Girls Bravo - 20: School Festival is Bravo

Title:Girls Bravo
Episode:20: School Festival is Bravo
Story Line
Short Summary
Maharu comes to Earth

The teacher (Hiziri) is talking to a strange girl in her bath about how the gate is still open and unstable. She then takes out 2 pearls.

Today is the school festival. Miharu and Kirie are working in a Maid cafe with Lilica supervising and the 3 boys (Fukyama, Yuki, and the sentai dude) are watching in the window.
Koyomi and Tomoka dress up as students so they can sneak into the school and observe candidates for Maharu. They bump into Lisa who tells them that disaster is going to strike which they ignore

Of course the disaster is Maharu who gets teleported to this world via Yuki's bathtub and she's out to see the Earth. Yukinari happens to be shopping for Bananas when he bumps into Maharu who's only wearing his window drapes. He brings her back to school where she comes upon Tomo and Koyomi talking about how they can take a little time off and Maharu won't notice. Not realizing that Maharu is RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Much comedy ensues. (You have to watch this's very funny). During all of this, Koyomi notices Hiziri is carrying Aqua Lamps (The pearls, Koyomi had one on her sleeve of her uniform) which have the ability to open and close gates.

After all of that Maharu gives Yukinari back to Miharu (She was carrying him the whole time). Then she just pats Koyomi and Tomoka on their heads for doing a good job and that they are entitled to some fun now and then. Maharu knows the teacher Hiziri and wonders why she is on Earth. But in the end Maharu gives up on Yukinari and returns to Siren.
My favorite line .... MAMA!

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