Silent Mobius The Motion Picture 2

Title:Silent Mobius The Motion Picture 2
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Notables: FUJITA Toshiko
HONDA Chieko
IKEDA Masako
Music - WADA Kaoru
Original Concept - ASAMIYA Kia
TSURU Hiromi
UMEZU Hideyuki
YANADA Kiyoyuki
After the events of the flashback section of Silent Mobius The Motion Picture 1 there's only one thing Katsumi Liqueur has on her mind - to leave this dreadful town as soon as possible, that place where she doesn't know anyone and has no friends. But she soon faces serious obstacles as the "Attacked Mystification Police" insists on recruiting Katsumi for their organisation.
Wandering aimlessly through the streets of Tokyo, this young woman crosses paths with another woman whose fate appears to be intertwined with hers. The mysterious past of both girls seems to be linked to the Tokyo Bay Bridge... a bridge Katsumi has seen in her dreams...

This sequel to the Silent Mobius The Motion Picture 1 continues the timeline of the flashback section of the first movie (Katsumis initial contact with AMP), using some more ideas and persons from the Manga, and being slightly less incompatible to the Silent Mobius TV series from 1998.

[Movie, 1992, 58 min; images: 1) At Yuki's apartment, 2) Gigelf's book, 3) The Bridge, 4) The House, 5) Lucifer Hawk, 6) Katsumi and Yuki]
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Watch 9 8 7 7 6 Ggultra2764 [series:633#1552]
Chose to watch this as both a continuation to the first Silent Mobius movie and a quick rental from Netflix. For the most part, its not much different from the first movie. The movie continues focusing on Katsumi coming to accept her magic and responsibility to stop the Lucifer Hawks. The focus on her character comes at the cost of fleshing out other elements of the world of the series such as what led to the summoning of Lucifer Hawks and focus on members of the AMP. I noticed that visuals looked a bit better than the first movie with smoother detail on scenery and retaining fluid movement during battle scenes and other areas. However as Devil Doll commented, there are points where the character designs, particularly the facial designs, looked a bit off in consistency. Beyond this, there's not really much else to add. You should only watch this movie if you seen the first movie and/ or have read whatever source material for the series that there is as there is quite a bit that this movie doesn't bother exploring thanks to much of the focus on Katsumi.

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Rent 8 8 7 9 8 7 Devil Doll [series:633#752]
[Score: 78% = "Rent"]
While the series handles the storyline development over several years, both movies focus on Katsumi and her inner conflict while meeting the AMP for the first time, standing between being used to a normal human's life and facing evidence that there could be so much more - which she hates and fears, yet could open the path for her to finally understand her deceased parents.
The story of the second movie is a seamless sequel to the first one. While I missed Yuki in the first movie it now becomes obvious why this is so: Yuki isn't an AMP member yet (unlike in the series). But nonetheless Yuki plays a major role in this second movie, the only important role besides Katsumi.
I identified a couple of ideas and scenes that appear in very different episodes of the series and used in a sometimes totally different context. Being a huge fan of the series I wasn't too happy about that, but in the context of this movie it worked well.
Basically everything in this second movie is better than in the first one: They made storyline and character development their top priority now, avoided nudity, didn't waste too much time with action sequences, and the musical score (including the nice theme song "Tabidatsu Asa ni" with rock guitars and a female "shouter") now works great as well. Art and Animation are good quality for their time (now judging by the DVD re-release of 2007) even though I dislike the faces of several characters in both movies, most notably Kiddy's.
But still, the main problem is that you need to know the first movie (plus a lot of manga stuff) to understand in detail what is going on here... sigh. One big downside of both movies is that (unlike in the series) you don't get any information about the Silent Crisis that caused the whole scenario; another problem is that all side characters are acting stereotypically and don't have room for development. So what you get here is basically Katsumi's doubts and fears plus a number of action scenes between two opponents both of which make tactical errors mostly based on hubris. Having said that, it's still a thrilling story even though we know the ending already.

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