Hanaukyo Maid Tai

Title:Hanaukyo Maid Tai
Hanaukyo Maid Team
Hanaukyo Maids
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Notables: KANEDA Tomoko
Original Concept - Morishige
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
After his parents died, little boy Hanaukyo Taro suddenly finds himself in possession of his grandfather's mansion where a large staff of very kawaii, 'specialist' maids are more than eager to 'do service' for him - day and night! Which will cause lots of problems as Taro is allergic even to them touching his skin - except for one maid, that is ... don't you take this funny fan service orgy and parade of cute young maids too serious!
[TV series, 2001, 12 episodes + 3 OVA episodes, 14 min; see also: Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite]

Read the translated manga online at MangaFox.

1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video
"隊" (tai) means "party, company, squad"
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Watch 7 7 7 7 7 8 Dreamer [series:565#2279]
After reading all the great reviews and the promising synopsis, I picked this one up with my fingers crossed. Man, what a catch!

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork seemed a bit below par. Animation seemed about par with other series however. Character designs weren't that impressive and a bit bland as well.

The OP was a pop-lullaby piece with a slow pace. It wasn't bad but not of my tastes.

Series and Episode Story
The plot wasn't too terribly exciting but the episodes sure were. There were plenty of laughs in each episode and silly antics. As someone had pointed out, this series is like every guy's ultimate dream.

Overall, a fun series to watch and worth the time spent on it.

Last updated Monday, November 30 2009. Created Monday, November 30 2009.
Buy 6 8 8 8 7 8 Jordan Evans [series:565#3166]
I think that most people dont ralise something important, this is NOT the original Hanaukyo Maid Anime... the original is Hanaukyo Maid TEAM. That is the one you want to watch if you want to see him end up with Mariel in a sad but yet romantic ending... running off into the white cloudy scenery with a both lovely smile on they're faces... so dont diss this remake... pesides this remake shouldn't even be over yet since there is three more episodes coming i believe. Overall i would give this a 10/10 for putting more Ecchi into it than the original Hanaukyo Maid Team.

Last updated Sunday, October 04 2009. Created Sunday, October 04 2009.
Buy 5 5 6 5 9 7 Xenoknight [series:565#2967]

This anime is the epitome of every man’s dream!

I love this one like a flower loves sunlight. I laughed so hard during some eps that the resulting tears began to soak my shirt! It was that serious for me. I will never forget this title. It just proves that ECCHI=FUNNY. I wish it wasn't about the children because the ecchi and fan-service didn't have the usual "male-effect" on me. Everything that happened was funny, not perverted. I couldn't see this as a mature title as when I saw nudity, I was already laughing because of prior events or knowing what was going to happen next. Never did I see this as some perverted "sicko" anime. It was too funny for that kind of "closed minded" train of thought. I had so much fun watching this that I thought of giving it honorable mention in my notes over AIR GEAR as the funniest anime ever. I had to find a place for this title though so I made this the "KING of the silly-funny/ecchi genre" in the anime award winners section of my notes!

Ep. 5 was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Konnai (samurai maid) is the funniest person in the show. I couldn't stop laughing. LOL

Again with ep 14. Konnai rocked the house. I laughed so hard that my brother and sister came to see what in the world could be so funny as they found me on the floor laughing. Konnai nearly kills the main lead several times and the scence kept coming back to that tree with her apologizing. It was DANGEROUSLY funny I tell you. LOL

now for some negatives:

They use the main lead's excuse from Girls Bravo of being allergic to girls so the writers never had to worry about crossing the line into softcore or even hentai territory. Good or bad, it hurt this anime for me because he would just faint after being in contact with anyone for too long except for Mariel. They could be in a huge crowd and if the girls get excited and hug him, the scence would switch to him in a bed recovering from the shock. It was a huge "boulder" in the overall flow of events and it happens frequently. It got bothersome after a while, thats all. More like a pet-peeve than anything else.

In last 3 OVA style episodes, ep. 15 choose the wrong girl to end the series with. They should have just given us an ep. dedicated to Mariel and let her and main lead find love instead of Ikuyo who never had any feelings for him throughout the series. Konnai and Cynthia both felt something for the main lead during the series and they both got an OVA for themselves, so why Ikuyo and not Mariel who is his destined choice. Just stupid and it hurts the anime’s nearly perfect series rating. Not only that but it was a bad episode anyway. Cynthia was dramatic and Konnai had comedy but this one was just stupid. They should have shown this as the first OVA (worst first case), not the CRUCIAL and MOST IMPORTANT LAST EPISODE. They know it was stupid, that’s why they added Mariel in the end but it still didn’t go anywhere.

The cool part was how Ikuyo added the tape that was labeled ep. 16, 17, and 18 knowing that for us it ends here at 15. I said to myself that’s not fair even if it isn’t real.

All in all, this title broke many barriers and stands at the treshold of anime genius. I laughed liked it was a disease. This is why ECCHI=FUNNY and this title makes this statement fact.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, February 02 2009. Created Tuesday, September 09 2008.
Rent 7 7 7 8 8 MasterYoshidino [series:565#598]
This anime is certainly overlooked by many anime fans as an ecchi title with no substance. People should look at this anime as a comedy anime as Taro does the silliest things throughout the 15 episodes, especially the last one where he goes overboard. =)
Somewhat silly and dumb as you see the army of maids worship Taro-sama and he getting allergic to them but funny nonetheless. Ok story but is skimmed through as this oav and tv series only lasts 15 episodes. Not quite worth buying unless you do not mind the fanservice and comedy, then by all means buy the dvd (region 2 only).

Last updated Monday, October 20 2003. Created Monday, October 20 2003.
Watch 9 7 7 6 6 9 Devil Doll [series:565#752]
[Score: 70% = Watch+. Similar series: Girls Bravo, Kanokon, Gosyusho-sama Ninomiya-kun]
Fan service, anyone? Well, here's lots of it!
To begin with, it is hard to understand who would be the target group of this series. The nudity level is way too high for children, while the intellectual substance of the storyline is way too low even for teenagers ... so you have to take this one as a silly comedy and don't try to find any message inside. This way it can actually work ...
12 TV + 3 OVA episodes of about 10 minutes effective playing time each (if you skip intros, trailers and the boring real girl photos at the end) doesn't leave you too much room for a story line or character development. But surprisingly, both actually are there: Taro, the boy who inherited the Hanaukyo empire, is improving during the series, and of the large staff at least three maids (Grace, Konnai and Ikuyo, featuring the additional OVA episodes 13-15 respectively) really get a personality. Too bad that the chief maid Mariel doesn't develop beyond a certain limit ... (the image above shows Mariel, little Grace and Taro)
And then, Taro is acting like a 10-year-old, but for ecchi's sake we are told later he were already 14 ... which I don't buy at all. (Jeez - the Evangelion kids are 14!)
Providing so little substance and so much nudity, the series did surprisingly well for me. Although I don't consider this one a gemstone, it might be fun watching it again some time.

Last updated Sunday, June 15 2008. Created Friday, July 04 2003.
Rent 7 8 7 8 8 Alexander [series:565#416]
Taro Hanaukyos mother had just died and he has no other recourse but to look for his grandfather.
Somewhat lost he finds an unbelievably large mansion, he is suddenly attacked by a bevy of beautiful girls. It seems like his grandfather was an extremely wealthy man and he has left his grandson not only a manor of grandeur, but also a handful of women who are more than eager to please.
Having watched esps. 1-6, this series is quite good. i just wished that the boy was just a little taller and older..

Last updated Wednesday, May 07 2003. Created Wednesday, May 07 2003.

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