AIL Maniax
Ail Maniax: Inma Seifuku Kari & Majo Kari no Yoru ni
アイルMANIAX ~淫魔制服狩り&魔女狩りの夜に~
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There isn't much storyline. 3 episodes split into two stories. One with a devil woman raping woman or something. The second one about a crazy priest torturing women so they will admit that they are witches.

Three OVA episodes (~30min each)
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Avoid 8 7 7 0 1 manganime [series:1271#1633]
Like bondage game something like this is difficult to review because you need very particular taste to actually like this. And again I watched this out of curiosity to see if it is as sick as people say it is.

In my opinion I thought this was probably worse than bondage game; all it forgot was the scat. But this is nuts; i won't even describe what happens, if you wanna know what happens do what i did and suffer the consequences. HaHaHa!!!!!

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