Girls Bravo - 5: Bravo in the Rainy Day (part 1)

Title:Girls Bravo
Episode:5: Bravo in the Rainy Day (part 1)
Home from school on a rainy day, Miharu, Yukinari and Kirie find a strange girl lying on the bathroom floor. The girl remembers only her name, Koyomi. Shift to a scene from Miharu's planet showing a little girl being being promised by her father that she'll be able to visit Earth, the place where he was born, some day. Back at Yukinari's place, Fukuyama invites himself into the house, and his advances freak Koyomi out, sending her fleeing into the rain...
As always, violence that is disturbing rather than amusing--I'm surprised this show got a second season. The story of this episode in particular probably could have been wrapped up before the station break if all the lame jokes and pointless bloodshed had been dispensed with. Miharu's favorite TV show was kind of funny, though...

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