Beat Angel Escalayer

Title:Beat Angel Escalayer
Chou Subaru Tenshi Esukareiya
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Notables: Animation - PinkPineapple
A 3 part hentai oav series based on the hit selling hentai bishoujo game made by Alice Soft. The anime was made and sold by PinkPineapple. Note that tecnicially it is BeatAngel Escalayer, but it is way too common to type it out as 3 words. Contains dick girl, tentacle, consensual, and lesbian sex.

3 OVA episodes (~30min each)
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Buy 9 9 9 8 9 9 MasterYoshidino [series:655#598]
This anime is one of PinkPineapple best anime ever. The animation and the kawaii ladies definately boosted its worth. After all, it is a fact that the majority of hentai fans like ladies with red/pink hair, and that definately hit the spot. This was fansubbed by two groups. It is based on the game made by Alice Soft, which came in 3CD and 1DVD variants. The animation is heavily based on tentacle and rape anime. The basic storyline is about _Sayuka_ (oops mispelled it last time I wrote this) whom is also Escalayer the heroine whom relies on having DDD energy or DokiDoki Dynamo. DokiDoki is heart throb and is synonymous with "aroused". (you probably guessed how she gets that energy now huh) Buy it if you can (not easy these days), as it is very much worth it. In fact play the game as well, the animation is even better in the game. Eh, I am a bit more detailed about this series on my detail page about Escalayer. This is an edit after encoding the anime and watching the whole thing rather than the fansub bootlegs. I was shocked at the way the storyline progressed in vol.2 and vol.3 . These two episodes really shined in the storyline department. Music is somewhat cheesy on certain scenes but the intro and outro are very well done.

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