Midori no Hibi - 1: Right Hand for a Girlfriend

Title:Midori no Hibi
Episode:1: Right Hand for a Girlfriend
Loney and desperate punk Seiji Sawamura (aka "Mad Dog Sawamura") finds his right hand has turned into a girl named Midori, who's deeply in love with him and who has been watching him from afar for three years. Now Seiji must find a way to deal with his new life with Midori. For now, he's more interested in a phone call from a friend who says he has two female admirers of Seiji who would like to come over and meet him. After being rejected 20 times in a row, Seiji cannot believe his good luck...

Good start to the series and certainly a unique take on the typical romantic-comedy high school series. I'll get some pics later.


The words that came to mind as I watched this first episode were neat, cute, fun--and original, too! I'm optimistic about how this series will play out.

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