DearS - 2: I Wonder if it is Small

Episode:2: I Wonder if it is Small
At school Takeya finds that for some reason Ren (which is the name he has given the DearS he found after school) isn't listed in the online "DearS Love Club". Back home, Neneko walks in and catches him in an embarassing position with the scantily-clad Ren. After Takeya explains that Ren is a DearS, Neneko provides some elementary school textbooks, which Ren memorizes overnight, enabling her to speak fluent Japanese. Neneko proposes that they go shopping, with Ren in disguise, to get her some proper clothing. In a lingerie shop they run into Mitsuka-sensei, and the embarassing situation leads Ren to misunderstand Takeya's command to "just go somewhere!".
Often times five minutes after I hear a theme song I cannot remember a note of it, but I find myself whistling the DearS OP song hours later. The visuals of this show are superb! Though the plot is not exactly original, I'm still thoroughly enjoying it. Clearly there is something different about Ren from ordinary DearS, two of which are welcomed to Takeya's school by the Principal.

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