My Brother's Wife
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Notables: Kotoko (I'VE Music)
Kagura Takashi has lived with his brother Satoshi since the death of their parents some time ago. Because of that fact, Takashi is able to go to school and lead a normal life. However, he is always compared to his older brother in every thing that he does. Takashi seems to never measure up to what Satoshi has done. The final straw for Takashi was when Satoshi married Miwa, a woman that lived in the same apartment complex and who Takashi was deeply in love with. Because of that, a deep hatred of his brother rises within Takashi. So with the help of Nagayama Azusa, one of his teachers, Takaski sets out to take what he wants.

Based on the game of the same name by Selen Advance & is part of the Vanilla Series.

2 episodes
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Buy 10 9 9 10 9 loplop [series:1010#1797]
Aniyome is another H-title made from a Selen Advance Bishoujo game in the tradition of Gibo Mai and others. I am not really sure if it wanted to play out as revenge against his brother or that Takashi, the main character, was just that attracted to the Miwa, his sister-in-law. I also have been wondering why the crop of newer H-titles has to include a sensei that seems to indoctrinating the main male character in the carnal arts. Azusa, the sensei, becomes much of the catalyst for the actions that take place by Takashi as the story moves along. The game that it's based on explains much more of the background than 2 part ova does. The artwork looks very good and on par with some of the better H-titles I have seen lately, but not quite to the level of a Lingeries Office. Another plus is the fact that it doesn't have the kink and other practices that is getting so prevalent in a lot of hentai as of late. The BGM, done by KOTOKO, is above par and with much of the music is taken straight from the game.

Update: Licensed by Critical Mass as My Brother's Bride for a late May R1 release, not as Mistreated Bride as first heard.

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