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Title:Love Love?
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After failing to get into acting school, 17 year old Ooizumi Naoto settles for the next best option--working as a cameraman filming five attractive young actresses (Hayasaka Miku, 11, black hair, loves to have fun; Imamura Sayaka, 14, light brown hair, perverted and teasing; Jougasaki Hikaru, 14, black hair, shy and polite; Katsuragi Yoko, 17, red hair, aggressive; Yagami Natsumi, 17, dark brown hair, insecure) who are going to play the roles of a super-heroines team in a new show named Cosprayers! As luck would have it, after he records a series of beachfront auditions by prospective actresses, all five of them turn up as transfer students at his school!

[TV series, 2004, 9 TV episodes, 15 min (actually 11 min content + 4 min OP+ED+trailers); 4 additional DVD episodes to be inserted as episodes 2.5, 3.5, 5.5 and 9.5. See also: Hit wo Nerae!, Chou Henshi Cos Prayer]
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Watch 8 8 7 3 6 6 Xenoknight [series:980#2967]
Power loss caused my real review to become cyber-waste...

Long story short, just know that this anime was more than an ecchi-fest and there is a respectable drama story in this title. Episodes 6-11 was something to behold.

If you want to see a solid ecchi-fest, than I would point your attention to Hanaukyo Maid Tai or Guardian Hearts.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Watch 7 5 4 6 6 7 Devil Doll [series:980#752]
[Score: 55%]
  • Drama: Low/Med (five girls competing for the boy and their idol career, plus some twist during the second half)
  • Comedy: Med (mostly the cheap/embarrassing type)
  • Action: Low (it's about shooting an action series, so...)
  • SciFi: None (plain old earth, normal people)
  • Ecchi: High (pantsu shots, groping, frontal nudity, a grade schooler in explicit poses, and more)
Packed with fanservice, there's not much else in this show: A boy surrounded by five girls, with Yamagi being his secret favourite right from the start, and the younger ones having no sense of shame at all... this is somehow a crossover between Girls Bravo for the nudity/aggressiveness of the girls and Green Green for the perversion... but having a grade schooler talk dirty like that is definitely overdoing it. (Well, at least it's not as vulgar as Eiken but airing the ending of episode 12 on free TV can't have been that easy, and those DVD episodes do have torture and tentacles... in a funny way of course. Actually, the whole show seems to make fun of its own genre.)

Art is nothing special (and still the best element of this show...), Animation annoys me with stills in many scenes. The OP song is unnerving with its thin, childish vocals (while its lyrics are quite funny, that's real harem competition!) whereas the ED song is the usual J-pop stuff; then again, in some critical scenes the Music works quite well.
As for the Characters, after episode 2 they all have a name and more or less confessed to the boy - which is exactly all we know about them. And we're not going to learn much more about them for the remainder of this series, with the exception of one girl totally changing her character all of a sudden... sigh.
During the first half of this show there's no Story either (i. e. five girls more or less offering their body to that boy for no apparent reason). One big problem of this series is that whenever you believe there might be some story you can't ever be sure it's not just another one of Naoto's daydreams - therefore you can't develop any expectation about the direction this "story" will take. But actually, this series does get a story later on (and even explains the behavior of the girls), albeit it could easily be summed up in five sentences; episodes 6-9 were interesting enough to not be regarded fillers and episode 10 even provide a bit of drama. (By the way, who on earth would actually hire this loser boy as the script writer for a TV series and even implement ideas? Well, this anime itself serves as an example that these things do happen... ;-)

If you want a much better story with a similar setting, go watch REC instead.

Last updated Wednesday, February 27 2008. Created Sunday, September 09 2007.
Watch Stretch [series:980#628]
Watch- (many would say "Avoid")

(All episodes watched):

For some reason, it's often the fansubs that get the worst reviews which attract my attention. Are they really as bad as other reviewers claim, or might they be something unique which appeals just to me? Well, I must admit that in this case my initial impression was of a show which relied exclusively on panty-flashing, breast-grabbing fanservice for it's comedy (it seemed as if it might just as well have been entitled "Fanservice Fanservice?"). Some typical lines from the first three episodes:

"What a sensual wind!"

"Amongst girls, it's popular these days to be flipping up skirts"

"Do you dislike girls with big butts?"

"Being a little perverted is more manly"

You get the idea. To be fair, several of these came from erotic daydreams which Ooizumi is prone to, and which are the most amusing part of the show. I got a couple good laughs out of episode three. Episode four seemed to have become significantly less juvenile, as Ooizumi and Yagami found themselves spending a night together in a hotel after missing the last train. There was none of the usual Ooizumi and the five girls continually tripping and falling on top of each other in embarassing positions. Episode five suggests the possibility that all those "accidents", which any red-blooded Japanese boy would gladly die for, may not have been accidents at all! Ooizumi plotting his revenge on the five girls, who he thinks have been exploiting him, made me kind of queesy; the show was getting sort of mysogynistic. Fortunately, things clear up before long. I sort of liked the OP song, in which one girl tries to sing a love song while a chorus of others contradict every statement she makes. Still, if you find fanservice offensive, then this would be an "Avoid-at-all-costs" title, and if you don't, at best a "Watch". I watched episodes 1-9 several years ago, then quit since no fansubs of the remaining ones had been released. Since I found the show to be fairly amusing, have no shame, and there are only thirteen 15-minute episodes altogether, I started over from scratch once I finally acquired the final four episodes. On the other hand, just a couple of weeks later I've already forgotten pretty much the entire plot of the second half. Fifteen minutes of this stuff at a time is about all I can handle, but when it's doled out in small doses like that, I find it fairly amusing. After all, you can't claim to be an anime expert if you only watch the good shows!

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