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~oh i love anime, I plan on going to Japan, ;( if only I had the money ;(
Oh.. my bro-law owns an anime story if you guys/girls want i could get you good anime for a good price.. Subs only though, Dubs r terrible
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Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Rent The infamous tale of "loser" college student Morisato Keiichi who one day, instead of getting take-out delivered, wound up with the goddess Belldandy instead! Now that his wish that she stay with him forever has been granted, will he survive Belldandy's two sisters Urd and Skuld?

Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Rent Morisato Keiichi is an unlucky college guy. He has no luck scoring a date with the rich and popular Sayoko. He has bad luck in nearly everything he does. One evening while stuck at the male boarding house that he shares with his auto club senpais, he happens to make a call which gets connected to the heavens and to Belldandy. There, this goddess doesn't wait to announce she's coming for a personal visit, and she arrives via a mirror behind Keiichi. He is startled by her sudden appearance and doesn't believe she's real, nor that she can grant wishes. But he makes a wish -- for a girl like her to be by his side forever. His wish is granted and Belldandy is now contracted to stay with Keiichi on Earth for the rest of his life.

Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai
Buy Sasshi is having a bad summer vacation. First, his old house is demolished in the recent Abenobashi Shopping district redevelopment plan , and his best friend, Ayumi, is moving away to Hokkaido. Investigating, the duo find that the Abenobashi district is constructed as a cross with a different animal guarding each pole in the market. Unfortunately, with Ayumi's family leaving, the last guardian will fall and something terrible may happen to Abenobashi.
Ah! Megamisama! OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess OVA Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! OVA
Ah! My Goddess TV Rent See Aa! Megami-sama! TV

Air TV

Kunisaki Yukito is a traveler, ever seeking the 'girl in the sky' from a legend passed down in his family. His journey takes him to a small seaside town, where he meets Misuzu, a girl who seems eager to become his friend. A story spanning a thousand years begins to unfold against the background of their peculiar relationship.

Watch The red-haired, muddle headed, ex-pro-gymnast Aikawa Maki has found a new sport to keep herself entertained in her first year of high school. She has gotten involved in the back-alley street-fighting scene, and they are now calling her the undefeated airmaster'. At a new high school, she finds friends brave enough to support her as she meets new combatants and struggles to refind that spark of inspiration that drove her earlier success as a gymnast. Maki's combative adventure moves from the martial arts into the mystical arts, as she struggles to find even stronger opponents challenge her natural skills.
Angel Tales Watch See Tenshi no Shippo
Angel's Tail Watch See Tenshi no Shippo

Buy One fateful night, Hideki was walking home from his new job when he discovered a very cute persocom in the trash. Hideki names his new persocom Chii, but what he doesn't know is that Chii could possibly be one of the legendary "Chobits" - persocoms with their own personality instead of merely an installed operating system.
Chou Kuse ni Narisou Avoid See Chou! Kuse ni Narisou

Chou! Kuse ni Narisou
Avoid It's about Shiratori/Ootori Nagisa, a martial artist/idol singer. Just for laughs she decides she wants to go to a public junior high school. In order to remain incognito she hacks off her pink hair, dresses in a boy's uniform and assumes a false last name. She joins a gang at school and falls in love with a high school boy (Nosaka Akira) who is a martial artist himself. Nagisa is a very cheerful character, and very handy in a fight. Between her boyfriend, her career and her dad's dojo she has way too much to do; she usually sleeps through class, unless the class is rioting or ninjas come to the school to attack one of her classmates or robbers attack the school and hold the class hostage or she is being harassed by a music instructor with a crush on her who thinks Nagisa is a female impersonator...

Cool Devices
Watch In this series of hentai stories, various women gain sexual experience, usually unwillingly. Possibly the most infamous of all hentai animes, Cool Devices has gained a significant reputation and following.
Days of Midori Rent See Midori no Hibi
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