Midori no Hibi - 2: Our Feelings

Title:Midori no Hibi
Episode:2: Our Feelings
Seiji is learning to deal with the fact that his right hand is now Midori. Meanwhile, some thugs from a nearby high school begin to start a lot of trouble forcing Seiji to fight to defend a fellow female classmate (who doesn't like him) and to take a beating for one of his best friends.

Having read the manga first, it is interesting to see some of the changes made, though minor (like the introduction of the little neigbor girl).


I was a bit disconcerted by the amount of gang violence I was seeing in this episode--I was under the impression this was going to be a cute, fun series. The final scene, in which Seiji goes to Midori's house, was much more like what I'd been expecting.

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