Blue Dragon

Title:Blue Dragon
ブルー・ドラゴン (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Studio Pierrot
Music - OOHASHI Megumi
R1 License - Viz Media (Shopro)
Shu and four of his friends encounter two travellers in their quiet village who explain that they are searching for the seven legendary warriors who once lived in the area. They are needed to help defend the land against an impending threat. Later, Shu finds the village under attack by the flying warships and army of Nene. Just when the battle appears lost, the two travelers intervene and begin battling the Nene soldiers. Things get very strange when they start using giant beast-monsters that appear to grow from their shadows. Shu joins in to try to save his friends and just when it seems that he will lose - a giant blue dragon appears - surging up from his shadow. Then he hears one of the travelers speak about how "the legendary Blue Dragon has finally appeared!"

[TV series, 2007-08, 51 episodes, 24 min; Animation by Studio Pierrot.]

And the R1 License went to VIZ Media. Also see the sequel - Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu

The "Japanese" title "ブルー・ドラゴン" is the Kana writing of the sound pattern "buru・doragon" for "blue dragon".

It has been announced that BL will be aired on the US cable channel Cartoon Network in spring of '08.

2:57min Series Opening & Closing - YouTube Video
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1571#967]
Having just watched the first (raw) episode, I could only think one thing! Dern, why does this remind me of the Dragon Ball series?

After some research, I was able to confirm that this new series is a collaborative effort between Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball) and Hironobu Sakaguchi (of Final Fantasy fame).

The basic story of Blue Dragon is based on the manga series, and has already spawned an (MicroSoftie) XBOX game.

While the story line might appear to be directed an 8-year-old+ crowd, the animation (done by Studio Perrot) is top notch. I would not be surprised if this series catches on as quickly as Dragon Ball did, becoming (R1) licensed and fully franchised, just in time to torment both parents and grandparents alike for the upcoming 07/08 Christmas/holiday gift giving season.

I have posted a few images.

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