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Ai Shimai
Rent About a lady(very sexy) with two daughters.One day the lady met into a car accident (her fault) and has to pay the man alot of money but she doesnt have it so know the man owns her and her daughters. Hence when ever he's horny.........
AIL Maniax Avoid See Maniax
Ail Maniax: Inma Seifuku Kari & Majo Kari no Yoru ni Avoid See Maniax

Beat Angel Escalayer
Buy A 3 part hentai oav series based on the hit selling hentai bishoujo game made by Alice Soft. The anime was made and sold by PinkPineapple. Note that tecnicially it is BeatAngel Escalayer, but it is way too common to type it out as 3 words. Contains dick girl, tentacle, consensual, and lesbian sex.

Bondage Game
Rent Ridiculously hardcore series featuring just about every single fetish done to the extreme. Every girl seems to be in place to satisfy each masters different liking, such as scatology, peeing, dickgirls, insanely huge breasts with lactation, etc.
Bondage Game - Shinsou no Doreitachi Rent See Bondage Game
Bondage Game - Shinsou no Reijoutachi Rent See Bondage Game
Chou Subaru Tenshi Esukareiya Buy See Beat Angel Escalayer

Dragon Rider
Rent Rike is a young man who is on a quest to find a dragon to ride so he can join the Dragon Knights. They are a legendary group who joined the Dragon God Clan to defeat the Dragon Devil Clan years before. In a village, he stops to have rest and has lunch with the beautiful Karisu and her mother when the town is attacked by members of the Devil Clan. When her mother is slain, Karisu reveals she isn't just an attractive blonde, she also can produce devil wings to fly and attack the invading demons. Not only that, she can become a powerful red dragon and offers to be Rike's steed so he can get into the Dragon Knights. Thus starts an adventure to defeat the Dragon Devil Clan and a romance between Rike and Karisu.

Elf no Waka Okusama
Watch When Milfa, a beautiful female elf, and Kenji, a handsome human male get married, the village they live in becomes disgusted, because of the tensity between the two races. But Kenji and Milfa decide that love is more important than what others say. On their first wedding night, they have an attempt to consumate their marriage, but it turns out that humans and elves aren't compatible. Kenji immediately goes on a quest to find the legendary "Harpy Ooze" which is said to be able to connect a human and an elf...

Elfeana : The Animation
Buy Elfina lived a life of luxury as a member of the royal family. She was waited on hand and foot and had a team of servants. That was until her country was invaded! Now Elfina must comply to the sexual demands of her new masters and it doesn't matter how humiliating or intimate the favors!
Ellfiena : The Animation Buy See Elfeana : The Animation
Elufina : Servant Princess Buy See Elfeana : The Animation
Elven Bride Watch See Elf no Waka Okusama
Immoral Sisters Rent See Ai Shimai
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