Great Teacher Onizuka

Title:Great Teacher Onizuka
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Notables: CHIBA Isshin
NODA Junko
OGATA Megumi
Original Concept - Kodansha Manga Award Winner
SEKI Tomokazu
Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a hair-trigger temper. His goal: to be the greatest high school teacher in the world! GTO is the story of Onizuka, a former motorcycle gang member who becomes a teacher to make a difference. Using his street smarts to deal with colleagues, students and troublemakers, Onizuka finds that he too has many lessons to learn!

43 TV Episodes (released in 1999/2000)
Produced by Studio Pierrot & Sony Visual Works

Licensed for R1/USA release by Tokyo-pop
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Buy 8 8 8 9 10 10 Dreamer [series:508#2279]
For the longest time, I tried to avoid this with all my heart, mind and soul. But in the end... the okatu in me caved and I finally picked up this series. Well, ok, so this was a few years back but even, it still holds true.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork isn't exactly up to par to today's standards. But heck, you really can't compare it to titles today. So for when it was produced, it wasn't too bad. As for character designs, even considering its age, it's still a bit rough

The OP was a pretty cool alternative-rock piece that was actually quite catchy and pretty darn good. The soundtrack had various trumpets and seemingly cheep audio pieces but then, there were some dramatic moments of triumph and inspiration. It brought out the good parts of the series to the fullest. The ED was just awesome! It sounded quite familiar and was a perfect touch. The OP animated sequence was artistic and top notch. Well done.

Series and Episode Story
This was just a totally fun and awesome series. At first, I couldn't get use to the "less than average" artwork but after just a few minutes of the first episode, the story just caught me off guard and I was totally hooked. Throughout the series, there are various plot arcs and character developments that really get you involved and glued to the screen every second. Some of the facial expressions are just too much. They'll have you just cracking up with laughter and busting a gut. Even after the 40+ episodes, I wanted much more! I didn't want it to end.

Overall, this was a great series that's worth every minute. I can almost say this was one grand epic story of a teacher that could change lives and be an inspiration in the eyes of students. Awesome!

Last updated Tuesday, December 01 2009. Created Tuesday, December 01 2009.
Buy 9 8 9 8 9 10 Ggultra2764 [series:508#1552]
Great Teacher Onizuka focuses on former delinquent and motorcycle gang member Eikichi Onizuka's goal to become a teacher which leads him to the private school known as Holy Forest Academy where he must straighten out the troublemaking students of junior high Class 3-4. Mixing around comedy and drama, GTO explores Onizuka handling the troubles of his students in some bizarre and crazy ways.

Obviously, much of the comedic highlight of the series comes from the antics of Onizuka. He's far from being your ideal candidate for a teacher thanks to his impulsive, perverted, eccentric and violent personality that he relishes in when resolving the varying situations that take place with his students and saving his job against those attempting to sabotage it. While he can be prone to bizarre acts like dressing up in random costumes and ogling any attractive woman that crosses his path, he also isn't afraid to pull crazy acts to get students out of trouble or show “tough love” to those causing trouble. The ridiculous acts that Onizuka pulls throughout the series combined with the comical faces he can display in various situations easily makes him one of the more amusing characters you can see in an anime series.

Onizuka's fun character is obviously not the only piece of the series that makes GTO a classic. The students and faculty to the series also get their moments to shine as Onizuka finds himself either bringing them under his wing or thwarting their attempts to get rid of him at Holy Forest Academy with his crazy antics. The majority of these characters do get a good deal of fleshing out that explore how they acquired their mentality with either education as a whole from the eyes of a teacher or opposing the educational system as a student. The series has a smidge of social commentary in it where it lashes out against Japan's educational system for ignoring the dreams and desires of its students while obsessing over public image, social status and economic gain. Through Onizuka's crazy ways, the students of Class 3-4 gain someone who allows them to behave as they like without the preaching and obsessing of what the teachers expect them to accept. The only low points with GTO's storytelling are some underdeveloped characters and unresolved storyline developments as the manga digs more into the problems facing some of its characters, like Urumi, Miyabi and Mr. Teshigawara.

Visually, GTO is about on par with what you expect for a late 1990s anime. The series is obviously running on a limited budget with drab colors, minimal details with scenery and character designs and a number of moments where the visual quality can degrade during more elaborate animation sequences. On the plus side, the anime retains the manga's drawing style thus you still can relish fun out of seeing Onizuka's exaggerated facial expressions in all their glory.

For music, the opening and ending musical choices are among the more memorable musical pieces you can listen to out of anime that are fitting for GTO's comical and serious moods, Driver's High and Shizuka being the more memorable ones for this reviewer. Beyond these, the insert tracks do their part to compliment the show's various comical and serious moments yet can gradually get repetitive thanks to GTO's fairly long 43 episode run.

In spite of a few hiccups, Great Teacher Onizuka is still among one of anime's more memorable dramedys thanks to the antics of its titular character and having a diverse cast of characters influenced in their actions from a rather messed up educational system. The series is a definite recommendation if you are looking into older anime titles.

Last updated Friday, January 29 2016. Created Tuesday, October 07 2008.
Buy 9 8 9 9 9 10 Silence [series:508#2939]
My my my... what a series... definately my favourite comedy, so do pardon me if i am partial to this.

Art is quite good i think. Even though onizuka keeps making super ugly faces during the entire show, it only adds to the comedic effect. The art in the OPs are quite original as well, so basically no complains here. Animation was ok as well, given that it was produced in 1999. There was even a 3d scene on the vp's car... well it stood out like a sore thumb but i guess the effort was worth a mention, since it WAS in 1999.

I really loved the characters. Onizuka acts exactly like any idiot who keeps a tough facade, but is really kind and morally upright underneath... exagerated by like 5 times that is. But we can really tell the core principles that he holds, as well as his flaws and weaknesses, so everything he does really adheres to them. The supporting cast are well developed. Each has a story, strengths and weaknesses. Almost every one undergoes some development, and i really liked that. The only reason i did not give full marks for character is that onizuka is really a bit too perfect. I know this is a comedy, but onizuka is really like a modern knight in not so shining armor, saving everyone else, and to me, that is a blemish. And onizuka really does not seem to learn any lessons, unlike the rest. He always comes back with the same antics, and idiotic behavior despite the disasters he caused.

The music was really good. I absolutely loved the first opening and ending theme. the second opening and ending are quite good too. the rest did not catch my attention compared to these three. the ost was decent, though cheezy at times, when onizuka saves the day, or spout some wise sayings.

The series is rather epsiodic in nature, with some story arcs spanning a few episodes. It made good use of cliff hangers in those episodes and that really leaves you demanding for more. Each episode is really interesting, and not to mention funny. The series story as a whole was good for me as well. We watch in awe as onizuka slowly but surely transforms the entire class while pulling some insane stunts. and somehow, no matter how many times i watch this series, i find myself laughing my heart out. the only complain i have here is that there is insufficient development between onizuka and fuyutsuki. We all know that they like each other, and we know that they know that they like each other. But they simply do not act on it!!! it was a bit frustrating to the end.

If i have to sum up the series about the awesome man with wolverine like healing abilities in one word, i would quote from onizuka himself, "Great!"

Last updated Thursday, November 19 2009. Created Thursday, June 19 2008.
Buy 7 6 8 9 9 10 manganime [series:508#1633]
Just finished watching the last 4 eps today in a row and although the ending doesn't seem to bring closure as mentioned alreadly this series is great all in all. Yes there are ridiculous parts, stupid parts, parts that don't make sense and unrealistic it's just always great to watch and it's not boring at all.

But whoever watches it seems to be sucked into it and so I'm left fighting off annoying little brother from my DVDs!

I think that Onizuka's dub voice (David Lucas) suits better than the original Japanese. Coz it sounds more daft and wise at the same time.

Animation isn't always very good, art is good for the most part, but both the opening songs by L'arc'en'ciel and Porno Graffati are great, 2nd and 3rd closing songs aren't bad either but first one isn't very good.

I recommend this series to anyone, so what if it doesn't make much sense and the ending isn't as good!?!

REDMUSEBLUE is right, Cantonese is funny!

Last updated Tuesday, December 20 2005. Created Tuesday, December 20 2005.
Buy 8 8 10 9 10 10 Anonymous #2029 [series:508#2029]
FUN, FUN and FUN. This one of the animes that's gonna make you laugh until you cry, you die or you whatever happens... With a GREAT combination of comedy and drama, GTO is one of the kind. And yet, no other anime can make you feel as this one. I know the art isn't that great BUT try it out if you never watch it before, you'll see what I'm talking about. Even though it's already 43 episodes but I really hope they could make it longer. You'll never get boring or disappointed watch this anime. GGGGTTTTOOOO!!!! YEAHHH!!!!

Last updated Monday, July 04 2005. Created Monday, July 04 2005.
Buy 8 8 8 8 9 9 Anonymous #1831 [series:508#1831]
The best anime of all times, even till is rated the number one hit anime internationally....recommended to anyone...everytime I watch this anime it really inspires me to want to be a teacher sometimes....

Last updated Wednesday, February 02 2005. Created Wednesday, February 02 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:508#1573]
Drama : Low / Med
Comedy : Med / High
Action : Low / Med
SciFi : None
Ecchi : Med
Wow such a bad picture shot of Onizuka. Of course if you have watched the series, he makes that face A LOT!
This is great. Onizuka vs his entire class! I can't believe they are only in 9th Grade. He gets into teaching because he is such a perv and finds out he is a good teacher!
I have watched this to the end. What a great story line. Animation is a bit low quality and very 80ish but the story is good as well as the Dub Jokes. Even though it ends without full closure this is a great series. 10 Discs in all.

Last updated Thursday, February 24 2005. Created Friday, January 07 2005.
Rent 7 7 7 9 8 REDMUSEBLUE [series:508#1541]
In actual, it's my cousin who got me into this series with the warning that it might be a bit adult-ish. And yes, it IS. So I didn't bother continuing the first episode when I started it until my sis had watched it on her own. She's pretty enamored by the series. So I sort of [painstakingly] sat down and watch it... and for some reasons I think this serie just deserve better judgment than my bluntness.
Oh yeah, I like the series afterwards. Watched it straight towards the end during my exams weeks *laughs* And my sis discontinued watching this though, sadly.
Art and Animation: Average is a good word for this anime. Sometimes the characters especially Onizuka gets deformed [not in the chibi-sized way] but... he gets all ugly with all those stripes. Most of the stuff is pretty fluent, but not too flashy since the story resolves mostly around the school at where Onizuka should teach.
Character designs: At first I find it pretty... not of my liking, but as I continue watching the series I get a hang of all sorts of character designs, either Onizuka gets to 100 timeth seemingly-having-been-blood-sucked face or just his serious, somehow good-looking one. I didn't care much about the other characters... perhaps I did care about the guy who's been bullied at the beginning of the actual plot, what's his name again,... Yoshikawa... he reminds me of Shinji from Evangelion for some strange reason. Although I do like to point out that most students look more like 16-18's characters instead of... 14.
Music: Aa... the music. I love the 1st Op/Ed theme and the 2nd ED theme. All of them sound pretty Jrock-ish if not have great Jpop-ish sounds. L'Arc~en~Ciel's performance is pretty good there whereas the two ED themes performers are just... wonderful!
Series Story: The plot is pretty solid in a way. As the series progresses we get to see a lot of Onizuka being the bad dude, great teacher and the immature guy... he tends to have moments when he's supposed to be serious instead of funny. Anyways, mostly the story resolves around his relationship with his students either bad or good, he didn't care. And it's very amusing/entertaining to see him teach those seemingky [in high school] students either it's a serious subject or not. Throughout the series the main character usually gets horny and tend to make off side comments n a dirty-mind way. At first it had bothered me that he's actually commenting about his 16-something girl students like that, but later it didn't cross my mind again. Guess because I've grown used to his dirty mind and to the fact that who can blame him; he's seemingly a virgin and doesn't really have some girlfriend experiences [I believe] hehehe... I'm not trying to butcher his character XP.
Cast: I'm not familiar with the actual cast since I've watched this series in the Cantonese version... which is damn hilarious too especially the guy who plays Onizuka. *shifty eyes* Okay, enough of that. After having caught a few glimpses of the Japanese cast in the videos I've rented several well known seiyuu have popped out. Seki Tomokazu, Midorikawa Hikaru, Noda Junko and Mitsuishi Kotono... although I'm not sure for whom they actually play. *sweatdrops*

Last updated Sunday, August 15 2004. Created Sunday, August 15 2004.
Buy 7 8 9 9 9 9 Buzze [series:508#1034]
"As the great teacher I am" is his favourite opening line.
Onizuka is fed up with his crappy life, but is having trouble finding a decent job. Probably his resume has something to do with it. For various reasons (well, mainly for the girls) he descides to become a teacher through the public school program and gets confronted with 'modern youth', who are pretty screwed up as it seems.
Whenever confronted with a problem, Onizuka falls back to his gangmember's methods, and somehow it seems to work too. He even gains respect of most of his class.
Where all the other teachers dislike their students, Onizuka tries to help all of them.
I always wonder how real this serie is. From what I hear, the Japanese school system creates students like in this serie. Also, in real life, Onizuka wouldn't have had a chance becoming a teacher. No principal would have protected him like that.
As the serie progresses, he gets confronted with his class, his colleagues, the Tokyo U system, his vice principal (but he doesn't put up much of a fight though), and even the powerful teacher's union.
Music is good, the art is mostly good, but not great.
I started buying the manga comics (anime is very hard to find in my country, or you must like Pokemon or Beyblade) and they are even better.

Last updated Sunday, January 25 2004. Created Sunday, January 25 2004.
Buy 8 10 10 10 10 8 Yousei [series:508#755]
GTO is one of my favorite anime series, and I've never read the manga by the way. It's funny when necessary, and Onizuka is just so God damn likable! I don't get why many dislike him. If I were his student, I'd so abuse him in other ways *ahem* Oh yeaaah ;D
Only problem I had with it was the artwork and minor bridges between the episodes. A bit more could've been added to the animation though. Sometimes it's kinda scratchy! Hehe. Oh and about the little bridges for the more important episodes, I just find it kinda pointless. Still exciting to watch. To me, it was a pleasure buying this series.

Last updated Friday, July 18 2003. Created Friday, July 04 2003.
Buy 9 10 10 10 8 9 Conardo [series:508#663]
Onizuka Eikichi, 22 years old, single is living in japan for a few years trying live a descent life. But...after he saw his friend Ryuji living a real successful life, he wants to be a high school teacher (mainly because of the school girls). After using a method to cheat to became a student teacher in high school. He becomes suddenly a middle school teacher which he first hate and love afterward......
"As the great teacher I am" is surely is favorite line. He uses drastic mesures to try to change his class (The worst class in the school's history). As the plot is very absurd and funny, there's also the serious part in each of the episodes where he tries to help the students in their personal life. A real friendly teacher that you'd beg to have in your school!
Usually in know what is gonna happen and you feel like you watched it for nothing. BUT, this anime doesn't go as you expect it. Onizuka is a crazy guy and does all kind of unimaginable things.
As the story goes, it keeps getting more interesting and MORE interesting. It's a must see!

Last updated Sunday, April 27 2003. Created Sunday, April 27 2003.
Rent 9 9 10 8 9 9 Alexander [series:508#416]
GTO is about a guy named Onizuka Yanki an ex-gang member who wants to be a teacher.
I really didn't expect much from this, but it is quite funny, and will make you feel good all over. Pretty much it's a mix between Trigun and Golden Boy. If you watch the first esp. you'll really get into it.
What's so great about this anime is that you can never really expect what will happen next. I would not say it's more related to Golden Boy, with some perverted thinking (but, hey who doesn't think that way) and some good ass whiping.
So far, my favorite part has to be when, his students played a trick on him. The 3 students left to the park, and were picked on by a bunch of moto-gang members, till Onizuka comes in to help.. or so they thought..
If you seen Golden Boy, and you'll pretty much enjoy this series. -Watch it, I swear you'll like it!
Now having watched esp. 1-26(still 10 more esp left), the series is still going strong. Bascially now, the students tried to get rid of the teacher, but they get an unexpected surprise about, him that they like/don't like about him. I still stand by my word that this is a good series to watch. I believe it's already out for DVD(1-16?)

Last updated Friday, February 14 2003. Created Sunday, January 19 2003.

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