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Rent Daisuke Niwa has the worst 14th birthday ever: his crush -- Risa Harada -- declines his love letter to her. Then, he comes home and discovers that his feelings for Risa stir a transformation into the famous phantom thief, Dark Mousy! Much hilarity ensues as Daisuke has to deal with his new alter ego and the complications it brings into his life!
Days of Midori Rent See Midori no Hibi
DNAngel Rent See D.N.Angel
Dog Boy Rent See Inuyasha


Twelve-year-old Nandaba Naota's older brother has departed for America to play baseball, leaving the confused Naota alone with his brother's 17-year-old girlfriend, Samejima Mamimi. It doesn't help that she flirts with him constantly, or that his brother has sent him a rather disturbing letter from America. When the tomboyish Haruhara Haruko enters the scene, running down Naota with her motorscooter before smashing him over the head with her guitar, things will never be the same again.

Fooly Cooly Buy See FLCL

From I's
Avoid A group of friends on different activities during summer holidays - and a promise some of them gave each other several years ago.

Fruits Basket

Tooru Honda is a 16-year old girl living in a tent in the nearby mountain woods. Her father died when she was very young and her mother had just recently died in a car accident. Not wanting to put her grandfather (on her father's side) out while his house is being renovated, she told him she would stay with friends so no one knows she's living in a tent. In the meantime, she goes to school and works her part-time job on a cleaning crew so that she can pay her high school tuition (in Japan, high school is like college in the US).

Furi Kuri Buy See FLCL
Furuba Buy See Fruits Basket
Furuutsu Basuketo Buy See Fruits Basket

Golden Boy
Rent Kintaro Oe was studying to be a lawyer at Tokyo U. The day before graduation (He had passed all his classes but didn't receive his diploma), he leaves Toyko U with nothing but a backpack and a bicycle. He travels all around Japan taking on temp jobs wherever he stops. It always seems that the jobs he gets always involves women who wear rather revealing clothes. At each stop, he usually does something perverted and gets in trouble but also helps out that person as an apology (And it is not sex related).
Goldenboy Rent See Golden Boy

Green Green
Watch An all girls school visits an all boys school for one month to test whether they can become a combined coed school. Yuusuke, the "captain" of the boys school, tries his best to make the experiment a success while his lecherous friends Bacchi-Guu, Tenjin and Ichiban-Boshi try everything to fulfill their perverted fantasies. But when the girls' bus arrives at the boys' school, Midori jumps out of the open door to hug Yuusuke, shouting "I finally found you"... and her date of birth in the year 3003 according to her personal record at school makes her teacher wonder. Will Midori be reunited with Yuusuke? How many other girls will fall for the nice guy? And are the perverted dreams of the guys going to come true?
Green Green TV Watch See Green Green
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