Ultimate Girls

Title:Ultimate Girls
UG Ultimate Girl
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Three high school girls are having Dango in the park, when they get "stepped" on by the red-spandex-clad giant UFO-Man while he is fighting one of many giant monsters that invade Tokyo on a weekly basis. UFO-Man makes an agreement to bring Koharuno Silk, Ootori Vivian and Moroboshi Tsubomi back to life on the condition that they continue to defend Japan from monsters, by merging with him and allowing themselves to be transformed into one-hundred foot tall spandex clad Ultimate Girls!

12 Episodes (each 15 minutes long)
Produced by Studio Matrix / m.o.e.
(released in 2005)
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Watch 8 8 8 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:929#2279]
God! What was I thinking when I picked this one up! As super-duper silly this one was, I strangly was drawn to continue watching it.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and animation was the norm. Nothing new or special here. As for character designs, they were between absolute horrible to uber kawaii cute! Why the range? Well, the giant monsters were so absurd that they were simply horrible.... and designed horribly. The kawaii comes in because our superheroins were uber-cute school girls.

The music throughout the series was of a silly nature. At times it's sounds like something from a circus

Series and Episode Story
Okay, this series borders on strait loony absurdety, but I found it funny... not in the sense that I had great humorous moments, but rather, it was so silly, it made it funny. Not only that, but there's tons of "suggestive" scenes and sexual innuendo. One of things I can't stand in anime, or in anything for the matter, is stupid "power ranger" style "transformations". They annoy the heck out of me.... and this has plenty of it. However, at times this show goes to the extent of mocking these "transformations". In episode 2, it shows a "transformation" meter onscreen with it saying "please wait one moment", and you can tell the writers were poking fun at it. I got a good snicker out of it.

Overall, it's a good series for wacky comedy and absurd godzilla-like city battles. Would I ever watch it again? Not in a million years but it was enjoyable this one time.

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Watch Stretch [series:929#628]
This is a series which sometimes makes me cringe and sometimes makes me laugh out loud. Almost immediately after transforming into Ultimate Girls, (apparently only one of them can do it at a time) Silk, Tsubomi and Vivian's uniforms begin to dissolve. This eventually leaves them naked, and, because they are now tremendously large, exposed to the view of countless persons--including lecherous men with cameras. This can actually work to their advantage, since the source of their superpowers is a mysterious thing called MOE, or "Maiden, Oh, don't look at me please, Energy"--in short, their powers derive from their sheer embarassment. "Moe", by the way, is a Japanese slang term for the phenomenon of too-cute-to-be-true animated girls, and has been adopted by the company that made this show, which calls itself Master Of Entertainment". Anyway, as their costumes steadily dissolve the "monsters" have got to be dealt with quickly (why don't the girls take a class in the martial arts?), and what's more, this has to be done by destroying their "cores", which are located in, shall we say, a strategic location (more embarassment!). Perhaps you get the idea what to expect from Ultimate Girls. Thank God my standards aren't too high!

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:929#967]
Episode One has been released fan-subbed by anime-works. A very silly teenager magic-girl&high-school romance series. More later

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