Cool Devices

Title:Cool Devices
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Notables: AKAHORI Satoru
Mon Mon
In this series of hentai stories, various women gain sexual experience, usually unwillingly. Possibly the most infamous of all hentai animes, Cool Devices has gained a significant reputation and following.

11 OVA episodes (23~28min each)

It has been reported (in ANN) that this title is banned in Canada.
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Buy 8 8 10 6 9 10 james-kun [series:394#1795]
Here's the point, this is not a 'series' to what you're expecting if you haven't seen it. To begin with, every one of them is different, and at times the animation is sketchy, but the basics of the series makes this go from 'aviod' to 'watch' to 'rent' to even 'buy' because of two princaples: The first is that mostly, the series is dissconneted from episode to episode, the second is that the creative style of this series makes up for all the negitives, as I haven't seen hentai as imagitive since the Alice in Sexland Manga.
Overall, rent if you want a connection, buy if you feel like you want something new every time you watch a anime.

Last updated Monday, February 14 2005. Created Monday, February 14 2005.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 HunterD [series:394#606]
This anime rocked i whacked my shit 15 times to it. for a good review look below, that guy knows his shit.
P.S. Shoe = penis and im drunk

Last updated Saturday, September 27 2003. Created Saturday, September 27 2003.
Watch 8 6 7 3 3 3 MasterYoshidino [series:394#598]
The most infamous hentai anime series ever. This is done by Mon Mon and released by TDK. Mon Mon is known for his bondage and non consensual sexual manga drawings, thus the 11 "operations" are given that theme. This is a STRAIGHT PORN hentai. Nest to ZERO story, and all sex. It is so lacking of story it should be considered a hardcore porn video and not hentai anime. Some of the character design is superb, as Mon Mon shows, but if it is one thing that needed improvement its the music and the storyline. Cheesy and reminiscent of old porn videos.
Overall this is only worth watching to see why it is so infamous, due to the strong influence of bondage and group sex that was given via mon mon. Some of the anime operations spawned spinoffs, namely Mezzo Forte and Kite. Those are worth watching, especially Mezzo Forte as it has much better replay value than Cool Devices.

Last updated Thursday, October 02 2003. Created Saturday, August 30 2003.
Avoid 7 7 6 8 6 5 Alexander [series:394#416]
Bondage isn't really my thing, and you'll have that there are a ton of it, in many of the vol. and esp. they have. I believe there are 4 vols. with 3-4 esp. in each. I would have to say that 4 in total are worth your time to watch. Which ones. i can't really remember. But, those few really make you think hard about, why it ended that way, and how the H@ll could they end an esp. so badly and so erotic that it will make you want to cut off your testicles and ... Cool Devices is really for those who really, I MEAN, really have no idea what they want, and have trouble with their s@x life.

Last updated Tuesday, January 14 2003. Created Tuesday, January 14 2003.
Avoid 5 5 7 7 2 Midnighter [series:394#94]
I have absolutely no problem with sexual content as long as it's 1.) Safe and 2.)Consensual. Cool Devices contains mostly NONconsensual sex, which is why it's so disturbing. I'll freely admit that I feel embarrassed and stupid for having watched this series.
Since each episode is done by a different creative team, the animation quality and character design varies each time (with the obvious exception of 2 parters.) Overall, the Character designs are pretty good, notably Yasuomi Ometsu's (Mezzo Forte, Kite) for the episode "Yellow Star." Other notable character designs include Episode 10, "Binding" and Episode 5 "Seek." Episode 4, "Kirei" has the poorest designs, laughable cartoonishly drawn characters with grotesquely large breasts, which knocked Cool Devices overall character design down.
The animation ranges from decent to poor, averaging out at about...uh...average. There is not any really outstanding animation.
About the only good thing about the series was the music, a decent mix of jazz and rock, with very little "cheesy porn music."
The only episode remotely watchable is Episode 10: "Bind" which has some excellent character designs and a relatively warm ending.
Content wise, Cool Devices is nothing short of deplorable. Since I have known people who were into the bondage scene, that aspect didn't shock me. What did shock me was the horrible displays of misogyny, rape, torture and degradation that every episode consists of. "Kinky" is one thing. Rape is quite another. Rape is not erotic, it's simply wrong. The predominance of rape in anime makes me wonder about the state of Japan's men. Obviously, they feel incredibly threatened by women. In any case, Cool Devices truly disgusted me, and the graphic rape reached a crescendo in "Yellow Star" which actually began to turn my stomach. Basically, Cool Devices was painful to watch, and the only reason I sat through it at all was to review it here.
Overall, Cool Devices gets an avoid based on sheer principle and an utter lack of redeeming qualities. My time would have been better spent doing damn near ANYTHING else.

Last updated Monday, March 25 2002. Created Monday, March 25 2002.

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