Gosyusho-sama Ninomiya-kun

Title:Gosyusho-sama Ninomiya-kun
Goshūshō-sama Ninomiya-kun
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun
ご愁傷さま二ノ宮くん (Japanese)
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Notables: AKESAKA Satomi
Animation - AIC Spirits
HOSHI Souichiro
KONDO Takashi
Music - KAMEYAMA Kouichirou
NEYA Michiko
R1 License - Kodokawa USA
Ninomiya Shungo is not your ordinary high school student. He spends his free time wrestling bears and his school time dodging traps set by his classmates to see his 'troubled look'. One day at school a new transfer student shows up, and his sister Ryoko informs him that he must protect her (Tsukimura Mayu) at all costs from the others. As soon as they see her all the guys try to touch her and fall unconscious. That is because Mayu is a succubus, who can suck the life-force from a man with a kiss. And right when Mayu moves in at Shungo's place, the super-wealthy school council president Houjou Reika begins to care for that boy - to the degree that she works as a maid in his mansion...

Based on a light novel series by Suzuki Daisuke, illustration by Takanae Kyourin.

[TV series, 2007, 12 episodes, 24 min; Animation by AIC Spirits. R1 Licensed by Kadokawa USA.]
Image left to right: Tsukimura Mayu (red hair), Ayakawa Hinako (classmate, beige hair), Ryoko (Shungo's onee-san, brown hair), Kirishima Shinobu (Reika's bodyguard and Kendo Girl, white hair), Okushiro Irori (classmate, green hair), and Houjou Reika (blue hair).
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Buy Xenoknight [series:1692#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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Watch 8 7 6 8 7 8 Devil Doll [series:1692#752]
[Score: 71% = Watch+. Similar series: Girls Bravo, Kanokon, Hanaukyo Maid Tai]

Don't try to bite more than you can chew - you'll end up with a story like this one which is neither fish nor fowl.

What do you get when you throw a dozen genres into a large pot and then stir for 12 episodes? This series starts as Girls Bravo meets Shuffle!, with Mayu even looking like Miharu, Ayakawa resembling Kirie in terms of looks as well as behavior, and Reika-senpai starting in the role of Risa (only that she is in denial mode about Shungo, and her working as maid in the house despite being from a super wealthy family being an idea taken from Hanaukyo Maid Tai). Actually there's a ton of other references to other series, be that Ai Yori Aoshi (Reika's window cleaning) or The War Of The Worlds.

What is different? Basically the Shuffle! elements: Shungo is more mature than Yukinari; Mayu's brother and Shungo's sister are both funny (they remind me of the Shuffle! fathers) where Miharu's sister was nothing but aggressive. And Reika's assistant is reliable and intelligent where the Risa's brother was nothing but perverted. Then again the ecchiness level is certainly not "Low" - both the Yaoi magazine and a certain punishment of Reika by Ryouko weren't exactly my taste, and episodes 7 and 8 completely sacrificed content for embarrassing scenes.
Art and Animation are like in Girls Bravo; the techno OP is nice while I don't actually remember the ED song. But what I do remember is the awesome Music in certain drama scenes.

The Series Story can be split into four parts:
  • Episodes 1-3 are playing Girls Bravo, a slapstick humor series.
  • Episodes 4-6 are playing Shuffle!, a harem story with some non-human twist.
  • Episodes 7-9 are the ecchi fillers, going down almost to the level of Green Green.
  • Episodes 10-12 are the drama/flashback ending, trying to play in the Kanon league (but failing to do so).
At first this series avoids most of the pitfalls of Girls Bravo: It has fewer one-dimensional perverts, more good laughs and more tears (and valid reasons for these). During episodes 4-6 my rating were constantly rising, along with a constantly improving performance of Reika and a wonderful mix of ROTFL jokes (most of which aren't of the embarrassing type) and serious elements. Irori's interlude in episode 9 was a nice surprise as well.
The ending in fact answers all questions the previous flashbacks posed - at the expense of character consistency, unfortunately. Sure, the development of the final arc is exciting but at some point I completely lost my confidence in the writers of this weird story... and my downgrade for Characters even cost this interesting series the "Rent" rating in the end.

And while this series is an Ecchi Comedy first and foremost, there's a much better drama/tragedy variant of this lead triangle... here. Just be aware that clicking on this link is now a spoiler by itself.

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:1692#967]
There are some high school romantic comedies that try to pretend to be ‘real’ (such as Suzuka) and there are other stories that are just out there for comedy and weirdness.

This series is turning out to be pretty weird, and also very silly and funny.

Ninomiya Shungo-kun is the tormented main character. Troubled not only by his older sister who is always off fighting polar bears or engaging terrorists in close combat street fights, he also has to put up with the girls at school who delight in tying him up and teasing him with their feminine wiles. But Shungo-kun is a guy with both confidence and ability, willing to show his skills by jumping out to a third floor window to escape or evading the attentions of some twenty angry students.

Shungo-kun gets a call from his sister one day, who explains that he will now be looking after a new transfer student at his school. The girl, Tsukimura Mayu-chan has a special condition that will require that he look after her very carefully – namely that she is a boy-phobic Succubus (or a type of demon with a special allure or pheromone appeal for the opposite sex, who will also suck the soul from any boy that she kisses.). And then his sister calls back to mention that Mayu-chan will be living with them starting that day. Oy Vay!!!

But then there is also Houjou Reika-san – the heir to a large company, the student council president and self-appointed guardian of school morals (especially when is comes to Ninomiya Shungo-kun). She has a hidden fondness for Shungo-kun and takes instant dislike to the closeness of her ‘boy’ and the new transfer student ….. and what? They are living together too??

Let the romp begin…..

Shungo-kun is busy trying to protect the very cute Mayu-chan from all of the dazed boys who are attracted to her, while Reika-san is trying to get between them and break up their new found friendship. Shungo-kun has to put up being terrorized by his older sister with unspeakable horrors if he does not behave like a gentleman with Mayu-chan, but then she coerces him to sleep in the same bed with her. And then at end of the 2nd episode, Reika-san somehow becomes a maid in Shungo-kun's household?


fansub title - Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

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Buy Forbin [series:1692#1573]
Analysis : All Fansubs Watched

  • Drama : Med
  • Action : Med
  • Comedy : Med/High
  • SciFi : Low/Med
  • Ecchi : Low
    • Though Mayu has some 'assets'
Now this is over I'll give a more complete review. At first I was thinking this is a poorly done Girls Bravo. Mayu is such a MoeBlob (New term!) and Reika is so Tsundere that this had all the potentials of a major stinker. Heck AIC even reused Miharu's graphic and school clothes. This all changes once you learn the 'REAL' plot. It is hinted at all throughout the series but never shown until the last 3 episodes. Now that it is over and that was a very good ending for it that I will defintely hope that ADV gets a hold of this!

Another strange moment is that even though the ending is pretty ecchi, the series isn't.

2007 has been good to me!

And it's DONE! MAISM

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Rent Stretch [series:1692#628]
(Rent- or Watch+)

(All episode watched):

At the start of a new TV season it's difficult to keep track of all the new series titles written in Japanese. I had already read the synopsis of GsNk, but didn't make the connection until I was halfway through it. The fight between Ninomiya-kun and the polar bear was fun and gave me a good feeling about this show. It was the revelation of Mayu's strange capabilities which reminded me of the summary I'd read before. Definitely a strange premise, and I'm eager to see where it will go. Still, I couldn't help feeling that there had been something missing in GsNk; at the end of this initial episode I had only written down a handful of observations for this review. Not enough genuinely funny jokes perhaps, as opposed to fanservice (of which there was plenty).

In the end, GsNk is a show which was amusing (but seldom hilarious) to watch, and fades rapidly from my memory. Not just the first episode, but the series as a whole leaves me with few strong impressions, either positive or negative. It got the job done of entertaining me, but it was once-only entertainment, as I see little reason to rewatch it. The jokes were good but not great, and the plot was adequate but unexciting. I'm left wondering what was the deal with several girls' status as a succubus--sometimes it seemed like a deadly threat and sometimes little more than a joke.

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Unevaluated chibi [series:1692#2380]
So Shungo is this typical high-school student: fighting polar bears, escaping from being tied up by the female students, dodging barbells falling out of the sky -- you know how typical students spend their days. But today at school a beautiful girl falls on Shungo's head -- literally -- from a military helicopter.

OK, so if you want realism, go watch PBS.

All the typical fan-service tricks are here: revealing clothing, dresses getting soaked with water, falling down in embarrassing positions. And that's just the first episode. If you're allergic to that kind of foolishness, then this probably isn't your show. On the other hand, this girl is really cute.

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