DearS - 10: We'll Have an Orgy - Nii

Episode:10: We'll Have an Orgy - Nii
Takeya and his friend Oihiko are worried that they may wind up repeating a school year. Because Ren refuses to procede to the next grade without him, which would embarass DearS in general, Miu volunteers to help them study for the upcoming tests. Along with Neneko the five of them head for Takeya's apartment after school. They run into Mitsuka-sensei, who jumps to a conclusion about what they intend to do together...
A disappointing episode compared to the last two, which I thought were pretty good. The running gags about the perverted teacher, the baker and his suspicious wife, and the incomprehensible incompetence of Nia get annoying after awhile. We do learn a little about the DearS, such as the way they are divided into "dog" and "sheep" types.

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