DearS - 1: I Want to See You

Episode:1: I Want to See You
On a foggy day, an egg-shaped canister falls off a truck that is crossing a bridge and lands on a riverbank. Today the news is all abuzz with stories of the first anniversary of the crashlanding of an alien spacecraft on Earth. It's passengers, the "DearS" fascinate most people, but Ikuhara Takeya is indifferent. He's more interested in his horoscope, which predicts a lucky day for him. On his way home from school, he comes across a mysteriously silent girl dressed only in a blanket...
It would be hard for anybody who has seen Chobits to miss the numerous parallels between that series and this one: Everybody wants a DearS; Takeya stumbles across one by accident; Ren (his DearS) seems to know nothing; and he has to hurriedly hide her when the landlord's daughter, Neneko, knocks on the door. One possibly significant difference is that Takeya is suspicious of DearS ("I won't let you brainwash me into becoming your first soldier to rule the Earth!"). Nevertheless, I found enough original material to make this an enjoyable watch.

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