DearS - 11: You Want To... Experience it?

Episode:11: You Want To... Experience it?
DearS leader Ruvi is upset by Nia's continual failure to capture Ren, and assigns the job to her superior, Xaki. At school Miu has accidentally acquired something that belongs to Takeya and wonders why she cannot bring herself to return it. She meets Khi, who tells her that the unprecedented decision has been made that the Rite of Certification between Takeya and Ren is to be annulled. Takeya is annoyed by Ren repeatedly embarassing him in front of his classmates, and forbids her to embrace him at any time. Later Ren stumbles upon Hiro-kun, the school's conceited ladykiller. After talking for awhile, Ren says she wants to experience "touching"...
At the last minute I realized this would be the next-to-last DearS episode. It definitely feels as if events are moving towards a crisis, and I'm optimistic that the series will conclude fairly well. It's still unclear whether Takeya has any serious romantic feelings for Ren--I sort of hope he winds up with Neneko.

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