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Title:Girls Bravo
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NOTO Mamiko
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
Born very short in size, Yukinari has always been picked on by girls. His life is so full of violent and abusive girls, that he has become gynophobic, and being touched by a girl causes him to break out in hives. One day, after being kicked in the face by Kirie-chan, he falls in the bathtub and passes through to another world where he meets a very sweet and kind Miharu-chan. Yukinari is surprised to find out that he does not react when being touched by Miharu, and he is amazed at how interested she is in him.
24 Episodes, 23 Minutes
This 24 episode series was broken into 2 seasons (11/13 eps Girls Bravo Second Season) because the original broadcaster FujiTV was unable to show any nudity on their channel. After episode 11, this was released on a pay channel and the nudity was restored. The DVD versions do not feature any kind of censoring at all and restored this back to a 24 episode series. See the episode descriptions for comments on the missing parts.
R1 by Geneon USA and the disks are MA-17 rated
1:44min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
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Rent 4 5 4 3 3 Diwafiven [series:833#3160]
All episodes watched. (the unfogged ones ;))

This is a good series to watch for any guy that is into anime, however it is not a must see. The series is pretty much just about the daily life of a boy in high school that has an allergy to women caused by his fear of women, and the life of the women that become close to him.

Even though this anime does not have much in it other than ecchiness, it has enough of a story, and has enough of a comedy value in it to be worth watching if you happen to have run out of anime to watch.

I would say this anime deserves a VERY low rent rating. The reason it is not a watch is because they actually put nudity into the anime, which I am finding that more and more anime are fogging, or blocking the naughty bits with items that just seem to spontaneously appear to block them; Although this anime does depend on the nudity too much.

Last updated Sunday, September 13 2009. Created Sunday, September 13 2009.
Buy Xenoknight [series:833#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Watch 7 7 7 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:833#2279]
Ahh, Girls Bravo. One word.... Echiiiiii. Green Green had a high echi rating and this is right up there. Lots of pantsu shots. The animaion was good and smooth, not the best but alot better than many. The music wasn't my taste and usually it never is. Plenty of humor here, both slapstick and the mild violent type, and yes, violence can be humorous when done right. Kirie's my favorite.

My only gripe really with this series is Yukinari. He was "too" much of a whimp. But the idea of breaking out in hives from the touch of girls was refreshing.

Overall, good watch but nothing more... and funny too.

Last updated Saturday, June 07 2008. Created Saturday, June 07 2008.
Buy 7 8 7 7 7 Kari [series:833#798]
The writer of Mouse could probably learn something from Girls Bravo. Girls Bravo showed me that a show can have a ton of fan service, and still be funny. Yes, Girls Bravo has breast and panty shots galore, but I still like this show. Originally I bought the first 3 Girls Bravo DVDs because all of the Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, and Tenjou Tenge DVDs were temporarily sold out. I didn't think I'd like the show, but the characters won me over.

Yukinari's a wuss, the Fukuyama's are perverts, and Kirie's just as abusive as Great Teacher Onizuka's Anko Uehara. For me, those characters made the show fun to watch...especially Kazuharu Fukuyama. Besides Puny-nari being either molested or brutally beaten up in every episode, there's no real plot, at least not one that makes much sense. Every episode just involves some circumstance that causes the characters to get nude, that's all.

I don't like the music, and I suppose the character designs are average.

The dub's pretty good. I especially liked Liam O'Brien as Kazuharu Fukuyama, and Yuri Lowenthal as Yukinari.

Girls Bravo DVDs can be purchased for as low as $12.00 each.

Last updated Thursday, January 25 2007. Created Sunday, September 24 2006.
Rent 7 7 8 8 7 6 KBanger1 [series:833#1694]
As a fan of Tenchi Muyo and other types of its genre, I expected this title to be good. I did take consideration of the other reviews it had and low expectations of it. Fortunately, I did watch the entire season I was laughing my ass off! Even though some of the episodes were not as good, what kept me into it was the humor and pretty much the vulgarity of it. It was close to tasteless comedy as you can get. The lead character, Yukinari, is your atypical "loser" and seems a little too pathetic. He really gives a bad name to men all over the world. The only redeeming quality this kid has is his determination. Although he had to build it up as a result of the other characters around him, that's what made him stand out.

Overall, the artwork was average along with the animation. Nothing special there. It was the usage of a lot of fan service and the humor that went with it that makes it worth the buy. I did try to view the original jap version (along with the awful censoring) and I couldn't stay awake after the 1st episode. For you dub fans (like myself) this makes the whole thing a lot easier to watch. I should make the rating a rent, but if there are enough people who love ecchi, they'll buy it.

Update: May 12, 2006
I'm changing my rating to "Rent" due to the last few episodes on the 2nd Season. The only reason why is because the protagonist, Yukinari, is such a little p---- (you can fill in the blank). It just makes the entire series so blatantly one-sided. Don't get me wrong, I like the series enough to buy all 6 discs, but that last disc was a slap in the face to all men. Here he is, a little shrimp of a man, who's surrounded by women and a child (let's be realistic here), and throughout the entire series he's been handed his ass to him. Even his own best friend who apparently had feelings for him beats the ever-loving crap out of Yukinari. I understand that the character has to be seen as a timid, shy, and often humiliated kind of guy, but when you think he changes in the end, you realize that he's still the same pathetic kid. Overall, that little bit of disgrace in the end made my review go a bit sour. In the end, the "hero" remains a 0 ...just a bit happier. The writer of the last few episodes deserves a punch in the face for making the male gender look like fems.

Last updated Friday, May 12 2006. Created Sunday, November 27 2005.
Watch 8 7 5 6 5 6 Devil Doll [series:833#752]
[Score: 58% = Watch. Similar series: Kanokon, Gosyusho-sama Ninomiya-kun, Hanaukyo Maid Tai]
This series does have certain similarities with Hanaukyo Maid Tai which I happen to like somehow. The silliness is about the same; both animes feature a number of very young and very bare-breasted girls. And Yukinari looks very much like Hanaukyo Taro.
But while the nude girls are the side characters in Hanaukyo, they're the leads here. Then again, if the function of the leads is reduced to showing their nude skin to the audience, they're lacking character as well as development. Kirie is the only character worth watching (she has a good line now and then, and at least shows a more than one dimensional character) - but yes, her permanent (and nonsensical) use of violence became annoying rather soon.
I seriously doubt this series has any story at all to at least give an excuse for its almost permanent fan-service presentation. Thus it narrowly missed an "Avoid" rating from my side.
I've been watching the DVD version, the one without everything blurred by fog (which somehow defeats the likely purpose of the series). Well, at least these girls look pretty... but boy, they're annoying. All of them.

Last updated Sunday, June 15 2008. Created Tuesday, August 09 2005.
Rent Stretch [series:833#628]
The fundamental flaw of this series is the belief that violence--any kind of it--is automatically funny. I'll never understand why the writer(s) thought raw violence would be amusing. As I've explained before, my theory of humor is that things are funny when they are not what you expected, but still make some sense. If violence meets those guidelines, then it's a legitimate joke--you might call it slapstick. But Kirie beating the living s--- out of people never made much sense (unless she's just plain crazy, which isn't particularly amusing), and soon became exactly what I did expect from her. Yes, Fukuyama is a total jerk, but even so, seeing him with his neck twisted 90 degrees out of line had more of a holy-crap-she-could've-paralysed-him-for-life effect than making me laugh. When Yukinari--who never really did anything to deserve it--got worked over, it was even more painful to watch. Likewise, towards the end that poor "Shrimpy" seemed to have largely taken over the role of serving as the comedy punching bag. I've just been watching Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, which sports what might be described as absolutely horrific violence (one of the main characters regularly gets the top of his head taken off, and spouts a geyser of blood all over the place), yet that show is actually funny whereas the violence in Girls Bravo is not. I think it's because the violence in Dokuro-chan is so absurdly overdone that it can't be taken seriously, whereas the violence in Girls Bravo is all too realistic.

Fortunately, there seemed to be a significant lessening of the pointless violence somewhere around the series' halfway point. I hoped the show's makers would manage to come up with some decent comedy to fill the void, and to a fair extent, they did. Early on, the jokes hadn't seemed all that funny to me--they seemed somehow forced or overdone. I was tempted to give up on Girls Bravo altogether, but wondering what would become of the naive girl from another world kept me going. Well, that and the sheer weirdness the show started to display in episode three, as we are introduced to Fukuyama's sister Risa and her penchant for the occult. There started to be genuinely funny parts: trying to recruit a husband for Miharu's sister back in Seiren; what happens to girls from Seiren (or at least to Miharu) when they drink too much; the sassy child(?) character of Tomo; Miharu's favorite TV show, etc. I think episode nine was the high point of the series--it was surprisingly well done, as we discover that even Risa has a soft side, what with her lonely childhood and all. If this episode had been typical of the series' quality, instead of being an anomaly, I'd have rated it as a "Buy". Unfortunately, Fukuyama never becomes likeable--maybe he'll have better luck in the second season. Episode ten was pretty good, too. And, just when Girls Bravo finally seemed to have gotten it's act together, it ended on a disappointing note--more brutality against both Yukinari and Shrimpy. At only eleven episodes total, I wonder if one or two weren't yanked from the viewing schedule for being too scandalous. Clearly the censors had no objection to all the beatings, but even those episodes which actually ran sometimes had a good deal of the screen hidden by mist or blotted out. As I reread my notes, I recall Miharu's sister pledging to turn her "future husband's mind and body to jello with her amazing body". Oh yeah, jello--did I mention the abundant fanservice (boin, boin...) within this show? I also had a hard time choosing between "Rent" and "Watch" for this series. Perhaps the most telling comment I can make about Girls Bravo is that I do intend to watch the second season--I just pray it carries on the reasonable quality it attained in the first season's second half.

My favorite line: "This lousy creature seduces people by pretending to be a beautiful girl!" --Tomo


Last updated Friday, February 15 2008. Created Sunday, April 24 2005.
Rent Forbin [series:833#1573]
Anime Type
DramaLowThe story is there but it's not really important
ComedyHighEvery episode has some form of comedy
ActionMedUsually it's Yukinari getting the crap kicked out of himself.
SciFiLow/MedMiharu has magic but Lisa has the most.
EcchiHIGHThis is Girls Bravo after all. Episode 12 walks the Hentai line.

It's a low rent but it's a rent

First and foremost. ONLY the fansub version is censored. That's because FujiTV removed all hint of a breast out of all broadcasts. Anything after episode 11 is uncensored. The DVD is uncensored.

I liked this series! It was funny, a little sad, but mostly just plain perverted. 5 Episodes of Plot, 4 Episodes of backstory, and 15 episodes of fun filler. If you liked Golden Boy you will like this.

R1 wise, the dub is average. I wish it was better but it's watchable except for Tomoka. Gah she is awful.

Episode 2 is so different on the DVD, the broadcast version cut out 5 minutes of the episode because of Miharu and the banana.

It's rentable, it made me laugh a lot. But it is just that, fluff. Nothing learned, nothing gained.

Last updated Wednesday, December 07 2005. Created Friday, February 11 2005.
Rent Alexander [series:833#416]
Season 1
NOt Licensed. 11 total esp.
When i first saw it it was censored, i don't plan to buy it cuz it would be a waste, since its not the whole series.
overall 7
i haven't re-watched it not till the 2nd season comes..but if it gets licensed then forget it.
but honestly all the characters are likeable and you'll pretty much get a kick out of it. I watch the 1 esp. every now and then. as its my favortie esp. of girls bravo.

Last updated Wednesday, January 19 2005. Created Wednesday, January 19 2005.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:833#967]
Having watched up to episode seven, I am really beginning to like this series. It shares a lot in common with the series Maburaho, in which the main character is a good-hearted looser who get caught up in an impossible situation in which he has to share his attention between a number of young ladies.
And for a guy who cannot touch girls (except for Miharu-chan), he has already gathered a harem of some five or six girls, some of whom are strongly intent to getting his exclusive attention, but he only has shy feelings for Miharu. And Miharu is an absolute riot, being an innocent young lady with no modesty or inhibitions, she is suffering from a serious food fetish which has her wanting to try all of the different foods of her new world. The bad guy in the story is a self-obsessed white suited pervert of a rich boy, who appears to want to share the gift of his attention and company with most of Yukinaris harem.
This series is very light hearted, fast moving and funny and I understand that the sponsors of this series have objected to nudity, so all of the bathroom scenes are mysted out with a thick fog .. (YEP there is a LOT of mist in the ALL the bathroom scenes, so there is no ecchi content, but there is still a lot of fan service.)

Last updated Wednesday, September 08 2004. Created Saturday, August 21 2004.

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