Girls Bravo - 1: Bravo From the Bath

Title:Girls Bravo
Episode:1: Bravo From the Bath
Sasaki Yukinari makes the mistake of walking in on Kojima Kirie, his abusive type-B nextdoor neighbor who had invited herself into his house to use the bathtub. She knocks him into the water--and he promptly vanishes. He finds himself emerging from a somewhat more ornate tub in the bathroom of a strange, pink-haired girl who is remarkable for two reasons--somehow, she doesn't give him hives, and she seems to have been expecting him...
Two observations here--the art style, with pastel-like colors that sometimes fade away as if into a mist, reminds me of Maburaho. Secondly, the slapstick violence is really overdone--am I supposed to be laughing at this? Ugh... I'll give the show the benefit of the doubt, for now.

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