Midori no Hibi

Title:Midori no Hibi
Days of Midori
Midori Days: My Days with Midori
My Days With Midori
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Notables: NAKAHARA Mai
NOJIMA Hirofumi
R1 License - Media Blasters
UEDA Yuuji
YUYA Atsuko
Kasuga Midori is a well off girl who has had a crush on Sawamura Seiji three years, yet could never confess her feelings. Seiji-kun is a high school loser with no luck with women, has never had a girlfriend, and has struck out with 20 women straight. As such, he is very desperate to have a girlfriend no matter what. Almost immediately, he discovers that his right hand has turned into a girl named Midori, the same girl who's had the crush on him from afar.
Now Seiji, known for having the "Devil's Right Hand" has a girl for a hand. She's uncertain but happy to be so close to the man she loves. He's not going to fall in love with his right hand. Together, they must get through life without her being discovered by his classmates, friends, enemies, and especially his sister! How did Midori find herself as Keiji's right hand when her real body is in a coma? Will Keiji be seduced by the cute 10-year old neighbor girl who likes him? Will his sister find out his secret? What's a guy to do?
[13 TV episodes based on the manga of the same title]

The manga series has been R1 licensed, but there is an additional collection of manga short-stories by Inoue Kazurou which uses the characters from Midori no Hibi.

R1 By Media Blasters
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Buy 8 8 8 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:786#2279]
A strange and funny series. There's plenty of humor and silly moments in this one.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art was on par with many other anime out there. It was pretty detailed and done well. Animation was average. Character designs were pretty good.... except I really didn't care for our protagonist, "Seiji", appearance.

The OP wasn't too bad. It was an upbeat pop piece. Normally I don't care too much for japanese pop pieces with female vocals in anime since it seems more times than not, it's a squeeky mouse-lke voice. However, here the female vocals were "adult" and mature. That in itself made the song somewhat enjoyable. The music elsewhere had some pianos and other light instruments. Not too bad but not really noticeable either. The ED was a light piece with string instruments (mostly guitar), that was pretty enjoyable.

Series and Episode Story
Hahaha! This is a fresh and unique anime with plenty of laughs! The whole concept of a girl for a hand was really strange but it made for a great watch. Midori is super uber cute!! Oh and the cat, I love the fat thing! So funny! The love plot between our protagonist and Midori amusing and the some of the scenes where he's caught with his hand... urmm..., I mean, with Midori made for some strange moments.... and had be cracking up and the situation.

Overall, this was a fun anime and worth the time spent on it. I'm hoping they would do a second series sometime.

Last updated Sunday, May 03 2009. Created Sunday, May 03 2009.
Watch 7 8 7 9 8 8 Xenoknight [series:786#2967]
final review soon...

Let me try a different approach this time as i'm tired of always praising the anime I see.

Let me just say that this title is going to be great (i'm laughing my a** off here) and maybe a potential winner...

With ep 2 seen, I believe this title may deserve honorable mention. Let me confirm it with a few more eps...

Ep 3: Another solid push.... Besides the whole "topless women" notion, we get some solid laughs with the main lead's big sister and some insight on how he was before he became a "beast warrior" that he is known to be in the present.

Ep 4 was rather boring. Nothing to mention at all. He meets a punk who finds out the secret but loses his memory in the end. Next...

Ep 5 was great. He has more issues thanks to his current predicament. She works very hard to be useful to him but overdoes it (not her fault) and gets sick. He is a wreck without her (sounds useful to me) and he nurses her back to health. He gets punished for his actions (missing school for Midori) and does 100 pull ups (with Midori's help). A very heartwarming episode to say the least.

Ep 6 was great. We get the scope on Shinori and what her current issues are. After he fixes that problem (full of laughs), he gets a date inivitation from a certain girl who has been watching him for a while now.

Ep 7 was full of fantasies and dreams of the desired results (none of them ever happened). It was very funny and I was screaming with laughter after watching this ep. It was still heartwarming in the end as well. Good stuff...

Ep 8 is the official "scratch the winner" comment. This ep was a giant dream where our lead couple switched places (?) for a day. They both come to understand each other much better and that's about it. Nice at the end but a "bore-fest" during everything else.

Ep 9 had more "doll" madness from the guy (his name is not worth memorizing) who knows about Midori. This ep was pure fun and laughs (including working at an anime convention with Midori being put up for auction). After that little adventure, we see the guy become a man after falling in love with a human girl. Seiji's plan to help him backfires but the guy returns to his usual self anyways. An amusing ep.

Ep 10 was funny and interesting. Ayase almost gets her first kiss but it doesn't go well. Kouta (brings back Kanokon memories ^_^) tries to get Seiji to save Midori but he can't go back there and refuses but they talk and come to an understanding about each other (Kouta's assumption was downright hilarious). Midori has a huge flashback of her prior life. She was always shy and could never tell Seiji her feelings. That night, she worries about Kouta but tells Seiji that she loves him and wishes for things to stay the way they are. I thought this ep was going to take a different route but I guess they just didn't want to play that card in this title. Regular ep...

Ep 11 was good. We get more heart pounding emotions from Ayase (keep trying babe). Kouta gets kidnapped and Seiji goes to save him. He fights (with Midori's help) and Kouta finds out their secret but passes out.

Ep 12 was the climax of the story. Midori returns to her body (that was easy) and Seiji does all the things that he couldn't do for a long time now like "catching up on his fading youth" (porno mags). At the end of the ep, Ayase finally makes it clear who she is love with to her man (its about time she told him) and runs into his arms! Unbelievable ep...

It ended wide open for a sequel and if that turns out good, I might buy them both to complete the series but this title was a watch (unfortunately).

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Wednesday, December 10 2008. Created Saturday, December 06 2008.
Watch 8 7 7 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:786#1552]
Based on the shounen manga series from Kazurou Inoue, Midori Days is a romantic comedy with the rather unusual premise of teen delinquent Seiji Sawamura finding a miniature size version of Midori Kasugano, a high school girl with a crush on him and original body being in a coma, becoming attached to his right hand. The two find themselves having to learn to adjust to their unique circumstances with Seiji not having his regular hand to use for fights and having a girl residing in his household while being where his right hand would be.

Midori Days largely gets by on its humor concerning Midori and Seiji’s unique situation, and the rather colorful supporting characters they interact with throughout the series. I’ll admit the humor did have its moments it got to me as Midori possessing Seiji’s right hand complicates things at times with his living situation with him now having a girl living with him and Seiji unwillingly being dragged into things Midori wishes to do at his behest. Some of the supporting characters also have their amusing moments such as Seiji’s sister, Rin, usually abruptly returning to the household to have things go her way and Seiji’s class representative, Takako, attempting to attract him through rather cliched romantic methods to no avail. On the other hand, the doll otaku character, Shuichi, annoyed me in episodes that focused on him due to how obnoxious he came off with his obsessive love for dolls and being an outright stalker of Midori, assuming that she is a puppet that Seiji owns.

Outside of the comedy, Midori Days is about as typical as you can get for a romantic comedy series. The characters largely have their character types they stick with throughout the series, though Seiji and Midori do get some gradual character development throughout the series due to their unique situation. Later episodes attempt to try coming off a bit more serious in their developments to focus on the current situation concerning the real Midori’s coma and how this affects her family and friends. But due to the rather limited depth of many of the characters within Midori’s personal life and the heavy focus on comedy throughout much of the anime, this doesn’t have as much emotional impact as intended.

In short, Midori Days is an okay rom-com thanks to its unusual method with Midori becoming Seiji’s right hand, with their unique situation and some of the actions of the supporting characters serving as the comedic highlights of the series. Beyond that, the series is pretty typical fare and doesn’t really do much else to stick out beyond its gimmick with its main pair of characters, being overshadowed by School Rumble as the rom-com of interest for many during the mid-2000s. But if the premise is one that grabs your interest, I’d at least say Midori Days is worth a watch if romantic comedies are up your alley.

Last updated Sunday, August 01 2021. Created Thursday, November 27 2008.
Buy lucy-san [series:786#2510]
i really enjoyed this anime. It was so cute and adorable. nothing that i had expected. I watched this long ago so i cant really recall stuff but i can say with confidence, give it a go! you won't regret.

Last updated Monday, November 12 2007. Created Monday, November 12 2007.
Rent 10 10 8 9 7 7 Ileenka [series:786#669]
Based on the Midori no Hibi manga. Because it has been compressed into ONLY 13 episodes from an elaborative manga (8 volumes in total), lots of things from the manga were omitted in the anime. And I agree, 26 episodes would've been so much better.

The chronological order of events in the anime are kind of different from the ones in the manga, and the entire anime series basically took story parts from various points in the manga, the first 6 episodes mainly revolving around volume 1 and 2. In the anime, there were some filler episodes. For example, episode 8 is not from the manga. There were change of events, to make things simpler and to get the story going. A LOT of characters from the manga were left out, and Takako's role in the anime was dimmed somewhat. The Takako in the manga REALLY tried VERY HARD to get Seiji's attention, and she has done a LOT of embarrassing things just to get him to go out with her, save her, hug her, kiss her, love her (by using love potion tablets), etc. All these lead to hilarious consequences and situations.

My main gripe about this anime is, because the total number of episodes are too short, there is not enough time or room for the audience to learn more about Seiji and Midori. There is not enough time for the audience to explore character development, which the manga has done and shown how has Seiji's attitude changed after meeting Midori. The audience, for instance, is not clear whether Seiji really likes Midori, but in the manga there are many many many moments where Seiji shows he really cares for her. And he tells her that he cares, too. ^_^

This anime is still a good watch, and it's still very funny, but somehow the manga was so so so much better. Explanations are so much better, comedy is higher, DEFINITELY higher, and by reading the manga I really get to know more about Seiji's thoughts and feelings. Therefore, this anime is somewhat of a disappointment to me because I'm an absolute fan of this series. Midori no Hibi is a very unique story with incredible humour.

I like the Midori no Hibi manga so much, I bought the entire 8-volume-set.


Read the manga, even if it kills you.

Last updated Tuesday, October 11 2005. Created Tuesday, October 11 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:786#1573]
Anime TypesNotes
DramaMedMostly about 2 people growing up
ComedyHighTons of laughs in this
ActionMed/HighMostly Eiji getting into fights
EcchiMed/HighLots of people without their tops

All Episodes Watched
I loved this! I was avoiding it because it was about a stupid girl on the hand of a dude. It's as funny or funnier than Hand Maid May! Wow to think I didn't want to watch this. It's good. A bit more ecchier than May (Especially Midori) but nothing too over the top. In fact they turn it into one of the more funnier moments.

The Extras include the Japanese Audio Drama but I prefer reading the manga.

Last updated Monday, April 03 2006. Created Friday, July 29 2005.
Buy Stretch [series:786#628]
Though Midori no Hibi didn't turn out to be quite the masterpiece I'd been led to expect, it was neat, cute, fun, and original, too. What else can I say about this series? First of all, suspend disbelief and accept that a punk streetfighter (who is, of course, good at heart) could find his dreaded "Devil's Right Hand" replaced by an adorable miniaturized version of a girl who has had a longtime crush on him (sort of a morality play, when you think about it--ow, my head hurts). I was somewhat surprised at the amount of gang violence involved in what I had thought would be an uber-kawaii sort of show. Apparently this is a seriously compressed version of a story from a lengthy manga--I wish the show's makers had gambled on a 26 rather than only 13 episode series. You'd think such a clever and original series should spawn sequels, OVAs, even movies, but with the main issue resolved after a mere 13 episodes, there's not much room for those. Maybe some day this one will be redone, like Oh My Goddess, in a lengthier format which it both needs and deserves. You'd think from the OP sequence that Orin and Shiori would be major characters, but with so few episodes Shiori played an important part in only one, and Orin remained a frightening person who I would flee from 'til the end. Most importantly, whether or not Seiji was truly in love with Midori was a question that seemed to go without a clear answer, or even a clear trend, right up to the final episode--as the series neared it's end I thought that surely he must have fallen for his girlfriend-appendage by now, and *bang* he totally ignores her and makes a pass at a waitress--WTF? Maybe the idea was to demonstrate that he's acting like a jerk and doesn't realise how lucky he is to have Midori attached to him--I don't know. But the final two episodes did a good job of wrapping everything up cleanly--I know because at the end I felt all warm and tingly, with a smile on my face. The ED sequence of the final episode was clever--sort of a modified version of the standard OP sequence, this time showing how things have worked out for all the main characters (I'm glad that fat cat wound up okay!).

P.S: I've just finished rewatching Midori no Hibi yet again. This is a show which has both excellent OP and ED songs; I generally watch a single episode each day, but hang on to re-hear the OP song yet again at the start of the next episode--it's that good. I wish things had worked out better for Ayase. That's a common problem with love triangles: it's pretty clear which two characters will wind up together, yet you get to like a third person, who will surely get dumped in the end; let 'em down easy, I say. Still, an excellent all around romantic comedy that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, IMHO.

My favorite line: "You'll get infected with their stupidity if you watch" --Seiji

Last updated Thursday, April 05 2007. Created Thursday, March 03 2005.
Rent 10 8 7 7 8 Alexander [series:786#416]
NOt bad.
its licensed,..
plot is fairly good, tho. i had hope that the story could have gone on.
Is hard to believe, you wake-up one morning only to see that your right hand turned into a puppet. BUT, its not a puppet but a girl, with the body/voice and everything.
Minor points for the anime, like his parents and why he lives alone, pretty much don't faze you, since you'll pretty much think about how a guy would live having a right-hand as a girl.
Like Astronerdboy says, its funny, w/ a sweet touching feeling.
overall i'd give it an 8

Last updated Friday, January 21 2005. Created Friday, January 21 2005.
Buy 9 9 9 9 9 9 bordem [series:786#1311]
This show is great, but the plot had to be near impossible to sell, i can just see the people putting this together must have been on drugs. lets see how a bout a girl who no body notices becomes a tough fighters left hand... and its not hentai. how did this work? but it is a great show.

Last updated Wednesday, May 26 2004. Created Wednesday, May 26 2004.
Buy 9 8 8 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:786#436]

A Japanese friend told me I needed to catch this series. So while I waited to acquire the first few episodes, I discovered that four volumes of the manga had been fan translated and I read them. The manga had me laughing out loud so I knew I wanted to catch the series even more.

The writers use the manga as a guide, pulling stories from various locations. Since a chapter in the manga takes ~10-minutes of anime time, I've enjoyed seeing how the anime writers have fixed things to combine various chapters (sometimes from different volumes) into a single episode. Cool. However, at only 13 episodes, some things in the manga got left out of the anime. That was sad, but ultimately the anime stands well on its own.

The series is funny (not as funny as the manga but still), sweet, and touching. Since Midori had been in love with Seiji, being his right hand was almost like a dream come true for her. For Seiji, it was more of a nightmare, but watching that turn into something more was a delight. Romance fans will certainly appreciate this aspect of the anime title.

I was a bit sad that the little school girl with the crush on Seiji didn't show up again after a certain point. It would have been nice to see her around since she did live in the neighborhood. We never really did learn about Midori's mother or Seiji's parents and that would have been interesting. However, these are minor points to an otherwise very enjoyable series.

Bottom line: this is a really nice romantic-comedy series for those who like this genre.

Last updated Wednesday, May 11 2022. Created Thursday, May 06 2004.

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