DearS - 5: Nurse...?

Episode:5: Nurse...?
Takeya finds himself in a damned-if-he-does and damned-if-he-doesn't situation at school where Ren is highly popular and he is blamed for hurting her feelings if he insists that she think for herself. The only person who doesn't like Ren is Miu, who accuses her of being disrespectful to her master. She also blames Takeya for failing to discipline his "slave". Takeya asks her about the meaning of the "master" and "slave" terms, which surprises Miu and leads her to conclude that there hasn't been a "rite of certification" between the two--which is something that needs to be reported...
I'm getting impatient for an explanation of the DearS chain of command, and most importantly, why Ren is different from ordinary DearS.

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