Dragon Rider

Title:Dragon Rider
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Notables: Animation - PinkPineapple
R1 License - Media Blasters
Rike is a young man who is on a quest to find a dragon to ride so he can join the Dragon Knights. They are a legendary group who joined the Dragon God Clan to defeat the Dragon Devil Clan years before. In a village, he stops to have rest and has lunch with the beautiful Karisu and her mother when the town is attacked by members of the Devil Clan. When her mother is slain, Karisu reveals she isn't just an attractive blonde, she also can produce devil wings to fly and attack the invading demons. Not only that, she can become a powerful red dragon and offers to be Rike's steed so he can get into the Dragon Knights. Thus starts an adventure to defeat the Dragon Devil Clan and a romance between Rike and Karisu.

Animation by PinkPineapple.
Two (29min) OVA Episodes.
R1 License by Media Blasters
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Rent Stretch [series:594#628]
From a review I'd read beforehand, I was under the impression that Dragon Rider would be primarily a sweet romance, with a fair amount of comedy as well, even though there would be a "demon rape" scene at some point. Well, that wasn't exactly the impression I came away with. The "romance" between Rike and Karisu didn't develop all that much, probably because this series was only an hour long. The way things wound up for Lydia left me feeling sorry for her, since she wasn't all that bad a person (she couldn't help being possessed at one point). There was some quite amusing comedy (Lydia going into SD mode was my favorite), but not enough to outweigh the disturbing demon rape scene. The battle against the demons seemed to be the main plotline to me, not Rike and Karisu's romance. Whether it's the two of them having intercourse, or demons raping human women, little, if anything, is left to the imagination. I was surprised, because I was under the impression that demon rape was routinely depicted as a way of exploiting a loophole in Japanese censorship laws, but that must not be so, since there was far too much anatomy displayed between Rike and Karisu--then again, maybe the argument is that she's not exactly human herself. All things considered, I wish the makers of this show had dumped the demon rape scene and stretched the series to three or even four episodes, to provide more time for comedy and romance (and more airtime for that amusing catgirl-whatever servant of princess Lydia). Even though it didn't exactly live up to my expectations, Dragon Rider by no means a bad show--still, for a while I think I'll go back to shows that people complain about because they contain "fanservice".

Last updated Saturday, September 25 2004. Created Tuesday, September 21 2004.
Rent 7 7 8 7 7 7 Peter Hentai [series:594#758]
There's only one problem with Dragon Rider -- demon rape! I hate rape and really hate demon rape. I don't know who gets turned on by that, but apparently the Japanese do. But then, these are the people who think that any object inserted into a woman will make her orgasm.

It's the rape that knocked this down from a "BUY" rating. Rike comes from a poor family but finds himself romantically involved with Princess Lydia. However, once on his quest where he meets Karisu -- the human-dragon, he begins to fall in love with her and she with him. At only two episodes, this aspect had to be rushed faster than I would have liked, but that's OK. When they finally hook up, their love-making is sweet and feels very real -- like a newly wed couple.

The story is interesting and there is a lot of violent action. Karisu recalling her past and evolving was really neat. If only the horrible demon rape scene hadn't been include, along with the rape victim having an incredible orgasm because of it, this would be a great hentai title. Despite that, I recommend this, especially if you like fantasy, romance, a touch of comedy, a lot of dark, and graphic sex (in the uncensored version). Maybe one day we'll get a sequel.

Last updated Friday, July 04 2003. Created Tuesday, June 17 2003.

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