Girls Bravo - 3: Cooking is Bravo

Title:Girls Bravo
Episode:3: Cooking is Bravo
In order for Yukinari to keep a closer eye on Miharu, she is enrolled at school (with the help of the influential Fukuyama, which may not have been such a good idea). On the way to school with Miharu and Kirie, Yukinari bumps into a strange blonde girl, who immediately recognizes him as having everything her radio horoscope predicted her "soulmate" would have. The blonde, Risa, is so overwhelmed that as she congratulates herself the others simply walk off without her noticing. But Yukinari has not seen the last of her...
At the station break halfway through the episode, I was saying to myself "this is going nowhere" (jokes tended to be lame, excessive slapstick violence left a bad taste in my mouth, and plot seemed uninteresting). I considered abandoning the series altogether and watching something else, but I decided to at least watch the rest of this particular episode. To put it mildly, strange things started happening in rapid succession. Yukinari exclaimed "This can't be happening!", to which I completely agree, but it was a helluva lot more interesting than the first half! Near the end the screen had to be largely blackened by the Japanese censors to hide something. This is weird--I'm not sure if it was funny-weird or just WEIRD-weird! At the end I asked myself "Man, what in hell was that?". I think I'll continue watching after all...

Forbin Note : Not much was blacked out, I suspect the Fuji TV Censor was on crack when they blacked out the last 5 mins

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