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Akachan to Boku
Unevaluated Two months ago, Takuya Enoki's mother passed away in an accident leaving him to take care of his baby brother, Minoru, while their father works the long hours of a Japanese "salaryman". Takuya must sacrifice playtime and childhood to take care of his brother and do the responsibilities an adult would have: cooking, sewing, and scolding while trying to find it in his heart to love the brother who is causing him so much grief.

Akatsuki no Yona
Rent King Il of Kouka, a land said in legends to have been founded by four dragons, has only one remaining heir, a daughter named Yona. She lives a happy life in the palace with her cousin Soo-won, who she loves in spite of her father's opposition to them marrying. Her life is turned upside down when Soo-won murders her father and steals the throne. Yona, with her childhood friend and bodyguard Hak, must retreat to gather allies and reclaim her place as ruler of the kingdom.

Ayashi no Ceres
Rent Twin brother and sister Aki and Aya Mikage are about to celebrate their 16th birthdays. Earlier on, Aya had visited a psychic and was told the fated day when the moon and stars of 16 would meet is coming, and that all hell and doom would break loose. Mysteriously their grandfather invites them over for a "birthday party" and gives them a gift which brings out new powers. Now suddenly the entire Mikage family wants Aya killed since "she will bring them nothing but harm." Aki is no longer allowed to see Aya. Along with that, an ancient legend of a Tennyo (girl from the heavens) is said to have come down to Earth and bathed in a river. A nearby fisherman spotted her and stole her hagoromo (feathered robe) that was hanging on a tree nearby. Without it she could not return to her home in the heavens, and was forced to marry the man and have his children.
Baby and Me Unevaluated See Akachan to Boku

Avoid Ikurou Hashizawa was a normal boy until he is captured by evil scientists who create the ultimate fighter by attaching a parasite, named Baoh, to his brain. The mysterious girl Sumire, who has psychic powers, frees him and together they work to avoiding being captured by those who want to use their powers.
Baoh the Visitor Avoid See Baoh
Bleach - Movie 1 Watch See Gekijouban Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Bleach the movie Watch See Gekijouban Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Bleach: Memories of Nobody Watch See Gekijouban Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Blue Dragon
Unevaluated Shu and four of his friends encounter two travellers in their quiet village who explain that they are searching for the seven legendary warriors who once lived in the area. They are needed to help defend the land against an impending threat. Later, Shu finds the village under attack by the flying warships and army of Nene. Just when the battle appears lost, the two travelers intervene and begin battling the Nene soldiers. Things get very strange when they start using giant beast-monsters that appear to grow from their shadows. Shu joins in to try to save his friends and just when it seems that he will lose - a giant blue dragon appears - surging up from his shadow. Then he hears one of the travelers speak about how "the legendary Blue Dragon has finally appeared!"
Bodyguard of the Wind Buy See Kaze no Youjinbou
Brother and Me Unevaluated See Akachan to Boku
Ceres, Celestial Legend Rent See Ayashi no Ceres

Chou-Gals! Kotobuki Ran
Rent Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran focuses on a teenage girl named Kotobuki Ran. Her father, mother, brother, grandfather and grandmother are police officers. However, she doesn't want to be a policewoman.. after all she just want is to have fun as a 'GAL'. Hanging out in Shibuya with her friends, she always get in some kind of funny trouble. (summary from AnimeNFO)
Creamy Mami Watch See Mahō no Tenshi Creamy Mami
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