.
Buy Xenoknight [series:823#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Buy 10 9 10 9 8 8 Anonymous #2551 [series:823#2551]
Very nice anime, If I compare it to chobits, the design is far more beautiful, more details for example the eyes, they are realy nice and I learned much of them for drawing things myself. They realy make it have a cute appearance.

I think Ren is rather charming and cute, however when I see Takea be angry with her sometimes I realy think he is an idiot ^^ but that was the intention of the makers ... Takea isn't realy a person who knows how to treat girls however it all turned out fine. When I had watched the last episode I wish there were plenty more actually.

The teacher of Takea is actually funny acting all horny and stuff while she suddenly shows up everytime she makes a funny appearance. The funny thing is just that she's mistaken everytime but she doesn't disturb me at all. However this somewhat makes it more for older people to watch. That they show sometimes a bit of naked bodies doesn't disturb me either and the night Takea declines the event with Ren where she detected his sexual desires is maybe for the better too.

The character Nia is funny just forgetting her orders everytime and eating bread or whatever. I realy think his sister Natsuki is annoying and being too selfish however , family ... And then Neneko ... his childhood friend is one good personality , suits good in the story. And not to mention ohiko-kun who is very passionate for dears ... and porn , the things he say everytime make me laugh, and of course this all gives the story a bit of a stupid direction sometimes but Dears has just a lot of elements that show up in real life too and recognizeable situations that are sometimes maybe a bit blown-up but as I mentioned before one of the best manga's I've seen.

I'm somewhat dissapointed that it's so short and I hope there will actually come more episodes. I hope you have something to my piece of review ^^

Last updated Tuesday, April 17 2007. Created Tuesday, April 17 2007.
Buy 7 7 8 6 0 0 KBanger1 [series:823#1694]
This series is something that I've been curious to see for a while since it came out. There's something about having a "slave" that made me want to watch it. Anyway, this anime has almost non-stop fan service and some funny sexual innuendo. The person who I have a problem with is the male lead, Takeya. He's a very introverted and brash type of guy. He has some friends, but overall he's a loner. With the exception of his geek-like female friend, he doesn't let anyone get close to him (especially girls). Now, he comes into contact with the "Dears" who happens to be in the neighboorhood butt-nekkid. At this point, if I was Takeya I'd start slammin her. However, Takeya ends up getting more than he bargained for. I don't want to ruin the story so you'll have to get it.
The animation isn't too impressive. It's more like a "been there, seen that" kind of animation. The characters are pretty cool, especially some of the Dears. It's more like a harem awaiting the next man to come around. I guess the only thing that bothered me throughout the series was Takeya. He's a little too harsh and insensitive towards the other characters. He only opens up later on, but it like watching one of the most stubborn person in the world. Anyway, for the harem/fan service/comedy fan, this is a good title to keep.

Last updated Thursday, July 13 2006. Created Thursday, July 13 2006.
Watch 8 8 7 6 9 5 Devil Doll [series:823#752]
[Score: 72%= Watch+]
  • Drama: Med
  • Comedy: Med/High
  • Action: Low
  • SciFi: Med
  • Ecchi: Med/High
While I enjoyed watching this series I am to give it no more than average ratings. This anime just contains too many flaws to be more than a "Watch".

Most other reviewers already went into details about what doesn't work: The perverted teacher, the biter apprentice, the porn fans at class, the repetitive jokes at school and at the bakery - these made me downgrade "Characters" and "Episode Story" by several points. I'd like to add my own complaints to this list: Takeya's little sister Natsuki (who adds nothing but ruckus to the series), the annoying unwillingness of Takeya to at least communicate with Ren and explain certain things to her (which is why I consider Chobits the far superior series), and Ren's inability to do anything about her deficits (while constantly claiming she's "doing her best"). Both lead characters are a failure in my opinion, although the master-slave situation and Takeya being uncomfortable about it is interesting and works quite well. Takeya just never ever explains the concept of "embarrassment" to Ren, which should be the first thing to do in his situation - but obviously he is too stupid to understand the difference between Ren's and Miu's level of cultural education. This is where Chobits is totally different, and much better.
This story might have become so much better had Takeya tried to learn more about the DearS culture, as Miu would have told him everything he wanted to know. If Takeya is so annoyed by Ren's behaviour and at the same time aware that she would obey his orders, why doesn't he simply give her at least some general orders, such as not to talk about Takeya to others without his consent? I would have been able to give Ren a handful of orders to effectively prevent most embarrassing situations - the most significant one being: "Don't try doing something in public when you're not sure Takeya would like it, rather wait until you're alone with him and then ask for permission"... a simple yet effective rule how to learn without causing "collateral damage".
But doing so would have required Takeya to accept his position of a "master" (or "legal guardian" - that's what Takeya should have considered himself to be, instead of just nor caring about DearS in general) to a certain degree... and Ren would have to be more than a "thing" and assume to be entitled to ask questions, instead of just sitting in the closet until being "used". Both lead characters don't try to interact, that's where the story fails to provide development; then again, this might even be the true message of the series, as opposed to Chobits.

There are two really great side characters: Neneko (who's always there when you need her - Nayuki from Kanon comes to my mind immediately), and Miu (who significantly improves throughout the series - her scene with Takeya's pencil really made me wonder). But that's just not enough. Remove the teacher, the biter apprentice and Natsuki from the series, remove the show-off schoolboy, most of the sexual allusions and repetitive jokes, condense everything into six episodes - then it might have become a good series (like Video Girl Ai is, for example).

Then again, I gave "Series Story" a "Very Good" rating. How come? That's because I'm in fact satisfied with the last third of the series, and especially with the ending. No, there shouldn't be a second season IMHO - everything we're assumed to know is explained already, although I was afraid of not getting many answers until the final episode. (Exploring the "gift" would be nice but unnecessary, like exploring why Chii "glows" now and then.)
What's really important in the end is that Ren in fact was able to make up her mind, even though she needed a extreme situation to become aware of this. I don't think Takeya loves her but that's not the point, as his intention was only to make Ren develop a personality instead of being a "thing", and this alone suffices to make him refrain from cancelling the contract. In the end, everything made sense to me... which doesn't mean that I couldn't imagine a much more interesting ending - such as Ren returning and then Takeya learning about the freezing, and wondering whether he made the right decision? I'd love to see this one...

I wonder whether I should cut my own version of this series - I'd probably like it better than as it is now.

Having read the manga years later I have to revise some of my previous statements. The anime covers about the first 4 of 8 manga volumes, focusing on silly-ecchi situations while at the same time never questioning who these DearS are and why they came to earth. The second half of the manga answers these questions, giving the story a more serious tone and even a gloomy touch. For me, the manga came actually close to Chobits, and I recommend reading it if you want answers.

Last updated Friday, January 27 2012. Created Friday, March 04 2005.
Rent 9 9 7 7 7 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:823#436]

I have a weakness for these kinds of romantic-comedies. I'm not sure why that is, but there you go. Obviously, this one was made with the horny guy crowd in mind. "Goshujin-sama" is a term I've almost always seen used in a sexual "master" context and this one is no different. The ecchi factor of the series is a weakness as is a lack of true exploration of "The Gift".

Let's start with what I didn't like. For starters, the sex-obsessed teacher is very annoying. We saw this in Mahoromatic. It wasn't funny there and it wasn't funny here. It was just weird. As much as I like Inoue Kikuko as a seiyuu, this was a terrible role for her, though she plays it for all its worth, which isn't much. Also as in other such titles, there are the guys with their porn obsessions which isn't funny.

Another weakness of the series are the "villians". Ruvi-sama, the DearS-alien who is the defacto leader of the group and who wears dominatrix clothing, decides that Ren must be captured at all costs as she is a defective product. Yet her threat carries little weight as there is no real effort to capture Ren, who's right out there in the open. Dispatching a young, cat-girl "biter" to retrieve Ren was done for humor, but just falls flat. I never did understand what made Ren defective that she needed being retrieved. Maybe it was because she was a willing slave rather than a programed one. I don't know. I really wanted an exploration of "The Gift". It was talked about quite a lot by some of the DearS-alien characters, but only as a myth. Answers would have been nice.

Finally, I got tired of Takeya's constant verbal abuse at Ren. She never deserved any of it and while I understand Takeya's life being turned upside-down, I just couldn't stand the abuse. A lot of jokes from Takeya's female classmates arose because of this.

On the positive side, the cast of characters are likable. Ren is sweet and charming as she tries to please her goshujin-sama. She wants to be the perfect slave. Watching Ren grow was a little like seeing Chii in Chobits. Takeya, her chosen goshujin-sama, is very uncomfortable with the idea of the master-slave relationship. I liked that the writers had him hold off when Ren detected his sexual desires for her. I have to say that in a similar situation, I don't think I could have resisted.

Bottom line: Despite all of the weaknesses, the series is a fun one. I did have some laughs. I did feel some sadness when required. And I just liked Ren, wonderfully performed by Shimizu Ai. Since this is based on a manga, I'm interested enough to look into the manga and get the whole story. However, since this isn't anything better than we've seen before, I'm only going to give it a Rent.

Last updated Saturday, March 19 2005. Created Tuesday, February 15 2005.

Rent 10 10 8 8 9 Alexander [series:823#416]
If you like "Chobits" there's a really good chance that you will like Dears. The characters between the two are very much different and so its like a whole new experience.
Its licensed now so you should be able to find it at local anime rental stores.
The characters are all great, tho. i wished there were more esps. because 12 esp. doesn't really cut it. It could on to give out another 5 to 10 more esp. Not only that but the last esp. leaves one unexplained question i that one dear you see at the end,.. supposely its the main dear but that's all you get.. :(
The main character Takeya wasn my least likeable character, even if he is the main guy.
overall i give it a 8, Takeya was the worse guy, in there and pretty much drags it down sightly.

Last updated Wednesday, January 19 2005. Created Wednesday, January 19 2005.
Rent Stretch [series:823#628]
For me, DearS was definitely a series which, right up to the last scene of the final episode, could have gone either way--a deeply touching, feel good series, or one that just crashed and burned. The critical question was this: are DearS in general, or at least Ren in particular, capable of being anything more than simple-minded slaves? The series contains a number of mysteries which need to be solved in order to get an answer to this overriding question, and it definitely takes it's time revealing the hints. What makes Ren different from other DearS? What's this "Rite of Certification"? How is the DearS chain of command organized? Why the hell doesn't Takeya or Neneko just ask Ren or Miu what they mean when they use the terms "slave" and "master"? The term "unfocused" came to mind while watching the final episode, but it could easily be applied to the plot as a whole. The show seemed to veer left and right between elements that were genuinely intriguing, touching and funny, and those that were just amateurish. I was annoyed by the tendency to take jokes that weren't particularly funny to begin with and repeat them over and over (the perverted teacher, the baker and his suspicious wife, the schoolgirls, etc.). It's hard to take Ruvi and Xaki seriously when they employ a baka like Nia. Sometimes the plot would go off on a track which wound up leading nowhere (near the end, was Miu starting to fall in love with Takeya herself?). On the other hand, some of the episodes, numbers 8 and 9 for instance, worked well and were really touching (though 9 left me hoping Takeya would fall for Neneko rather than Ren!). I was always eager for the next episode. Ironically, I think Miu wound up with a better developed personality than Ren, which at least proves DearS are capable of feeling intense human emotions (for example, the scene in which she recalls the death of a previous master). The visuals were superb, some of the jokes were quite good, and the OP and ED songs were both fun. Like I said, the final episode was a photo-finish, which could've neatly wrapped things up, or spoiled everything. Right up to the end, it was unclear if Takeya felt any real love for Ren, and if she would ever manage to make an important choice for herself. I really, really didn't want to be left thinking that she might have a disturbingly disfunctional mindset at heart! The episode was... ambiguous--a mix of clever, moving touches with just plain frustrating ones. The only things that are completely clear are that Ren will not wind up in frozen storage--and that I was left feeling good. Not a brilliant conclusion, but at least they didn't screw everything up!

Last updated Sunday, April 18 2021. Created Tuesday, January 18 2005.
Buy 10 10 9 10 9 loplop [series:823#1797]
DearS was a fun to watch series that reminded me of two other favorites, Chobits and Hand Maid May. While some people say that it’s a knock off of other anime, especially of Chobits, I really did not think that way. While I'll admit that the "Guy with the heart of stone gets the uber-Kawaii Girl and learns to express his feelings" has been done to death in anime, I did not feel that with DearS.
I would agree that the character of Ren was like Chi at first; she develops very quickly and is nothing like Chi by the middle episodes. The "biter" Nia was a neat mascot character, although --nii was getting on nerves after a while. In addition, Natsuki who is Takeya's (the main male character) sister, makes a couple of well timed appearances that just throw some more choas in the mix.
Somehting that I did not expect was a more eechi teacher character than Mahoromatic's Saori-sensei, but Mitsuka-sensei (voiced by my favorite seiyuu, Inoue Kikuko) makes her look like a nun.
The OP, Love Slave by Under 17 has stuck in my head since I viewed the first episode. The ED, Happy Cosmos by PoppinS is a joyful tune that is hard to forget.

Last updated Tuesday, March 22 2005. Created Monday, January 17 2005.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:823#967]
Let see ... young geeky high school student gets a beautiful strange alien roommate, who insists on calling her master. It has a bit of formulic feel to it, but it is cute. At episode 3, Ren (Takeya's DearS) is set to start at his highschool and there are other DearS that are out looking for Ren.

This is a very cute story ... Worth at least one viewing, perhaps two, but I don't know if I would consider buying this.

Last updated Monday, September 22 2008. Created Saturday, July 31 2004.

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