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DEATH NOTE is the best anime EVER!

my favorite genre is medieval fantasy and comedy (and that is not just for anime). In a very close second for me would be sci-fi, Harem, and steampunk.

Favorite anime list (in no particular order): Rune Soldier Familiar of Zero Kenichi Tenchi Muyo Tenchi Muyo GXP
Action(4) Action Comedy(1) Adventure(4) Comedy(2)
Drama(4) Horror(1) Mystery(1) Romance(1)
Romantic Comedy(1) Suspense(1)
Fantasy(4) Historical(1) Modern(2) Sci-Fi(1)
Seinen(4) Shounen(2)
Dark(1) Silly-funny(1)
Ecchi(2) Epic(2) Fan Service(3) Fighting(2)
Harem(2) High School(2) Isekai (Other World)(1) Magic(3)
Mecha(1) School Comedy(1) Sequel(1) Shinigami(1)
Spiritual(1) Supernatural(2) Swordplay(3) Video-game inspired(1)
Violent(2) War(2)
Release Year
2009(2) 2007(1) 2006(1) 2005(1) 2003(3) 2002(1)
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Title Rating Synopsis

Death Note
Buy Light Yagami (Or Raito) is an ace student who`s bored out of his mind. One day he finds the Death Note - a notebook held by a shinigami (or Death God). With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create a perfect world - A world without crime or criminals. However when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer.

Gad Guard
Watch In a street that was to be named "Unit Blue" in the near future, there is a town named "Night Town". A town engulfed in darkness of the night due to a lack of electricity. A young man there, Sanada Hajiki works part time in a transport business known as Hachisuka Transporation.

Girls Bravo
Rent Born very short in size, Yukinari has always been picked on by girls. His life is so full of violent and abusive girls, that he has become gynophobic, and being touched by a girl causes him to break out in hives. One day, after being kicked in the face by Kirie-chan, he falls in the bathtub and passes through to another world where he meets a very sweet and kind Miharu-chan. Yukinari is surprised to find out that he does not react when being touched by Miharu, and he is amazed at how interested she is in him.

Girls Bravo - Second Season
Rent Yukinari is a boy who gets hives when he women touch him. Miharu, the girl from Seiren, is the only girl who doesn't give him hives. Kirie is the shy but violent girl next door who has a crush on Yukinari. Lisa is the local witch who believes Yukinari is her destined mate. Fukuyama is Lisa's brother who believes he is god's gift to women. Koyomi is a girl from Seiren looking for men to take back to her women-only home world. Tomoka is the child prodigy who's helping out Koyomi. Maharu is Miharu's grown-up sister who is looking for a husband.
GIRLSブラボー Rent See Girls Bravo
GIRLSブラボー second season Rent See Girls Bravo - Second Season

Juuni Kokuki
Buy This is about a Japanese girl named Nakajima Yoko who is taken away to another world by a mysterious man, but is separated from him and is soon confronted by the natives. She experiences a large number of tribulations and this story is about what she does and how she grows as a person because of what she goes though. This anime has action, adventure, great music, and wonderfully illustrated moral lessons. Many modern issues are also addressed, including race, politics, etc.
Record of 12 Kingdoms Buy See Juuni Kokuki
Seiken no Katana-Kaji (Blacksmith) (Japanese) Rent See The Sacred Blacksmith

Tears to Tiara
Rent Set in a fictitious land during a medieval-like era of magic and fantasy, Tears to Tiara unfolds with the Divine Empire’s rise to power as it conquers and rules lands far and wide. On the island of Erin, still ruled by the Ancient Kingdom, the Goidelic people are attempting to sacrifice priestess Riannon to revive protagonist and demon king Arawn to lead the resistance against the Empire. Although the ritual fails and Riannon survives, the seal imprisoning the demon king is broken and Arawn is resurrected. Armed with mysterious and devastating powers and a human’s demeanour, Arawn joins Riannon, her brother and battalion commander, Arthur, as well as their team of fighters comprising a swordsman, an archer and a quintet of magical pixies, in the epic struggle against the Divine Empire. (Source: ANN)

The Sacred Blacksmith
Rent Forty-four years after the end of the abominable war which demanded the price of the "devil's contract", an uneasy peace has settled on the land. The daughter of a former noble encounters one of the monsters sacrificed to the "devil's contract" in a city center and finds herself battling for her life. She is saved by a young man carrying an uncommon curved sword - a blade strong enough to cleave the monster's axe and drive the man-beast away. And then after a few short curt words, he and his cute elf assistant run off. With her father’s sword smashed in the attack, Cecily Campbell is forced to find a new weapon and she decides to track down the mysterious young man known only as Luke, the blacksmith.
Twelve Kingdoms Buy See Juuni Kokuki
ガドガード Watch See Gad Guard
ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ (Japanese) Rent See Tears to Tiara
十二国記 Buy See Juuni Kokuki
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