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Rent The crash landing of a spaceship on earth over a year ago is still the rage in the news. And the mysterious beautiful aliens called "DearS", who are now stranded on earth, are slowly being integrated into the local society. Takeya-kun has problems enough being a high school student living alone, and with Neneko, the landlord's daughter, always letting herself into his flat. On the way home one day, he finds and shows kindness to a young lady. When she follows him home he is surprised to find out that she is one of these alien DearS, and now she is calling him goshujinsama (master).

DearS: A Ball of Gold

Miu is given a Tombola (lottery) ticket by the fish merchant and manages to win a trip for four to the fabulous new Atar Studio Bathhouse! Since the couple she stays with is out of town, she invites Ren, Takeya and Neneko to come along.

Di Gi Charat
Buy Watch the chibi cat-girl mascot of Gamers (a store in the Akihabara district of Tokyo) in her goofy (and very brief) adventures! Summary is not possible...

Di Gi Charat Christmas Special
Buy Digiko gets a Christmas gift from her parents, the king and queen of Planet Di Gi Charat. Her rival, the mysterious Panda Girl of the Black Gemma Gemma Army, gets a family. The Wild Child returns. All of this and much more. Terror ensues.

Di Gi Charat Summer Special
Buy Digiko and friends face summer heat, a filthy rich environmentalist hypocrite, and a new rival backed by the evil Black Gemma Gemma Army.
DiGi Charat Buy See Di Gi Charat
Guardian Chara(cters)! Rent See Shugo Chara!
Ōkami Kakushi Watch See Spirited Away by the Wolf
Ookami Kakushi Watch See Spirited Away by the Wolf

Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat
Watch In this prequel to Di Gi Charat, Dejiko is a princess who goes on a mission to "help people-nyo".

Rozen Maiden
Buy A very young and spoilt Sakurada Jun has became very bored during the absence of his parents, and despite the loving concerns of his older sister, he stops going to school, stops caring about other people and lives only to surf the internet for mail-order bargains - well, a special bargain box arrived, and it contains a very cute "antique doll", but it is an item that he learns that he could not return, and can not ignore, and that would forever change his life.

Rozen Maiden - Ouverture
Rent Jun is baffled by Shinku's angry rejection of a piece of jewelry. He learns of a painful incident from her past; an incident which took place during the previous round of the "Alice Game"...
Rozen Maiden Traumend Rent See Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~
Rozen Maiden ~Dreaming~ Rent See Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~

Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~
Rent As summer break arrives for the students, Jun Sakurada is busily studying on his own in the library, making up for time lost while he had confined himself to his home. Meanwhile, his Rozen Maiden doll, Shinku, has been having troubling dreams of late. The pain and sadness of defeating Suigintou was overwhelming, despite the inevitable battle they waged. After waking suddenly from a nightmare, she finds Suigintou's companion spirit wandering; upon giving chase, she discovers that the seventh Doll-- Barasuishou-- has awakened. She now realizes that Suigintou's fate may very well befall the other Dolls, for the appearance of the last Doll signals the beginning of the end of the Alice Games.
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