Girls Bravo - 8: Bravo With a Huge Quantity!

Title:Girls Bravo
Episode:8: Bravo With a Huge Quantity!
Tomo and Koyomi notice that Miharu is unusually cheerful. She's looking forward to an upcoming chemistry experiment at school which she presumes will produce something delicious to eat. In spite of Yukinari's warnings, she can't resist the temptation to drink a beaker full of an unknown pink-tinted liquid. "For some reason, I'm feeling really good!" she declares. The real trouble begins when she starts sneezing...
The episode started off in an amusing way, but I was getting bored towards the end--until Fukuyama employed a "secret weapon" to solve the problem. I wish some sort of semi-plausible explanation had been provided as to why drinking a certain substance has this effect on girls from Seiren. It was just too weird to take seriously...

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