Midori no Hibi - 9: Everyday

Title:Midori no Hibi
Episode:9: Everyday
Seiji catches Shuichi Takamizawa trailing him and Midori and snapping pictures of them. It turns out that Shuichi has created a highly popular Midori-chan internet website! He agrees to close it down if Seiji and Midori will help him sell a mountain of Midori paraphenalia at a doujinshi convention. Later, Takamizawa tells Seiji that he has fallen in love with a real girl and pleads for his advice. Midori feels sorry for him, and begs Seiji to help out, and he reluctantly agrees...
Quite possibly the best episode yet of the series! It's funny in all sorts of ways--there are numerous misunderstandings, it pokes fun at several anime-related hobbies, and is relatively unpredictable, too.

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