Girls Bravo - 22: Presents are Bravo!

Title:Girls Bravo
Episode:22: Presents are Bravo!
Story Line
Short Version
Yukinari is CURED!

Miharu has been leaving school without Yukinari lately as she has a part time job with the banana man. He asks her what she is going to do with the money and she replies she is going to buy a special someone some gifts. She goes around town buying the perfect gift for each person. A funny moment when she buys Fukuyama a pair of Panties and a Bra thinking he would enjoy them (Yeah, only if they were pre worn!). During all of this, Hiziri-sensei has been following her.

Back at Yukinari's house, Yukinari, Koyomi, Tomoka go into the living room to have some cake when Fukuyama and Lisa appear. Lisa grabs Yukinari's hand and puts it on her breast while Fukuyama tries to grab Koyomi. Kirie tries to stop this but Kosame also shows up and grabs Kirie's leg. Finally Tomoko and the other (Ninja-san) decide that it is time to continue their fight from Cosplay Majhong. All of them eventually end up on top of Yukinari in a loud bang. Yukinari tells them to stop and notices that he doesn't have any hives (despite the fact that he is currently between Lisa and Kirie's breasts). He's Cured!!!!!! They have a party.

Miharu comes home with the gifts and see's Yukinari's party. After watching him enjoy himself with Lisa and Kirie, she decides that she is no longer Yukinari's special person anymore (as she was the only one who could touch him), and goes up to her room depressed. Hiziri-sensei walks in and takes advantage of Miharu's depression and casts a spell on her making Miharu her slave. They got to the bath where Miharu's power activates and they disappear.

Yukinari notices that Miharu isn't there and goes to get her (Something about she is his most important person too. Poor Lisa and Kirie). He finds her gone...........
Wow a real drama Episode for Girls Bravo. And a Lisa episode too! I wonder why Hiziri (It's spelled that way in the Eyecatch) wants Miharu so much.

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