Guardian Hearts

Title:Guardian Hearts
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Notables: ARAKI Kae
SAKURAI Takahiro
Maya, Kurusu, and Chelsea despise a strange superhero-like female character called Guardian Hearts, who always interferes whenever any of them get close to Kazuya, the boy they adore. Not knowing that Guardian Hearts is actually their classmate Hina, they leave Hina alone with Kazuya in an attempt to lure Guardian Hearts so that they can take revenge. Thus begins a very strange series about a number of magical girls that have been "adopted" by Kazuya's mother...

6 OVA episodes - (15-min each)
Based on a dating-sim game by Soft Garage
Animation by KSS

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Watch 5 5 6 3 4 6 Xenoknight [series:1542#2967]
Madness... Absolute Madness. This is a crazy fast anime that is filled with laughs and... well, other stuff (^ ^). It is extremely fast-paced which is bad cause I saw it subbed (don't know if its dubbed). Don't try to follow the shame of a story as it will give you a headache. Just enjoy the girls efforts at the main lead (can I call him that since he rarely shows up in the eps.) and how crazy ecchi it is. You won't walk away from this one without feeling dirty. I got a thing for konoichi (female ninja) and we got one in this OVA! She is the best thing about the show since she has the tough guy attitude. Its only 6 eps of 15 min so there is no real reason to skip it.

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Rent Stretch [series:1542#628]
(All episodes watched--three times):

I hadn't heard of this brief OVA series until recently, but once it's basic premise of comedy, ecchi, and a harem were described to me, I jumped on it. The reviews I could find weren't particularly generous; one even went so far as to declare this to be the "worst anime ever". So, my expectations weren't very high. Episode one got off to a slow start as I didn't know what to make of this very strange show, but in the end I got a couple good laughs out of it--not bad for 15 minutes! I assigned Guardian Hearts a rating of "Watch". The animation and artwork are modest, with bright, garish colors, which is kind of odd since it's not all that old. The music is adequate but unexceptional (i.e., I don't intend to burn the songs onto a CD). Plot is virtually nonexistant (but that's not really a problem). There is plenty of fanservice, panties and outright nudity. What with the flagrant fanservice, bizarre comedy and superhero motiff, Guardian Hearts kind of reminds me of Ultimate Girls--except that that is a very unspectacular show, whereas this one steadily grew on me. Guardian Hearts has a sort of slapstick craziness to it; at least once I was exclaiming "WTF?" to myself as some really nonsensical stuff happened. I really enjoy this sort of outlandish humor; another show I'm reminded of would be Final Approach (which I really love). Crazy stuff happens with little or no explanation, which can be laugh-out-loud funny at times; yes, this show definitely has a good supply of LOL jokes, more even than some 26-episode comedy series. Some of them might make sense if you were Japanese, but they are funny even if you're not. I upgraded the rating to "Rent". Well, I'm glad I finally heard about Guardian Hearts; my impression is of a fun, silly series that's all the more enjoyable because it is so little known. Like Final Approach, I'm sure I'll be rewatching it numerous times. Indeed, I think I'll start rewatching it rightaway, a sure sign of one of my favorite shows. I even upgraded the rating to "Buy" for awhile, but it turns out to be not quite as good the second time around--still good, mind you, just not as good--so, back to Rent for my final rating. Anyway, whereas I started out feeling very skeptical about this show, in the end my conclusion is this: The most serious flaw of Guardian Hearts is that they didn't make enough episodes!

P.S: I have rewatched the show yet again, and again the impression that comes to mind is of crazy things continually coming flying from left field. The plot jumps wildly about, so that the narrator, Tori ("bird"), needs to chime in to explain what's going on. Unlike a lot of shows which I'm watching for the first time, this one has me laugh-out-louding even as a rerun.

My favorite line: "Well, since it's ended up like this, let's all go to the hot springs!" --Saki-san

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