From I's

Title:From I's
フロムアイズ ~もうひとつの夏の物語~
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Notables: Animation - Studio Pierrot
Original Concept - KATSURA Masakazu
A group of friends on different activities during summer holidays - and a promise some of them gave each other several years ago.

[OAV, 2002-2003, 2 episodes, 29 min; based on the manga of the same name. See also I's Pure. ]
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Watch 8 7 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:497#1552]
Apparently adapted off a manga series, I"s incorporates the old "childhood friends reuniting" cliche for a romantic plot with some dramatic peril added to the mix when said group of friends come across a group of thugs trying to have their way with one of the girls among their circle. While providing some plot to convincingly show that the group know one another, the limited depth on characters and lack of convincing buildup thanks to the title's one hour total running time prevent one from getting too attached to the characters. Also for an OVA series, the animation to I"s is a bit on the subpar side as you could easily mistake it to be a TV anime. Overall, this is a rather forgettable OVA title thanks to its rushed pacing and limited depth on characters. You may get better enjoyment from seeing the spinoff of this series, I"s Pure.

Last updated Saturday, September 21 2013. Created Saturday, September 21 2013.
Avoid Stretch [series:497#628]
The impressions I'm left with from the I's OVAs are of a show that was narrowly holding my interest during the first half; then, an inexplicable act of violence forcefully transforming the show into one of action, followed by one implausible and unlikely event heaped upon another, as if an attempt was being made to keep the viewers so busy following a whirlwind plot that they wouldn't have time to ask themselves whether it all made any sense or not. But the overall effect is to leave me feeling that this show is ridiculous and patronizing rather than exciting; if I weren't so appalled I'd be laughing. This show may take the record for a torrential rain beginning and ending suddenly, almost as if the makers resented the fact that the water levels of lakes don't sometimes rise abruptly for no particular reason. Little or no attempt was made to develop the characters; in fact, I'm tempted to say that the villains had the most developed personalities, since at least I hate them whereas I'm apathetic about the heroes and heroines. At the end the characters shake off their traumatic experiences as if it had all been revealed as a practical joke. In short, a sloppy and half-assed show (artwork was OK, though), which makes me wonder, "why didn't they ask me to scriptwrite this"?

Last updated Wednesday, September 10 2008. Created Wednesday, September 10 2008.
Avoid 7 1 5 6 5 3 Devil Doll [series:497#752]
[Score: 48%]
Not knowing the manga, the faces of the characters attracted me to watch this OVA as a fansub. But unfortunately you get little more than those nice faces from it.
I don't know whether the story works better if you know the characters from the manga but without this background you get very little explanation of what is going on here. You finally get some answers during episode 2, and the story might actually have been touching (the childhood memories... Kagome Kagome came to my mind immediately) as well as dramatic (the biker scenes as well as the swimming scenes) had they not included a handful of elements that are absolutely ridiculous and completely kill the mood (such as the "Tarzan" scene and Seto-kun's lunatic decision to dive into the unknown).
The fantasy elements are probably the best part of this OVA as they contribute to the mood. On the other hand, the animation is so abysmal that I can't believe they actually sell such a piece - lots of movement scenes but lowest-possible budget production, clearly visible loops and overlays of character and background stills. This alone would almost justify my "Avoid" rating.

Last updated Wednesday, April 20 2005. Created Wednesday, April 20 2005.
Avoid 10 10 20 9 0 0 bordem [series:497#1311]
i watched this right after finishing the manga, and i couldnt help but notice two things. one people arent wearing enough hats and; two this is awful. i was left with this fealing: wow this could have been done using any characters from any show ever, but it doesnt matter the OVA is horrid. it has absolutely nothing to do with the manga, except half of the characters which were portrited awfully, especially the added character yusuke he doesnt matter. he fortunately for us viewers dies in about 5 minutes. Unfortunately they make Iori look like a robot, and they add bikers who can catch and kill a guy on a motor bike, but they cant seem to catch a girl whos on foot. this is shameful for what they had to work with they should be taken out into a wooded area and be shot. Its not really enough to make up for this train wreck but its nearly enough to make sure that no one tries to release it in america. read the manga and burn this.

Last updated Monday, June 21 2004. Created Monday, June 21 2004.

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